LLOYDS is going to FLY



@regardless Your welcome, I even purchased a rather large bundle of Lloyds to tuck away :wink:


Good to see you on board BM1, I know you know a food price when you see it.


Flying? flying south for winter, more like.


In the interest of clarity , I’ve dumped Lloyds today @ 59.80p , I hold Zero Lloyds Longs


Good one well done

Also for clarity bought another 17,000 yesterday I finally opened a cash Isa

Spreadsheet Pref I am learning :slight_smile:


You’ve been mugged BM1, off your rocker for the first time ever.


Cash is king , I’d rather be out as we head for a No Deal Brexit.


Me too if that was the case but I strongly suspect they’re going to fudge one.


Markets wont like a fudged deal, Yet more uncertainty ? Hasn’t done much in the past for UK focused Banks.


Once a deal is agree Lloyds share price got 66p plus written all over it, within a few days / weeks IMHO

Parliament Will stamp approved, if it ticks most boxes as no MP will want a No Deal situation Come March 2019

Any bottlers will be gutted


Hello Regardless,

In case you have not noticed, the government is in some disarray and it is far from clear that May will have the votes to force through her Chequers deal. Any form of Brexit will be hurtful to LLOY.

Agreement to a second referendum would put boosters under the LLOY share price.


Frog in a tree


No point reading the news after the deal and finding you’ve missed the sharpest sp rise this year. BM1 bottled it and is going to live ro regret it. Frog, i kniw your a natursl pessimist but i also know you got balls like coconuts and still hold many Lloyds.


Swamp , When you have learned that it’s possible to make money by NOT being invested you’ll have this game sussed.


Evening BM, I do hope you so well in this game but stevie wonder can see you jumped ship too soon on this occasion:)


I’m happy to watch this unfold from the cheap seats, There will be no gambling from me…


How on earth did broadmoor get mugged selling at 59.8 with the sp now dropped back, as usual to
59.3 ?

Good reactions and trade by him.



95% of investors lose money, Some on here are clueless to how markets work.


It is flying, true.

Downwards, - 1.3 % today.



59 gone.

Now down 1.8 %



Making money whilst out…Proving its ok to Cut Trades :wink: