LLOYDS is going to FLY



Just bought Back

Dealt price: GBP 0.62398

Buy Back FRIDAY !!

I always say never get too greedy in life

What a lucky trade, I managed increased the holding by 40,000 Black Horse Babes ( Bigger Quarterly Dividends in 2020 )


Congrats. You must have bought back right on the bell today. I’m still being greedy. 60p for me.


Hello skiking37

You do know, now I am back on the Black horse firm, we going to have a little bounce on Monday :wink:

It dropped 8% in 5 working days

and not its going to carry on dropping much more IMHO

As we all know here, I not into predicting the Lloyds share price, but this time, I predict 64p / 65p come 2nd January 2020

2020 is make or break year , its 80p or bust Antonio


You effectively traded yourself an extra year of dividends, @regardless. Well done indeed.


So normal service is resumed then @regardless !.

Your trade has worked out in terms of share numbers and dividends, now you just need some better share price performance to go with it !!. Gloss has definitely gone off LLOY shares these last few days, guessing the HBOS situation hasnt helped.

ATB anyway - as always.



Hi @Eadwig, Yes a pretty awful day and nasty driving conditions - still the grandkids were bright as usual which made the trip worthwhile. My enthusiasm for McDonalds is far less than theirs however !.

Yes pound back down to 1.30 by the close, not complaining thats good for me. Microsoft shares now in profit (takes a long while to work off the spread caused by broker commission + 1% FX charge).

US markets still going like a train. The end of year is usually a good time, something to do with the US financial system I think - not really sure of the reason. Clearly they arent worried by Trump impeachment, which by the sound of it will get voted down by the Republicans anyway. I don’t see anything significant happening till January now, lets face it none of the important people are going to be in the office are they.

Andrew Bailey appointed as BoE governor I heard on the radio. A “shoe in” as previous head of the FCA I guess but hardly covered himself in glory there.




I don’t see any SP reaction to the HBOS issue. All UK aligned banks (RBS, Virgin, Barclays to a lower extent) are down pretty much down the same - down 7.5% in the last 5 days (the point a few of us sold out. Virgin is down over 12%. The only exception was Metro and that defies logic IMO.

I think the UK banks are going to be volatile over the next 12 months in line with how the pound bounces around. Time to try and pick the peaks and troughs. Still holding out for sub 60p before buying back.


It looks like it will be a good year for my “buy and hold” investments. So far I am up 21% ytd (all divis reinvested) despite Brexit and The Groper’s tariff wars. Am still expecting a bit more from the Santa Rally before the New Year.

Frog in a tree

for reference, the FTSE100 has increased by 12.7% ytd


Hi All,

Well its been just over a week since the election and I thought Id spend 5 minutes just comparing how various sectors / indices have performed over that time. Charts below:-

FTSE100/FTSE 250 - Both up sort of 3-5% and holding (LLOY included for comparison)


Financials - Up 5-12.5% on election, most fallen back a few percent. LLOY has done by far the worst (so was the best trading opportunity, well done @regardless).


Utilities - Up 5-12.5% on election and holding. Potentially more upside to come on some of these I suspect ??.


Housebuilders - Up 10-15% on election, fallen back to 5-10% up now.


PS I suspect that all these charts have been done on closing prices ? as I note that they dont show the 70p spike in LLOY for example. Cant be sure though.

Personally I suspect that nothing much will change now till Xmas and New Year is over, most city folks wont be at their desks. Only retail traders will be doing anything until the holiday is over and probably not many of them either.

Could be wrong as always, but thats what I think.




Hi @skiking37, Well my charts posted earlier dont really support your view. Sorry I didnt include the likes of Virgin Money and Metro as they arent FTSE 100 stocks, so they dont figure in my thinking at all (well TBH I’d prefer to forget about all single stocks really ! but that’s just me).

As a trader I quite see that your view is very different.





