LLOYDS is going to FLY



Hi @J_Westlock, Well selling out of renewables hasn’t worked out well nor my Far East sales either :slightly_frowning_face:. I bought back into HFEL and BSIF this morning as I could still buy those investments for less than I sold them, not true of the others. Still it’s solved my drastic overweight in renewables problem I guess. Not happy to go full tilt back into Far East stuff anyway TBH, too soon I think.

Anyway still got a lot of cash on hand and will need to deploy it carefully. Buying those prefs going XD in March is my fallback plan right now…





It’s what I was thinking… turn it into an asset allocation issue rather than a stock selection issue. Yes, fees, but relatively low. No, I am pretty much sold on it just not sure how best to execute. Within the SIPP, given the inevitable LTA issues, how much risk? Just think I’ll keep it very clean. Vanguard is a name that keeps coming up but even they have so many to choose from. Dull, boring, global I think at the moment.

But, as mentioned, a good opportunity to have a full review.

Thanks for the comments, gratefully appreciated.



Between them and iShares… it covers all my current ETFs.
Personally, I’d look more at the sectors you want exposure too (as you mentioned) and then look for the ETF or IT with the best Total Return over varying periods.


Ain’t that a tragedy. And here is me totally bereft now as I’ve always been hanging on for Swamp’s perspicacious market calls.

As for Lloyds I can see no case for buying above 55P which will come around soon enough.





iShares reminds me of Barclays. BGI maybe not the worst part but the B word is a dirty word around here. I know, probably old history but still no, never, ever. Ever!



You don’t like BlackRock for some reason who own iShares?
There’s no Barclays connection I’m aware of… other than the letter B.


BlackRock indeed. I’m just old and remember the deal… iShares was/were Barclays Global Investors before they sold it. Both buyer and seller screwed the staff while the execs all walked away clean. A lot of promises made, very few kept… no one responsible, just one of those things!

ITDYA, still with a long, near perfect memory!


I see… I’d forgotten about all that. I had a short contract at BZW in the 90s but I do remember the pressure on the business from the US investment bank competition even then. Now, they’ve totally won out and there’s no more low hanging fruit to be picked.


Nice rise

Lloyds Banking Group PLC

57.50 GBX +0.95 (1.68%)



Sorry, but hey?

ITDYA, quiet day…


As long as you try and top up before its bounces back up again :wink:


Hi Regardless,

Decent, but realistically unlikely to be consolidated. Have a look at the daily volume. Well below average. Today’s bounce seems little more than sentiment-driven due to a wider rally. Obviously I’d like to be proven wrong on that. - Regards.



Old rules… never buy on a down tick, never sell on an up tick. Guaranteed to be less than optimum in the short-term but works in the long run.



Still hoping for 55p

but time is running out IMHO

reporting season this month plus dividend announcement, always appears to make Lloyds rise again over the years IMHO

Have to say first few weeks into 2020 Lloyds shares gone against previous years direction so far ( Down )


Hi Regardless,

Perhaps If you talk the stock down more often, then it will continue to rise - because we know that very often when you have attempted to ramp up Lloyds, it has fallen!




Positive day to-day but as has already been stated each rise is usually followed up by a fall.

I’m slightly down on LLOY but I’m in it for the long haul and I will buy more if it falls to around 52p. There will be moments when it pushes over the 60p mark which will be a selling opportunity to buy back when it inevitably falls back again.

Bought RDSB late yesterday @ 1971.5 then watched it fall quickly to 1963. Having seen the oil stocks on the US markets last night have big falls I was quite fearful but again, this is a long term purchase (well, not too long term as this stock will be subject to the environmentalists) and I am looking for the dividend lock in next week - still expect this to rise further up to next week but my crystal ball is on charge at the moment. This stock is at a low since 2016 mainly due to its recent figures it released but I am hopeful things will change (no fundamentals to back this up, just gut feel !!). The oil price doesn’t stay low for long before the cartel fixes the price higher and coronavirus will eventually be under control and freedom of movement will be the rule again in China. Just my rationale for buying. Probably short sighted but time will tell.

Was going to buy into house builders but I think I’ve missed that boat there as most have risen quite a lot over the last month or so.


Yeah I bought royal shell at 2044 … on Thursday … wish I hung on a day or two longer

Yield 7 % so will hold 12 to 18 months or sell if I see a price I like

Ex- dividend next week also dividend paid in March



Ha ha… but…

Centrica is a complete dog, that would have happened anyway. Cost base (serious heavy management overhead from the old days) way out of line with the business… don’t get me started; I know quite a few plumbers (Sorry, Gas Engineers!) who have just walked away because the senior management is so ignorant, incapable and out-of-touch. Just time before it dies, nothing to do with Brexit, just senior management incompetence.

Carillion. How long can you get away with fiddling the books? If you can read a set of accounts, it’s not hard to spot. One year’s balance sheet to the next, the change, completely out of kilter to the P&L statement with the Cashflow statements showing the real damage.

Reckitt - it’s fine! Minus 88%? Think you need to double check your numbers. Market re-rated it down as the brands were seen as old, tired but they do still sell and sell well. Maybe some iffy behaviour in Korea (very iffy to be honest) with the threat of a massive lawsuit weighing heavy but much more a Euro company rather than a UK one.

National Grid? Buy it, hold it, keep it. Gold dust in disguise if you have deep pockets and patience.

Otherwise, love the post!

ITDYA, just playing catch up


Hi @frog_in_a_tree, Well your latest set of share picks are interesting, my comments on each below:-

LLOY – Hmmmm, Brexit and the UK economy the threats here. Good yield & dividends. But is the next stop 50 or 60, I’m really not too sure. Had a flutter on them a while back but baled quite quickly, glad I did cos they’ve lost almost 3p (~5%) since then.
Persimmon – Best of the bunch of the house builders IMHO. But oh so expensive ATM……?. Nice 7.5% yield still. I just might give them a go when they go XD which will bring the price down a bit.
United Utilities – Solid utility, yield not so good since price run up and dividend policy change, only just over 4% now albeit with annual CPI uplifts.
TRIG – Best of the renewables bunch, but a bit expensive now, hefty premium and yield only just 5%.
RDSB – Gee haven’t you got enough of these already ?. Seem to recall you said they were 10% of your portfolio in a previous post…. I just bought some more of these just before the results at 2150, good timing eh ?.
Next – A decent high street retailer, but who wants to hold ANY retailer the way things are today ?. Very expensive and yield only 2.x%.
Jupiter Fund Mgt – A fund manager, mutual funds are an investment class that I totally avoid due to the costs and charges involved – many of which are hidden in the price. I much prefer ETFs and ITs. As for the stock itself, hasn’t done great and broker views are pretty negative, 4.x% yield. Not for me.
SSE – Largely a big renewable energy company in its new form (without the retail business). Was £11 not long ago, is it really worth £15.4x now ?. I’d have paid £14 but the current price is too high IMHO. 6%+ yield still decent.

So in company terms I like PSN, SSE, TRIG, RDSB, UU and yes even LLOY but most are either too expensive, have yields that are too low or have current risks to any upside. NXT and JUP are not for me at any price. Just my opinion, you will of course go your own way as always I’m sure….

What’s going on with your “booking a trade” comment ?. Is that some ii scheme that gives you free trades or something ?. Nice idea but I suspect this means that you have no control over exactly when they actually buy, or at what price therefore ?. If so then thats a VERY big thing to give up for the sake of saving a few quid making a normal trade.

Best of luck with it all anyway.




Hi Pref,

Next is high street but also has on-line with the balance of trade switching to on-line sales.

UU is a pretty safe bet and not about to go out of business anytimesoon. The 4% yield will do fine in my income focussed portfolio.

TRIG Took a bit of a bashing last week but has recovered well. A decent yield and the potential for growth.

RDSB is also not going out of business anytimesoon despite climate change. The divi is as safe as it gets…it has fallen a bit recently and has potential to regain value.

Persimmon is being tipped at the moment and I don’t have any. BDEV has given me a 300% return on my investment since I have been investing starting 10 years ago. TW hasn’t done quite as well but still in profit. The housing shortage is going to be long term.

“Booked” refers to my ii commission free regular investment. True that I don’t have much opportunity to time my investments based on price but as we know, timing is very difficult. As I tend to buy and hold its not such a big issue in any case compared with “time in the market”


Frog in a tree