LLOYDS is going to FLY



Finally, we get back to the subject of shares, let alone LLOY!! (BTW - I visited Auschwitz 2 or 3 years ago with my son, a visit I will never forget. I think it should be compulsory for every school kid (11-16) to visit and to try and understand).

I’m was slightly surprised with the FTSE this morning. It was a no brainer the Chinese market would fall in a big way and I expected a knee-jerk reaction to start with but then to recover. Looks like the markets completely ignored what the Chinese markets did.

I bought RDSB today as I believe the recent sell-off of this stock is overdone. I missed the last minute dive of the stock though! Medium term (3-6months) I think it will recover to 2400-2600 levels once the travel issues associated with the Coronavirus subside - I do think the reaction to this is overdone!


Hi SkiKing

I agree. I have booked an order which includes

  • LLOY
  • Persimmon
  • United Utilities
  • TRIG
  • RDSB
  • Next
  • Jupiter Fund Mgt
  • SSE

All are offering decent value at the moment and a good flow of dividends.


Frog in a tree


Perhaps you guys ought to be tuned into BBC2 where Mary Beard is examining the history of the nude in art? Worth watching.



Would you look at Tesla, wow!


Thoroughly recommend Vimy Ridge, especially the Memorial. The visitors centre is looked after by Canadian students. The drive up is through a woods, that would have been the front line, and is incredibly haunting, with the trees growing through the heavily potted landscape.

Much of the area is sectioned off to visitors, due to how unsafe it is with unexploded bombs. There is also a memorial dedicated to the fallen Moroccan soldiers.

And if you’re looking for somewhere to stay Arras is quite nice.:+1:t6:


Well… how long does it take a company or analysts to work out how a company’s earnings might/will be impacted? They’ve had several weeks now and prices have been adjusting.

On a connected note… to my knowledge… Zika virus still has no cure… same for SARS… they just hit the news for a few weeks… then disappear from the news.


Good morning Trisco,

I have visited Vimy Ridge a few times by myself and it is always worthwhile.

You are correct about the Canadian students that look after the place. On my first ever visit I had just returned from visiting the Lichfield Crater and cemetery along a dirt track beside the A26 motorway. A Canadian student noticed that I had a flat tyre and changed the tyre for me withhout my even asking for help. I was really grateful and he would only accept my words of thanks, nothing else.

The view from the north side of the memorial itself really tells the story, it is much more evident when the weather and visibilty is good, You can see for miles and miles.

The front lines of battles changed throughout the conflict but I always understood that the A26 motorway along the bottom of the Ridge from Souchez to Roclincourt was roughly along the frontline of the trenches occupied by the Allies.

Apart from the Moroccan memorial there are quite a few others around the area, one in the woods on the D55E2 road that leads from the Vimy Ridge Memorial towards the village of Vimy itself I still have been unable to find.

There are many sites around the Somme battlefields and Vimy Ridge that are sectioned off due to unexploded ordnance. It is relatively easy to come across them as you walk along a dirt track by a ploughed field

This was taken close to the Welsh Memorial at Mametz

These two were right outside the gate into the AIF Burial Ground at Flers!!

I tend not to stay in large towns or cities if I can help it, I prefer the tranquility of the countryside where I can. For the visit to Vimy I have booked into a small hotel / restaurant at Gavrelle. about 20 minutes drive from Vimy. I have stayed here a few times before and enjoyed the surroundings and the food.

Have a good day, at least the markets appear to be recovering although down on where they were when I started this.

Kind regards




I think that you continue to miss the point that we are making. Our contention that most Germans knew what brutalities were being meted out to Jewish people and other minority groups is not a sneering at the “Whole German people” for their complicity but to say how such a phenomena can arise anywhere. It starts with the notion of “My country right or wrong”. The Third Reich era is obviously such a stark example of rampant genocide in both scale and its depths of depravity.

But there have been, as you know, numerous examples down through history of genocides such as those of native peoples in the Americas and Australia. Also, frighteningly, in recent times in several African states, Myanmar and even in Europe in Bosnia - Kosovo.

