LLOYDS is going to FLY



Didn’t adjust my limit order in time and ended up taking just 4.5% profit in exactly 1 month.

With other news (and getting up late) didn’t hear about Trump stomping on China trade once again. Busy getting ready for returning the family to Poland.

Another example where you can’t afford to take your eye off the ball for too long with these shorter-term trades and reliance on limit orders isn’t always optimal.


Hi Again @Eadwig, Well it would have done well today, FTSE down ~1.5% ATM. GBP/USD just oscillating around a figure slightly below where it was when I bought my BPR.

Would you believe my VILX experiment which was ~30% DOWN yesterday is actually UP today, a one day move of 31.35% !!!. Ive tried looking at the VIX and VX VIX short term futures to try and explain the move but I cant immediately fathom out the reason for it. As a market disaster insurance strategy sticking £1,000 in there when its really low does look as if it might be worthwhile…?




Could be, I really don’t know. Keep us posted on how it develops.

I’m thinking of a FTSE Long now as GBP fall continues, most probably. A lot of miners in the top 25 (which make up most of the index) and they are being hit hard by the Trump/China situation despite all having US$ earnings.

Very hard to judge.


Hi Eadwig

Yes, long is of course tempting.
I have entered SB long at 7434.2 SB currently 5pts adrift.

I think it has potential though. Going to try for + 50 or so.

I would bail at loss pre close if it does not work.

An ETF would be safer.

Treacherous markets




hI @soi

I’ve placed a UK3L long at approx FTSE 100 = 7427

So that pretty much guarantees that today’s drop will turn into a 3 day correction …


Hey @regardless, if you had SOLD pre the results at 56.xx instead of buying, and bought back in today at 51.xx then you could have REALLY done something to shift that elephant on the seesaw !. Would have reduced your average holding price considerably.

That would have been a REALLY risky thing to do though I quite understand. Had LLOY spiked on the results that would have been truly horrible !!.

But 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing eh ?.

Take Care




Thank you soi
I did not go for it in the end.
A broker talking about the whole market told me do nothing today ?
I had already topped up wpct and bought metro bank . ( we will see , they should know better ? )
I am better when i make mistakes like buying rbw 3 times instead of the 1 .
Sold the two mistakes on 30 % rise :sweat_smile:


Hi @Ripley94, Wow WPCT with all of Woodfords troubles ?. And WPCT is where all his dodgy unlisted assets sit from what I recall…?

WPCT chart


and Metro Bank too ?

Metro Bank chart


Not INTU as well I really hope !!!

Sheesh !!. Presumably buying because you anticipate a big recovery !!.




Hi Prefinvestor1
The fund is about Patience !! I agree with that but he might not be giving the time he hopes for .
The likes of Winifrith slag him , i do not know either but from what i read id prefer Woodford .
Got some NRR yesterday .


Hi Again @Ripley94, Well wrt WPCT I can potentially see value there in the NAV which is much higher than the share price, but personally if Woodford has it I’m avoiding it ATM !.

Good timing wrt NRR on your part (Woodford has sold his holding now), I bought a bit early at 177 and so am down a bit. Almost got back to 177 last week and then along came the results of the big REITs and knocked it back again - at least that’s how it seems to me.

Good luck with all your picks.




Do you know why NRR is still down @ about 164 ?


It would have been a very accurate topic title if it had been LLOY is going to dive.

3 % down today.

Just a thought.




I think we can assume the Neil Woodford as a long term investor days are numbered

First Its not his money , add the Market driving his investments South and investors wanting their investment money back … he is in a tricky situation …

One the other Hand ‘’ The Regardless Pension fund’’ can ride this out for years I have no-one knocking on my door and don’t really need the money :slight_smile:

Shares goes down as well as up sometimes

Stay Strong and keep healthy


And sometimes they go down, then more down, then a lot more down, then you say they are a buying opportunity…just before they go out of business.


Correct when you invest in a company via shares, invest wisely I say … because the cream always rises to the top again :slight_smile:


I did not see the afternoon further drop here would of been tempted .
Morning deals all good was on a role.
Distracted with news of SVS going bust.
Now there is a reason for not going with the cheaper dealing charge broker .
Although they put prices up a few years back and were only middling at £7.95 , £10 per corporate action .
Pays to be tight sometimes that’s when i looked for cheaper ones .


Hi @J_Westlock, My guess it was the REALLY bad results from HMSO, INTU and BLND earlier in the week. INTU was down 30%+ in a day as I recall and cancelled their dividend. Suspect it created a lot of nervous REIT investors !. I know of no other reason.

Been a weird week, one really good day followed by some bad ones and then today which was REALLY bad !. My portfolio was up 1% after the good day, but now after the close today it is down about 1.5% on the week. Better than regardless experience with LLOY I guess but not great. DT and his trade war / tweets GRRRRRRR…




Yes, as others have pointed out… it does make you wonder sometimes if members of the Trump entourage are aware of what Trump is going to tweet ahead of time and have some carefully placed orders… and he’s not the ignorant dotard that he carefully cultivates as his image.
That would be illegal of course so perish the thought that might happen.


Hi All, Well one hell of a week, my portfolio was up over 1% after Monday (29/7) but after close of play today (Friday 2/8) I was down about 1.5% for the week. For LLOY aficionados things were much worse than that though, opening at 56.27 on the Monday and closing the week at 51.26, that’s close to 9% down (gulp). Not that my Shell has had a great week, opening at 2556 and closing at 2408, that’s close to 6% down - but it seemed far worse than that as they were up at 2641 after Monday. Just as well I haven’t got too many of them…… FTSE 100 was down from 7549 to 7407 that’s 1.9%.

So a week of mega capital destruction then !. Of course one should be sanguine and confident that it will all bounce back, but some bounces are going to need to be much higher than others…… For LLOY holders pursuing a long term strategy, I admire your persistence but I’m afraid that i see no immediate light at the end of the tunnel the way brexit is going. Hope it comes good in the end for you !.

Well done to anyone holding back a big cash balance to take advantage of the bargains that are going to be on offer when this Trump induced panic eventually subsides.

Have a good weekend.




More appropriately for yourself, “shares can go up as well as down”

Sorry I couldn’t help the cheap joke Regardless. Don’t worry. I just entered leveraged SB’s at 56.5, 52.5 & 51.5 (roughly) and all are losing. I now play the waiting game with you.