LLOYDS is going to FLY



Savings on PPI rewards will be massive for Lloyds Banking Group and Dividend to grow considerably from 2019

Yeap I agree once PPI is completed I sure they will be another compensation lawsuit not far away …lol


next few months going to be make or break for me here I feel


Shouldn’t under estimate the positive impact if and when a Brexit deal is eventually agreed I believe we will see a material uprating in SP.

Also interest rates are predicted to rise which is beneficial to Bank margins thus further increasing profitability.

The Bank is in a far better place now in terms of stability and profitability than 4/5 years ago when the SP was 80p+. Maybe that was over valued then but goes to show that market price is not always a reflection of a company true value.


64p Folks

Go Go Gadget legs


Probably another fail at that level.

Albeit Brexit developments might boost it.




How is that so please ?

I assumed the same but chatting with a very highly qualified accountant he said not so.

Unsure myself.

Why did LLOY borrow a large chunk of money in a non UK/EURO currency at a somewhat high interest rate ?

Just asking.




I am led to believe that an increase in interest rates allows the Bank to increase it’s margins I assume by not passing on the full increase thus benefitting profitability.

Unsure re the loan you are talking about.

Interesting movement in SP this morning on the back of a ‘potential’ ruling out of no deal despite the chaos in parliament. I just believe that IF a deal is eventually agreed with the uncertainty removed we will see a major benefit to Lloyds SP.

Only my personal opinion.


Hi Philkes

I believe that expections of a further rise in the bank rate are subdued because of Brexit. Even May’s deal would depress economic activity. Additionally, the Chinese economy is in decline and The Groper is still waging trade war.

Nonetheless, the prospects for LLOY should improve with the passing of PPI compensation.


Frog in a tree


Long way to Ex-Divi Date
Auto Sell 05-April-2019


Cho Cho

Antonio’s buy back gravy train

Next Stop 80p driver


All good Regardless. 64.69p as I write. 65p next stop I think.




Short Lloyds 64.72 . Target 63.8 Stop 66.5


Topman Mac…I’ve been top slicing this all day



I smell bull…

Top slicing Lloyds share that your never held, pull the other one its got bells on Son

Trader talk rules OK

How’s the shorting going more like Broadmoor :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t expect you to understand the Trading in both directions being a Hold and Ramp Guy :wink:


Hi Regardless,

Let’s hope so & with LLOY’s gradually, but significantly recovering since sub-50 lows seen intraday only 28th December, credit again for sticking to your approach. One that’s served you well ever since I knew you. That takes a certain mindset, including understanding fundamentals, risks & potential of the stock you’ve bought.

In case anyone’s not sure: LLOY goes ex-date on 4th April for 2.14p. Still a significant reward for large holders, or huge leveraged exposure, mindful that some DFT short position see a corresponding hit.

Will LLOY’s see circa 84 as we hope? My view hasn’t changed. Long-term it seems a good target, mindful that LLOY’s hasn’t been higher than 88+ intraday from circa June 2015. Also 73+ poses a test when we get above 70. Before that closing above circa 69 could also pose tests.

But all things being equal, certainly 70+ seems doable this year. As is a gradual rise towards 80+ once 73+ is broken. As long as we don’t see a Brexit No-Deal, risk of which hasn’t entirely gone away if we listen to those like J.R. Mogg, then progress towards 73+ may even come sooner than we imagined only a few weeks ago.

That said, I’m content to continue booking leveraged profits. Whatever happens, heads or tails, one still wins. IMO, there’s still a good degree of macro-factor uncertainty ahead. Not least a weak UK government. So the flipping a coin metaphor isn’t all that inappropriate. :wink: I’ll also review my real shares at circa 70+, naturally no advice intended to others.

A strong bullish case also assumes that Brexit goes okay over still years of difficult negotiations ahead, long after any withdrawal agreement. Also that impairments won’t rise from UK house prices drifting downwards & that UK avoids major economic downturn, etc. No sure thing anywhere.

That’s without factoring in that banking business models are fast changing. We’ve an increasing number of challenger banks, mostly digital to save costs. These appeal to rising numbers of tech-savvy younger citizens. Such banks offer all kinds of cheaper deals. Can LLOY meet those challenges longer-term? Hmmm.

So while LLOY will definitely make further progress later, nothing is for sure as regards timeline. Nor at what level LLOY hits a brick wall, mindful of previous highs in 2015 & the reversals since then. - Regards.


Another nice rise this morning. Good luck all.




Over the next 3 weeks

A massive hello to the groovy 70s man


Slow and steady wins the race Regardless…You must be enjoying this little uplift ?


True to form, LLOY sp flying down now.

  • 2.5 % against a small rise in the FTSE 100.

Brexit and FX playing a part I think.

Anyway suited me, closed some shorts and have added some longs.

Just playing the pa ( price action )

GL All