LLOYDS is going to FLY



If that’s what you believe @regardless then why not stock up some more by buying now and then pocketing a nice 8% increase in Feb/Mar?


Mrs wants to go back to Mexico early 2020 ( May / June ) ) … I said, I will send her 5k to go towards the Holiday , when I was pissed up the other night out , I never go back on my promise … gutted so cash pot down to 12k


At this rate @regardless you’ll be back in the rat race by the end of the year… :frowning:


I hope not

Loving life , every day is like a Saturday

I am 52 this year, I need cash in the bank to last out to 55

Then I can drawdown on a couple of work pensions ( one is a final salary )

Also my Lloyds Dividends, will hopefully help pay the way as well ( FINGERS CROSSED )

Also I can always sell a few shares, if I did need a little beer money, after all it is my Nest Egg :slight_smile: and don’t want to be the richest man in the grave yard …


Hi @regardless, Well I can agree with this line from your post, but the rest just reads like a bit of a rant TBH…!

FWIW I personally think that holding high dividend paying investments that have strong defensive characteristics is going to be very important this year, especially if we get a US correction at some point (which looks well overdue TBH). I thought that The Donald might have got things underway with his attack on Iraq but markets somehow recovered. But some event will come along when they won’t I reckon…

I have been reorienting some of my investments with this is mind. I actually think that LLOY might well be a good defensive stock which is why I bought a few, but not on today’s showing - and Brexit might just be a significant fly in the ointment too. But time will tell.

I’d cut down on the expensive holidays if I were you. I thought Great Yarmouth was more your scene than Mexico…




All’s a done deal

We are leaving

Time to move on Mr Market… it’s yesterday’s news…

Sure to be sure the market will find something else to worry about


If only that were the case @regardless. Leaving the EU wasn’t just about getting a vote through a UK Parliament.
The ill effects of Leaving the EU are yet to play out. As yet, we’ve only had the uncertainty phase… which will continue for years as negotiations play out (almost certainly for the whole term of this Government). The UK… as the Government forecast itself will have a reduced GDP over what it could have had and the impacts of this will impact the UK economy in many aspects.

Even the Annual Accounts of Lloyds recognise that as an Emerging Risk.

Doesn’t mean that holding Lloyds is a bad idea… and I hope it goes up too… but don’t expect a worsening UK economy to be anything but bad news for this stock.


Let’s get the Great back into Great Britain I say


Another view from Motley Fool…

At least its realistic that Brexit-related issues could impair performance this year. Its anyone’s guess really.



p.s. I think the headline should have said 2020!


Hi @frog_in_a_tree, I didnt read the article as you know my feelings on MF.

But risks abound don’t they ?.

  • Banks and other Financials may suffer from reduced economic activity, business and mortgage lending and bads loans etc.
  • Retailers, Housebuilders & Travel Companies will suffer if people are losing their jobs and/or haven’t got much money to spend. But of course people will still want to buy houses and take holidays if they possibly can.
  • Any company doing import/export may well have additional logistic and financial obstacles to overcome. Though if the GBP drops significantly that will help exporters.
  • Utilities and Luxury Goods (paradoxically) may well prove to be the safest sectors – utilities should have a steady income stream and the really well off who can afford Luxury Goods wont stop buying them.
  • And as for people predicting that the FTSE 100 & 250 are going to do really well right now I don’t quite see it (maybe if the GBP drops and foreign money comes in). But with markets already at close to all time highs (and therefore vulnerable) there are substantial risks I think. Not easy choosing where best to invest IMHO. Certainly I personally decided that I did NOT want to be in any FTSE 100/250 trackers.

But then I always tend to be pessimistic, maybe it will all be fine……………?. Stocks climbing the wall of worry etc…… Hmmmmm




That would be nice but I’m afraid all we’ve done is put the Little into Little England instead.


Why do you think that’s a bad thing ?

less mouths to feed

Bring on little England, if that what my fellow country man chooses

its no fear its an opportunity to finally move on


I’m not sure why you think there will be less mouths to feed… makes no sense.

The “opportunity to finally move on” merely means pursuing a scenario that leaves the UK worse off… as the below Government chart from their 2018 report shows.

That isn’t going to be a good thing for LLOY shareholders… so as long as they don’t complain too much when LLOY performance isn’t what they thought it would be… it’s all OK (with me).



More Doom and Gloom


I am happy go lucky person in life, not sure if I really want to carry on reading doom and gloom every day

Reading these Lloyd chat rooms really is bad for ones health and can make one drink too much


Positive note Southend United FC are not losing yet !!! Yay


This is a typical chauvinistic remark by an ant at the bottom of a big anthill who thinks he is important to it.

And it is wrong! “Great Britain” never meant that. The term comes from the polymath, geographer, mathematician and astrologer Ptolemy who was living in Alexandria, Egypt round 150 A.D. He was a Greek but had citizenship within the Roman Empire. As a cartographer he named the island which is now England, Scotland and Wales “Great Britain” and the island of Ireland “Little Britain”. And that is all it is about, hence the United Kingdom is comprised of "Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is just a geographical term like Australia from the Latin for “southern”. After the Romans the term Great Britain fell into disuse and the various parts of the British Isles had their own names and identities only until the Act of union in 1707.

Of course what Brexit types like to believe is that there is still a “great” British Empire and it was a good thing that it was built on slavery, genocide and theft.

The truth never bothers Brexiteers. They gorge themselves on lies to feed their fantasies.




Very “Brexit wars”. I hope that this is not going to become the fashion here…… :frowning_face:

Pointless stone throwing IMHO (whichever side of the argument you are on).



Hi Pref,

It was a fair comment in response to an earlier post. This is after all a general discussion thread. A bit of OT does no harm.


Frog in a tree


I was wondering about this too.

I’ve decided to invest more in countries with a low CAPE ratio… namely Russia, Poland, Korea and Turkey.
Three of those I don’t see as lowering too much and the fourth, Russia has been on a tear for months (it’s been one of my largest successes in recent months)… being still on a low CAPE it can still go up.
Only the Russian ETF also provides a reasonable yield, the rest are more about capital preservation and gain… hopefully.


No it was educational. It was also a counter to pointless jingoism.




Hi @J_Westlock, Well I sold my FTSE tracker a while back and sold my VWRL and VHYL on the Iran attack. They have risen a bit since then but not much, might have fallen a bit with US Markets being down a bit on a Friday night. I have kept my IAPD and SEDY investments bought on Election Day (SEDY has quite a few Russian holdings I note) but I’ve held mostly because both have a significant dividend yield. I have also kept my IDVY and GBDV as foreign earners.

It is the funds from these sales that I am looking to redeploy into defensive high yield stocks. I would potentially consider ITs or ETFs as well but I think that stock picking might be better if we get a down market move. Looks like my LLOY purchase might have been a mistake, but not a big purchase. If it falls 5%+ then I may dump it and invest elsewhere. Only a few hundred quid at stake frankly, but I’m not up for it going back to the low 50s if that looks like being on the cards.