Where we are now is that there is a wave of demagogic politicians in the west who have been cynically using the motifs of nationalism, race and division: Trump, Orban, Farage and Liar ersatz Churchill Johnson. It is of course so that they aren’t building any Auschwitzs but their self - serving ideas have opened various nativist Pandora’s boxes and many people have been demonized, even here, and their lives harmed: refugees, BAME people and Eastern European migrants. The lessons from history are that insidious xenophobic rhetoric needs to have the lid on it smacked down hard.




Quite correct.
Recently, it’s become acceptable and popular to ignore the truth supported by real facts on this by denying that there’s been an increase in racist abuse and attacks in England in particular or dismissing it as “data collection and reporting has got better”… and that is the first step.


There is a wave abuse now being directed at Chinese people in the UK due to the Corona virus, ffs. I mean what is that all about?




Asia and Chinese markets all up today… and many were up yesterday too.
Seems that… for now… this virus outbreak isn’t adversely affecting markets.


By way of example: If JD was a German citizen in WW2, let’s say working in the arms factory or whatever, who certainly knew about the gassing & mass executions of women & children, would I consider myself in some way complicit with those crimes if I continued to support Germany’s war effort & did nothing at all to undermine it, even at significant risk of personal harm? I certainly would do. From intellectual & moral honesty, I can’t see how it would be otherwise.

Hi Jack,

Interesting to read your views. In all honesty I don’t think most Germans at the time would have followed your example. They would have been worrying about their own survival and that of their families. I am not even sure that I would have struck back at the nazi state.

You make an interesting point about feelings of complicity. That is why we have to treat the surveys undertaken in the immediate post-war period with great caution. To admit to knowing about the atrocities would indeed have possibily been an admission of guilt by association. To deny knowledge and lie to researchers about what one actually knew would at least distance oneself from what happened and paint a picture of innocence.

I posted some time ago about the great number of murders of French civilians by retreating German troops in the Dordogne in March 1944. By describing these Germans as “frightened young men” on the run, I was recognising what war does to ordinary young men who, in different circumstances, would have been respectable members of society.


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DC bounce IMO.




Well it could be… roughly half the SP losses in January have now been recovered across Asia.
Nothing ever goes up or down in a straight line.


Thanks for that TJ. Lovely to hear your version of your visit. Fantastic pics.


Another thread I’ll be putting on ignore!


We won’t miss you Swampie! Good luck.



Hi @swamp_rat,

From what I’ve seen, we get many comments about LLOY specifically. However, during some weeks its SP hardly moves at all, so there seems little new to add. So I personally have no problem with reading more informed comments about various UK & international tracker funds or other investments.

Whilst I appreciate that some of the more OT issues won’t appeal to everyone, IMO, they can be even more interesting, aside from revealing more about people’s deeply held views on important historical events, their beliefs, principles, et al.

As long as people are reasonably respectful during inevitable, occasionally very strong disagreements on certain issues, I see no negatives about it. We all have different sides to our characters & various strong interests far beyond stock markets. So I think these occasional OT exchanges do no harm & they certainly don’t prevent others from continuing to comment on LLOY. - Regards.



That’s the problem… a nice one to have but the problem… where to put the money. After costs it will be over £190, less than £200 large. That’s a big chunk to invest in a hurry, hence the original question, me asking about the ETFs - as long as costs are really low, trade out of them later if appropriate, just get the money working properly instantly. Risk, of course, but I’ve been pretty much 100% invested for as long as I can remember so not worried about equity risk within a diversified portfolio, I just accept that. But I’ve never bought an ETF before; I can and do read but any heads-up is always appreciated.

Plus, a moment like this (there will not be another one, I do not buy lottery tickets) is an opportunity to think about the whole big scheme of things. £5 to £10 dividend accrual reinvested doesn’t really change very much. This is over 10% of my ‘liquid’ assets so a good stimulus to sit down and have a proper think about everything.



Sure, well as you know etfs work just the same as shares and most of them are very liquid with reasonable buy/sell spreads. You just need to be aware of the index it’s actually tracking ie. just as someone might say loosely that they’ve invested in the UK market… that might mean FTSE250 or FTSE100 and as you also know, they can move in different directions at times.

Personally, I’m back in IKOR (Korea) since first thing this morning… my other limit orders on Asian market etfs haven’t and almost certainly won’t be reached… will have to see what happens from here.