LLOYDS is going to FLY



Just a thought here.

I think both LGEN ( Legal and General ) and SLA (Standard Life Aberdeen ) could be interesting prospects for longer term investors.

LGEN quite a solid company, good yield.
SLA, maybe lost their direction a bit so guess one would be taking a chance on them finding their way again.

Might be OK to buy on weakness.

For clarity, I do not currently hold either, I do trade both, to the long side on dips.
No open positions now.

Prefer LGEN out of the 2.

Worth keeping an eye on.





I agree with you on L&G. I got worried a few years ago with Osborne’s changes to annuity pensions but L&G survived and looks good as an internationally facing company. For me a longterm hold.




sp now down 3.5 %.

Must be worst performer on FTSE 100



10 year’s for me here come May 2019

Personally I have more Questions than Answers We now lost the dividend money within a few hours of trading

Is the stock market really for me going forward is this what I expected to achieve in May 2009 ?


Remain calm Regardless. Today the market is worrying that the political situation is going to lead to a “no deal” Brexit. This seems unlikely given the expressed parliamentary majority against a “no deal”. When we see parliament assert its control, we will see LLOY recover.




Covered half 63.8 remainered covered 62.55.



I did do my best to improve the sp for you yesterday. LOL

Added a lot of longs .

Now very much net long.

Fortunately have a string of longs entered late Feb at 61.31 to 61.73.

At yesterday s close or preferably better could close them for a good pay day.

Markets are somewhat nervous,



Glad I closed a fair few longs at 63.5 + as LLOY is flying again.

Flying in a nose dive.

Down near 1.5 % today.

Always drops after any hopeful rise.



Another take on LLOY by Motley Fool:

Usual health warning that another MF writer will give us the opposite take tomorrow. For my part, I think that the chance of no deal Brexit is off the table as no-one other than the most delusional Brexiters wants it and that, this being the case, an investment in LLOY is pretty safe.


Frog in a tree



Beware aware of published too good to be true profits. Remember what happened pre PPI and financial crash with regard to bad debts and likelihood of debt recovery.

Bad debts excessive charges makes profitability look good if bad debt allowances increase less that these charges.

Credit card debts are generally rising in UK and how much of these can be realistically assumed to be eventually paid back.

People can rack up debt in the UK and disappear to another country or use the voluntary bankruptcy to avoid paying these debts back.




With regards to bad debt, there seems to be some ways that banks can avoid having to declare a debt/loan as bad.
Creative accounting.

How many private investors would actually go through a 260 odd page of results and understand them.

Banks generally can extend periods of non payment on loans/mortgages therefore they do not show as bad debts.

I am sure as I can be that LLOY actually borrowed a lot of money last year, cannot see it on balance sheet.
Not GBP denominated.
Strange issue.



Soul man

Lloyds reports in UK pounds so any loans or deposits in foreign currency, I believe will be converted at the date of reporting

No off book hidden reporting it’s against the law


Hi regardless.

I am well aware that LLOY report in GBP, obvious.

They have debt, in a foreign currency, maybe taken out to buy back their ECNs.
Disgusting move IMO.

The debt is listed on a foreign exchange, not FTSE.

I know the amount and the interest rate being paid.

I will admit there is a chance I could be wrong in how I am seeing it.
Do not think so though.




Hi regardless

In history how many times have banks broken the law ?

I have lost count.




It has failed at 66, 65, 64, 63, 62…

50s just as likely as 80s.




50’s were much more sexier than the 80’s e.g. mini skirts


I think you mean the 60s.



Just topped daughters LISA up on these lovely lows. She’ll be on housing ladder sooner than I was.


Why don’t you break the mold and tell her to wait until the market collapses 30-40% then buy. In the meantime, teach her to trade, get long TSLA, buy a few BTC. Choose a currency, choose Swiss Franc, choose BRK, choose RIT, choose learning mardarin. But why would you want to do that when you have property?


The reason for property is the LISA, under government rules, the LISA bonus can only be used to a) Buy property or b) Pension.
She’s a little young for the pension but if she could wait nearly 5 decades, the dividends would be superb.