LLOYDS is going to FLY



I didn’t read it but just went off the news reporting the debacle. It was only a trading update which apparently isn’t audited or checked! Great for investors


Yep. Well take a look. I’m not sure what to make of it tbh.


LLOY Yahoo finance ESG score 27.1

compare to RDSB 35.8, BP 34.9, RIO 29.9, GLEN 44.4, TSCO 63.6, IAG 29.3, BARC 31.7,

Green? I don’t think so


Hi All, Well US Futures very positive again ATM. Apple might just go $320 plus today if I’m lucky.

Here the post election trend continues, Housebuilders disappearing out of the galaxy, Utilities & Pharma doing pretty well, REITS mostly doing OK, some Financials doing OK some of the time, Oil not so good, other sectors patchy at best seems to me.

FTSE 100 still outperforming the FTSE 250 since Dec 13th, GBP not doing a whole lot - see chart.

Shame I didnt get into TW & SSE before they went ballistic but thats how it goes. LLOY steady in the 58s but not great.

Still looking for some defensive high yielders to buy myself…




The threat of an imminent cut in interest rates has receded significantly so surprised we haven’t seen lloy bubbling up to ~59pps. Maybe later today when the DOW settles…


DJI up 0.3% but still LLOY down 1%.




“The next decade will be crucial for protecting the planet for future generations, and financial services has a critical role to play. We are fully committed to supporting our customers, clients and colleagues to transition to a low carbon economy, working closely with other organisations and government to create the solutions that will accelerate progress and ultimately help Britain prosper.”

António Horta-Osório


It improved a bit on close frog but it was a tall order. Hey Ho… Mrs KD doing roast beef and Yorkshire puds for tea and with a bottle of red it will make up for the dissapointment…
Have a good evening


Perhaps to boost LLOYs green credentials it’s investors should all go vegan ?. Just think of all that nasty methane generated in producing your roast beef @KD !. I suspect the Yorkshire puds give off a fair bit of carbon dioxide too. Greta would not approve !.

Never mind you’ll just have to do a bit of carbon offsetting………




Thanks pref, I really enjoyed reading your comment and the carbon offsetting made me laugh . I’m not one of Gretas apostles but I do recognise that climatically (is there such a word ?) we cannot continue as we are doing. I’ve been a meat eater all my life and I’m too old to change now, and wouldn’t want to, because my wife, who I’ve been married to for 42 years, looks after me so well… To stay on topic, she’s worth her weight in lloy shares at a £1m per share…


Hi @KD01, Glad the post made you laugh, I do try to inject a bit of humour into proceedings occasionally. Investing can be rather dour and humourless – especially investing in LLOY !.

Hope you enjoyed your dinner……




You do realise you would have served less a sentance for mass murder :scream: :rofl:

Seriously, good on you and congrats :+1:


Perhaps now they’re at 1503 that 1460 looking cheap?


HI @Uncle_Doug, Nope, not as far as I’m concerned, just EVEN more expensive and definitely NOT cheap. To my mind anyway. I have no plans to buy at 1460 and certainly not at 1500+. I shall look elsewhere.




Back to LLOY
I getting excited that I would be back in the black at 10:30 then look again at 1pm and I’ve lost all todays gains. Have I missed something?


A lot of stocks seem to be giving up their Santa rally gains.

Frog in a tree


That graph is just this morning…santa has done one now he has emptied his sack


And the fall continues…down 2.25% in 4 hours and I still don’t see any news to justify it. Is it that the Queen has said ‘do one’ to the EU and we are leaving after all?


It’s more that the Government has said ‘do one‘ to the UK economy: now we are just starting to reap the Leaving EU premium.
Get those short positions ready.


That just smacks of sour grapes. Exit has been know about for a few days and her maj was just putting her paw print on it so that shouldn’t have affected the price fluctuation seen mid morning.