LLOYDS is going to FLY



Lloyds Banking Group staff bonuses are to be cut due to PPI surge:

I can’t see how they can do this without also cutting dividends.

Frog in a tree


All too late this Antonio

you should of stopped all staff bonuses 10 year’s,ago AKA rewards

Shareholders have paid over 25 billion for this PPI fraud

All shares rewards should be given back ,
staff Have been lucky and that they kept their jobs … we shareholders bailed them out twice with placements / rights issues 10 year’s ago

Sell off continues here… I going to stop looking at the share price

I still here, but probably going to stop reading these Lloyd’s chat rooms

Depressing to say the least

Have a good week all


Predictably, LLOY down with a bump this morning by 1.3% and priced at less than 60p. Maybe a buying opportunity. The pain cannot continue…maybe?

Frog in a tree


Hi @frog_in_a_tree, Well the staff bonus warning clearly implies an impact on profits which isnt good for the share price. Broke thru the 50 day moving average on the charts (on Friday) and next stop just might be the 100 day at 57.x ?. GBP falling fast today and back under 1.30 presumably on poor UK economic prospects ???, another negative for Lloyds.

Regretting my LLOY purchase now as I had thought it might be on the up. Knew I was taking a chance though. I’ve set a stop loss to get out for a £150 loss on the trade, if that gets hit (as looks likely) then I’ll invest elsewhere. I never invest much in any one thing - makes getting out in these situations less painful !.




Brexit Means Brexit.


Yes indeed. Back to the drawing board on pick no 3 LLOY (stop loss triggered), the other two (NG & RGL) look to be doing OK.

Housebuilders surging today, perhaps in anticipation of positive trading updates from TW and PSN later this week. SSE goes XD for 24p on thursday and I had hoped to pick it up for less than 1400, but they are up to 1448 today (1408 on Friday :frowning_face:).

Still it keeps me busy I guess.




59.26 as I type. Tempting to dive in but I don’t know where the bottom is!


59.0p now :scream:


Hi skiking37, Well looking at the LLOY chart:-

Next stop might be 59.17, 57.48 or 56.28. Thats if you have any faith in charts of course. Could do ANYTHING in reality.

Last 3 days have not been good - I think it could be down to Carney talking about cutting rates last Thursday morning ?.

Whoops 59.03 now…!. GL if you buy, you might need it. Back to its old ways again.




I reckon that this morning steep fall is largely due to the story about the threat to LBG bonus due to the PPI surge.

November’s 0.3% fall in GDP is also likely to have been a factor as it indicates weaknesses in the structure of our economy. Well done to those who voted for this!


Frog in a tree


Well, I dithered waiting for it to go sub 59p. It’s on a recovery now so missed out on 0.3%. I’m now in meetings most of the afternoon so if it dives again I may miss out.


Its only money , I back to laughing again now, not worth the worry

I am retired man

I prob will top up in the low 50s

Going out to Bingo tonight for some better luck :slight_smile:

22, Two little ducks

“quack, quack, quack”.


Would not reflect well on Management if the PPI surge was higher than they had accounted for as they had previously said many claims were of poor quality. Repeatedly Lloyds have underestimated the level of PPI claims. Do they know what they are doing?

Is it time for heads to roll? Antonio? Real dog of a share & now lower than before the Tory victory. Who would have thought that?


On the 31st August 2019

Lloyds had 4.8 Million claims still outstanding

Its seems PPI will not be completed in 2019 and will drag well into 2020 now

Maybe the Quarterly Dividend going to be shelved or put on hold for now

God help us ( well me anyway )


Hi Regardless,

IMO, for anyone not looking to actively trade a stock, having too much preoccupation with daily or even weekly price moves isn’t the best approach. Especially if you’re going to allow yourself to get emotionally sucked into the maelstrom of inevitably divided opinion on BBs. You’ve bought back previously citing that time is on your side. Assuming that description still holds, there seems little to do bar pick up dividends as before & await a return to approximate targets.

FWIW, I may re-add a 4th tranche after buying back one just over 3 weeks ago. Typically mistimed. But not yet. Otherwise, I remain unfazed, accepting that patience seems par for the course here for higher targets.

Luckily, time is also on my side & I do enough daily trading via leverage elsewhere. If I also wanted to trade real shares on a frequent basis, I wouldn’t be in LLOY. Far better stocks out there for trading purposes, many offering greater volatility. - Regards.



The article states the staff bonus email was sent 4 mouths ago ???

Nothing like referring out off date news ? we knew all this in October loads more claims hit the in post box . The buy backs was cancelled as well … BUT its not recent news

I smell a rat


As you say this is old news and not related to last couple of days SP fall. Wonder what is going on?


Market Makers pushing this lower for the city Spivs to be buy back

Just you watch

We be above 65p in March so they Spivs can offload again

Its called fear and greed …

Good news they make nothing from me



What do you mean by “four mouths ago”?



Eric its states email was sent in early October 2019 time

We are now mid January 2020

Yesterdays news recycled by the Traders mates in the media :slight_smile: