LLOYDS is going to FLY



Never mind …

Life goes on …


Every grey cloud…

And its final divi day tomorrow. Dividend reinvestment will buy more shares at the lower price.

LLOY’s day will come…maybe?



Lloyds Insurance policies are worse than useless…after 30 years
WE pay their premiums …but…they Don’t pay out on genuine claims.

Their High Insurance premiums with no intention of paying out certainly
helps those unjustified high bonuses.

To most, It’s called thieving…their excuses for sorry no cover items this time are novel


Behave Ive got Lloyd’s Car Insurance via their Brokers , my Mrs got hit by another car in 2018 sitting at lights, she had the Car fully repaired no excess to pay and got £1400 neck injuries that she claimed as she could not sleep for a few nights due to a little pain


Are the visits to the 50’s a Monday thing at present?
Or is the rise today due to the demand from folk reinvesting their dividend payment.
Or is it the other side of the clockwork - what goes down must go up?
Or have the employees all liquidated their bonus shares and the buyback is starting to bite.
Or …


Is Lloyds going to fly hmmm …we shall see. I hope its a longhaul flight.

I just wondered if anyone has been keeping an eye on all these share buy backs. How many have they got now and how much is that in % terms of the all shares?
My understanding is that they are going to terminate the shares and not hold in treasury. Surely then if that is the case, this share will rise?
I also expect this to be rising to 80 pence mark within next 12 months. No analysis to prove this - just hopeful/wishful thinking.
Mr P


Hi pelim

Honestly do not know but spikes seem to be always followed by drops and vice versa.
I just trade the price action.
Fairly reliable and predictable.




Hi terence

No I do not think LLOY is going to fly, merely wishful thinking.
I cannot see any logical reason why LLOY sp would hit 80p within the next 12 months.
Above 73 would actually surprise me.
Recent range seems to be 57 to 63.
A non Brexit might boost it ?

As to the buyback history Bowman tracks it, he is good and accurate.
Thread is here on ii




“Little pain” Is that you?

Did you not point out “if you give it a little more time, it will be fine”


Hi @regardless, RMG down 5%+ today I see, no idea why. Just as well you are out maybe.




Hi Again @regardless, Wow RMG ended the day at 211.4 just over 9% down…! Still can’t find out the reason for the drop.




Hi Pref.

Yes regardless made the right decision to exit.
We all make wrong calls, it is dealing with them that is important.

As to the drop, Results are out tomorrow, the market and analysts expect them to be dire.
I think "leakage "of news has caused some in the loop to bail.
I have nothing in , wish I had been short.

Have just added it back to my IG trading watchlist in advance.
It appears oversold albeit chart and TA seem to show chances of a further fall.

I might have a go at catching the falling knife tomorrow ( i.e go long ), depending on share price action rather than the results.
Very high risk strategy. Plenty of bandages in stock.

Terrible stock for an investor. IMO




Hi soi,

Indeed !. Just found the following article which says pretty much what you just described.

Sounds like all of RMG, SSE and MKS might be in for a bad day when they come out with their results tomorrow. All very high yielding stocks with question marks over the affordability of their dividends. Oh and all held by that ETF IUKD that I just sold out of on Monday (it did ok today though, up 1.12% reversing yesterday’s drop). Still glad I’m out.




LLOY still flying.

Down by about 2.2 % today.

I wonder if the very weak support at 58.7/58.6 holds.



Hi @soi, 58.x = deja vu for me. That’s about where I sold last November !.

66.57 (peak mid April)-> 59.15 close today, that’s a drop of 11.14% !. Painful for anyone with a large holding…

But it’s just brexit messing with the sp again, it will bounce back in time I’m pretty sure. Not sure I can say the same for RMG…!




You wait guys one day I see 75p plus here again :wink:


One born every minute they do say




Hi Pref

I owe you some thanks for mentioning the RMG drop.
I did indeed trade it to the long side yesterday, about a dozen trades altogether, was high risk but worked out.

I actually think it is a touch oversold.

For clarity, am trading it long again today. May or may not work.




Hope you do.

Will not happen this decade though.





Hi @soi, Well glad my post was of some use to you. Guessing you could have done EVEN better with TSLA :wink:.

RMG down ~5% this morning though, not so good if you going long. Not a good time to be going long on anything I feel, market sentiment pretty bad with the trade deal, brexit and UK politics (conservative leadership change imminent ?).

I almost bought NRR yesterday ahead of their results today. I had a limit order set at a pretty optimistic 219 and while it was falling hard it didnt quite get there. Looking at the results this morning Ive pulled my limit order, now in loss, NAV down, LTV up, dividend cover down etc. SP is 217ish as I write this. Might buy at 200 !.




Hi Pref

Yes, did OK with RMG yesterday, not so today so far.That is how it goes though.

I have never traded TSLA until a minute ago, just placed a light long.
It does not hold much appeal to me.
The trade either works or it doesn t.

I take a very high risk approach to trading, obviously not advisable.

I accept losses when they occur.

Markets are brutal today.