LLOYDS is going to FLY



Back in at 58.79. Watch it truly tumble now. Have kept money back just in case and ready to buy more.


It may have been sent in October Susan but it hit the news today and the LLOY shareprice fell.



Share price fall down to a few reasons Eric

Mark Carney needs to be sacked ASAP he is trying to cause as much trouble as possible before he leaves to save the world


Stick to your knitting Susan!


When someone starts name calling you know your on top :slight_smile:

All my love forever

Susan xxxxx


Thats what I thought too. Suggest we call it quits.



I agree… nothing personal Eric I don’t know you from Adam so why the hell would I not like you :slight_smile:

life is too short


@frog_in_a_tree @regardless does this mean the lovers tiff is over :heart_eyes:



‘‘The FTSE 100 has started the week well, climbing 29.75, or 0.39%, to end the day at 7,617.60.’’

God help us I say

Within a month Lloyds is now down from 67.25p to 58p

Crikey and People say holding Lloyd’s is a boring

A fantastic traders shares I say


Hi @J_Westlock, I happened to watch an interview on CNBC TV lunchtime today with a woman from one of the big US Financial firms (sorry I don’t remember which one, a US bank I think). Anyway the CNBC interviewer was asking her about the state of the US markets, whether she thought a correction was coming and how much further she thought the markets had to run.

She said that their company had identified 18 different red flags that they used as a warning sign of whether a correction was coming. She cited some of the major corrections/recessions of the past and how many of those red flags were present prior to each one, I think that the highest figure that she quoted in respect of previous corrections was ~10 red flags. Anyway she said right now the figure was 3 red flags and they were telling their clients to buy the dips.

She also said it was surprising how much money was still sitting in the sidelines and could get deployed in the equity markets. She said that many investors still had significant bond holdings and the reduction in bond yields in the US was making this an increasingly poor choice. They were advising clients to move at least some of their bond holdings into equities.

Make of this what you will. You might well say as an investment advisor that she would say that wouldn’t she. And you might well be right……. Might account for the US markets just keeping on going up though ?.

No guarantees that she is right obviously but I found it interesting. US markets up yet again today, and might do well on weds if the US - China trade deal gets signed that day ?.




Yes, I’d expect so. I too see no signs of the US markets faltering. I’ve had significant (for me) amounts in US for many months now and some limit orders to buy more that will probably never be executed as I don’t want to buy into it any further at current levels.

However, I have no problems with buying into ITKY (Turkey), HRUB ( Russia), IKOR (Korea) and SPOL (Poland)… which are all doing nicely and still low CAPE markets.
Best decision I made in recent times.


Hi Again @J_Westlock, Interesting. But are there no currency risks investing in some of these markets ?. I realise the ETF is likely priced in GBP but the stocks themselves will be in local currency and if thats falling (Turkish lira and rouble possibly weak ?, Korean won and Poland Euro probably OK) doesnt that make the ETF volatile. Or are they hedged ?.

Decent yield on IRUB I see. Not much yield on the others as far as I could see…?




Yep that’s right. However, I never use GBP hedged ETFs… I usually find that it works both ways… sometimes you win, sometimes you lose out by the FX rate… it isn’t always a loss… so I don’t worry about it.
I’m investing in them as they have potential for large increases… as soon as they go up by a further 15% or so… I’m out… but that will be a very welcome amount of money made.


You know me for over 10 years now

I like to keep it simple

Lloyd’s is my baby

Can not moan , my last trade I increased my Lloyd’s holding by 40,000 black beauty’s without spending a pretty penny

Only fool’s rush and still holding some power £10,000 for under 55p

Booked at week in Great Yarmouth today for the Mrs ( better half ) Birthday next month

Living the Dream … I love Uk holidays


And the surprise will be… it’s not Mexico?


Mexico is still on the radar sadly… its going to cost me 5 qrand… I promised but will stretch it out a little :wink:



Pref doesn’t like the Brexit war to bother this thread as it detracts from concentrating on Lloyds. But there isn’t much to discuss about this munter, its going to stay in the range 55 - 65, with brief pop outs either way on rare and temporary occasions, forever and ever.





Government going to borrow cheap thanks to Carney the tree hugger and lowering Interest rates

You ripper no more pot holes folks


The stocks below are my month’s selections for (newly commission free) regular investment through my ii account. More or less equal amounts are to be invested in each.









Had sufficient funds been available I would have added a slug of TRIG.

Any comments or advice?


Frog in a tree


Can I suggest this place? You’ll be thoroughly well looked after