LLOYDS is going to FLY



Only one word, I can describe Lloyds Share todays close price is …

‘’’’’’’’’’ IMPRESSIVE ‘’’’’’’’’’’

Quarterly Dividends getting closer by the day and the PPI post bag getting lighter by the day

2020 really could IMHO finally be the year of the Black Horse

Out of the FTSE 100, 5 year the unloved share list


Hi @J_Westlock, Thanks for your Siemens suggestion, took a quick look. Close to ATH ATM and dividend not great at 3.x%. Good German engineering company with a vg reputation. But perhaps unsurprising that they are pricey because of that…




Ok ok ok

64p tomorrow then fellow black BEAUTY investors …

Who loves you Darling :wink:


You may get your wish regardless. Sounds like the government has shelved no deal contingency plans so we nay be leaving smoothly which I suspect will be be seen as good.

As for the hydrogen topic, I am currently staying in the Black Country and the local news is full of the subject. Keele University seems to be leading things as is the local Worcester bosch


Yes, Keele’s project got coverage on radio 4 yesterday morning.

Leeds calls itself ‘Hydrogen City’ as it claims it is leading the way with piping hydrogen to converted domestic boilers, something it has been working on for some years now.

Chester is the only city producing electricity from hydrogen cracked from methane from landfill sites using an AFC fuel cell.

Stealth submarine fleets that are non-nuclear are all based on hydrogen fuel-cells engines and have been for decades, of course. Rolls Royce has its own hydrogen fuel-cell department as a result.

And the list goes on …

The ‘hydrogen economy’ covers a very wide area and, as ever with the UK, we have a lot of pilot projects and no UK government is ever prepared to actually seed anything on any scale to get the ball rolling. Let’s see how disappointed the the March 11 budget is going to leave us when the Tories fail to actually ‘re-level’ the economy as they are currently promising.

You make it sound like it is the UK’s decision. It most certainly is not.


Hi @regardless, IMPRESSIVE ?. It was up about 0.25p on the day, admittedly when most other stuff was down though.

Anyway you may be interested to hear that I have a limit order in place to buy some LLOY if they reach 61.5. Assuming 2020 dividends of 3.55p (best estimate I could find on the web) thats a yield of around 5.75% according to my spreadsheet.

I’m sure that you wouldnt be please with it returning to those levels but if it doesnt then I wont be buying. I have 6 optimistic limit orders like this in place ATM on different stocks ATM mainly housebuilders, REITS, utilities mostly. I just need about 3 to get placed and Ill be happy.





My investment strategy… never marry a share! Ha ha. I do have feeling inside that I cannot define or explain mathematically/economics, just raw gut, when something is too expensive. I know, just gut, so be careful, be very careful!

But, given I know I cannot time a market, I have to pick stocks. But different things for different reasons. No, I own no funds/OEICs. Investment Trust yes… I have 8000 shares in 3i. Call it what you want but it is an investment trust, just they do stuff I can’t on my own, and with high overheads. I should hate them but… they do stuff I cannot.

FTSE 100 tracker… why? 100 companies, 50 of which I would avoid. 25 of the rest, I’m indifferent at best. Why would I pay, even 10/15 basis points, to anyone for doing something I can do better myself for free? OK, I get it wrong, my mistake, my problem, no one else. My risk.

I do have a big chunk of ‘high’ yield whales but the dividends are covered (just in some cases) but then… the market bounces all over the place and I can’t time it but just get a chart of the dividends, not the SP, over time. It’s not straight line up but there are only a few blips.

With that as backup, I go stock picking. Old days but I could find a company paying 3% divs with 10% growth every year. Gold dust, hard to find even back then, unicorn horn at the moment! But, never sell on an up tick, never buy on a down tick. Ride your winners even when instinct says run, just bring the stop up behind, as tight as you like depending on how much courage! And always execute the stop… always!

ITDYA , busy reading company accounts, stuff the charts


Only one word, I can describe Lloyds Share todays close price is …

‘’’’’’’’’’UN…IMPRESSIVE ‘’’’’’’’’’’



Hi @in_the_dark_yet_again, Interesting, I’d agree with much of what you’ve said, see below:-

Yes you should never get too attached to any investment. Any one of them can perform badly and jump up and bite you. So yes be careful as you say.

Part of “being careful” for me is not holding to much of anything (share or sector) portfolio percentage wise. I also have a smallish maximum amount of money that I am prepared to invest in any one thing that I never go beyond, however well things are going. An investment can grow as big as it likes but my contribution will always be limited.

Not so sure about “gut feel”. The numbers tell you if the investment is performing or not. If not then exit ASAP and invest elsewhere is my policy… I don’t want to sit around holding big losers waiting for them to recover.

I am with you on funds (OEICs and unit trusts), I don’t like the once a day trading and the hidden costs. Not over impressed with the active management concept myself.

Investment Trusts yes they are much better. Trade like shares but still collective instruments which avoid the single stock risks. Closed ended too which is better especially for property investments.

3i have done well in the last 12 months. Not too sure about private equity myself though and yield too low for my taste.

Well ETFs and passive investing has its benefits. No stamp duty, low spread, very low charges (unlike mutual funds), trade like shares, some pay good dividends, avoidance of single stock risks. Good if you just want to get exposure to an an overseas market if their priced in GBP as no FX charges. I typically have a number of them in my portfolio these days for these reasons.

Well sounds like the trader in you coming to the fore there !.

Personally I try to ONLY buy on down days and never on up days. When buying ideally I prefer to buy using limit orders. I look at the chart, pick a target below where we are now and set a limit based on where the stock just might get to if I’m lucky, and then sit back and watch.

I used to use limit order type stops but don’t anymore as I had a few bad experiences. These days my stop losses are highlighted in my investment spreadsheet when the limit is breached and I do my selling manually.

All IMHO obviously !. There is no one right way and everyone must find their own path I think.





Old professional. Fixed interest derivatives my natural… but then you get promoted to Risk Management and then Treasurer. Old school, risk adverse but I could still price it. Seriously, there is plenty of risk all around without inviting more!

Difficult job, done spot on, no random risk was my best effort.



Never an open market order on a stop, always a positive action by me. Sorry, didn’t make that clear. It drops trough my stop, I choose to sell, I have to do it. I always do unless just a huge huge gap. 100 yesterday, 15 this morning… damage already done. Stop, think… how much more damage is possible? It’s the only time, otherwise, execute the stop.




Thanks for the few posts directly above; I have managed my own investments (individual shares and IT’s) with a reasonable success for 30 years or so now, but I think you have just restated some great advice and points of common sense that all should consider.

And thanks also for your own considerable inputs over the months/years Pref; I always find your posts to be of relevance also.

It is a great time of year for all of us to reflect, not just on our respective portfolios, but also on our overall approach to investing.

Best wishes to all with your investments in 2020.




Hi All, Well it seems that there has been an attack on some US air bases in Iraq tonight and US and other market futures have all taken a big dive (clearly Iran the suspected culprit). See link below:-

And who knows what Donald Trump will do now…not great news I’m afraid.

US Futures are down sort of 1.5% and IG has the FTSE 100 down ~1.15% and the STOXX 50 down ~1.4% ATM but its still early. I have cancelled all my limit orders, things may be trading a lot more cheaply tomorrow !.




Hi Again All, Just woken up to find that markets have recovered quite a bit since last nights missile attack. Seems that there were no casualties (though Iran is claiming to have killed 80 Americans) and I just read a piece which reckons that the attack may have been carefully planned to allow Iran to claim revenge without actually doing any damage, and so provide a means for de-escalation.

Let’s hope that this is in fact the outcome.




I predict the Black Donkey will hit 64p by the end of the week given Gropers comments.


Hi @regardless, LLOY trying its best to get down to my 61.5 limit order price today …not that this will please you and other LLOY fans :frowning_face:. Sorry.




Go for it Pref!

I doubt you will lose your stake; the question is about how long you have to wait for capital growth. Still, there will be the divi income to look forward to.


Frog in a tree


Eric / Pref

I take a lot of criticism with sticking with Lloyds , but your right Lloyds shares are a traders paradise, and a long term investors frustration barely hits mid 60s these days let alone seeing the 70s / 80s again

I do trade as well

Year End update next month add Quarterly dividends about to kick in soon

Its lock down for the next few weeks / months for me anyway

Probably fall into the 50s again but will bounce again over the next 4 weeks IMHO

I got time on my side to enjoy life

Day 9 : not smoking :slight_smile:


Perhaps the sp is reacting to the news about Harry and Meghan?? It’s as daft as that…:thinking:


God knows KD01 if the queen farts Lloyd’s drops… but I thinking we never see 70p here let alone 80p

Everyone’s made ££££££ over the 11 years with other shares

Dicky bought in May 2009 bought Lloyd’s shares at 72p

Today 61p

What a wank of a share