Hope you are right. Kim Jong Un or whatever his name is is supposedly warning about a ‘Christmas Surprise’ for USA. After an engine test earlier in the month analysts think it could be the firing of the longest ever reaching N. Korean ICBM, probably 5,000Km, maybe more.

That in itself the markets will ignore. It is Trump’s reaction that is most worrying, especially if he is feeling worried by impeachment, although, like you, I’m sure the partisan divide in the Senate will hold and it will be voted down.

The Bailey announcement did halt GBP’s fall for a few hours (pretty clear on the chart). It was expected and means more of the same from the B. of E. so the fx markets just adjusted slightly then the downward trend for GBP continued. I think it might stick around 1.30 until the new year then the markets will look very seriously at trying to predict if a No Deal is really on the way or not.

If a No Deal does come about we already know that will take GBP well under 1.20 all else being equal, but I think that’s probably a long way into next year unless some definitive statement is made by one side or the other before then.


And a cable rate of 1.40 if a Deal gets agree :slight_smile:

also adding Lloyds will be hitting the 80s


HI @Eadwig, Yes I see the peak at around 10.00 which is was about when it was announced I think, I heard it on the radio in the car.

Everything I’ve read indicates that sterling is most likely to stay in the 1.30-1.35 range short term, unless a hard brexit becomes a stronger possibility or of course problems come up with getting the withdrawal agreement thru the EU Parliament an/or negotiations re the trade deal with the US go badly. A good deal could indeed produce a positive outcome for the GBP. However personally (while I might wish it otherwise for the sake of the country) I cant see it going well or smoothly TBH, with the results that you suggest for the GBP. Hence me betting on the opposite outcome and putting more of my investments abroad.

Is investing overseas more of a gamble than buying UK stocks ?. Dont know - what on earth would one buy in the UK at the elevated levels we are at after the election results ?. LLOY says regardless, hmmmm I say. I guess I could just about get interested in that or NG or UU maybe now the blight has been lifted, but the yields are greatly reduced. Maybe a housebuilder too ?.

But anyway I’m not going there right now, planning to continue with my current course and see where it leads.




This Motley writer thinks LLOY is going to fly:

Frog in a tree


Yes but there will likely be another MF article out tomorrow that says exactly the reverse. That way they can never get criticised for predicting the wrong thing I guess.

Is that a “balanced view” or just a waste of time reading it ?. I know what I think…




We know that Pref. Whenever anyone quotes MF we get the response that tomorrow they will give an opposite view. They have no party line, just writers with different opinions like the rest of us.

It is only opinion at the end of the day. Take from it what you want. I don’t see any massive upsurge in LLOY until we see how Brexit will pan out. But I don’t lose any sleep over it either. As explained above, my investment returns this year have been nearly double that of the FTSE100 and LLOY has contributed in a small way to that outcome.




Hi @frog_in_a_tree, I don’t begrudge you your investment success, you are to be congratulated. But I hope you don’t attribute it to reading the MF which is nothing but a self-serving bit of click-bait IMV. And judging by the count in the little grey circle next to the link in your post (which shows the number of people who have read your link) you’ve done the MF proud :slightly_frowning_face:.




Of course I don’t attribute my investment outcomes to MF. Its just part of the mix along with the occasional good posts on ii and in the financial press.




I agree both with Eric and Pref

Take Monty Fool like a pitch of salt


I remember a couple of years back a Motley writer was writing every couple of weeks to buy HSBC at 500p or lower

Saying they see a easy 25 to 50% growth on the cards in January 2015 over the next 12 months or so… And the Quarterly Dividends where safe and no cut etc

Anyway, about 18 months later she hit 750p plus mainly thanks to the Brexit vote in June 2016

So its always good to read all views, as sometimes they do note some good points IMHO


Maybe a good year… depends on your benchmark.
A FTSE100 tracker would have given over 18% total return.
A FTSE250 tracker would have given about 28% total return… ditto a S&P500 tracker.
Even Lloyds this year would have given over 29% total return.