LLOYDS is going to FLY



Just as well!


Yes hopefully I would of found out more about them if I had decided to.
Food for thought there.
I would of looked at all of the various chat sights as there isn’t any doubt I would of gone for them.
I must look at comments on Jarvis one out of interest.
I saw one of winfreths crew had a buy recommendations on Jarvis recently?
( Malcolm Stacey )
Might put a comment smaller then S v s.
Of the two Jarvis have never tried to push something on me.
Svs often did.
Known for flipping, not sure all customers understood the hold in principle line they would say.
Other brokers I think stoped that practice.


I’ve nearly got a full set of these now. I’ve been collecting LLOYDS longs for ages.

However, I’ve got 2 lots at 52.56 but not one at 51.80.

So if there’s anybody out there with a spare 51.80 who wants a 52.26 for their scrapbook I would be happy to do a straight swap.




I think you’ll find that means they’re listed as a broker, and more specifically, as an AIM broker ?
Might be wrong though, and I’m being more than a bit pedantic

Anyway, more generally, my wedge is only in middling 6 figures, still includes some funds and trackers, so I don’t have to worry too much about brokers going bust ( I use three regularly, so would stand to lose cash if one of them went under, but not life changing amounts ), but, if I had a more substantial sum, then I’d be looking at moving any holdings not in either an ISA or SIPP to a broker which allows me to trade using a personal crest account. It’d cost a bit more, but, in the general scheme of things, it’d be a small % of my wad.

Although not relevant to SVS, I’m sometimes amazed by comments on bulletin boards about people looking to save tiny amounts on brokers fees. If brokers are dirt cheap, then they’re dirt cheap for a reason, and one of the reasons is likely to be that they’re working on wafer thin margins and are therefore often on the edge financially.



Just not sure it’s that easy to separate the sheep from the goats.
Look at Woodford Few years back wonderful manger, now some suggesting he’s rubbish.
Same with these brokers.
I would not invest in H l ( Have they been losing market share? )
Maybe these small one’s going under will benefit them?


I recently had the misfortune to have to read ii’s terms and conditions at some length in the last couple of weeks.

Client’s cash is spread around many banks and institutions to protect from any failures BUT if one does go under, clients will be expected to share proportionally in the losses. I read nothing about any government protection, but there’s only so much of that stuff you can read and take in and so I may have missed something as I certainly didn’t read the whole thing.

This all stemmed from questions about why new clients had to lodge up to date debit card detyails with ii when registering … and the answer appears to be in the above.


Phew! No problem then if only new clients have to cough up if it goes belly up.




I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve clicked boxes to say I have read terms and conditions without reading them at all. I’m certain I will have accepted the same conditions over ii’s recent evolution.

iii were AIM listed once. I took part in the IPo and flipped them on the first day for a handsome profit. One of the last ‘;internet companiers’ that worked. Got killed on the next one which was ‘last’ if I remember the name correctly.

Back in Poland now, and the crap weather from UK has followed us here. Actually it set off first and we overtook it in the plane. I’m moaning, but a few showers and a 20 degree temp. is fine really. Beats the hell out of the usual 35-38 degrees this time of year, which is intolerable, even with relatively low humidity.


Yes, that about if a bank they use fails… and they will then stiff you if they lose out.
However, if Interactive Investor Group went into admin then you could be in the same mess as others have suffered eg. Beaufort.
You are protected by FSCS up to £85k.


That’s for cash held only, as you still own the share certificates, presumably.

Unfortunately, I’m outside the limit now as I am 33% in cash. I wont say how far outside, but enough to make me think I should withdraw some of the cash into different accounts and only re-introduce when I decide to fully commit to shares again.

Do SIPPS have any special protection for cash held within them do you know? Obviously can’t withdraw any there and mine is only tiny anyway. Coul;d be an important point for many others though.


We’ll have to wait and see what has happened at SVS Securities.
However, the examples of Brokers that have gone into admin thus far haven’t been down to them trading on wafer thin margins… but that key staff have engaged in illegal activities.

Like I said before, the issue with some of the larger outfits is they can more easily obscure their activities from regulators, clients and shareholders.
Staying clear of companies offering more efficient, streamlined and less costly services won’t help you in such instances and probably increases your chances of being hit.



I heard that the Baltic coast of Poland and its zlotys is a good buy for British holidaymakers with miserable pounds.

Anyway, as I’ve said before I don’t like AIM companies. As many newbies I started out with them. Initially with a small pharma , Peptide Therapeutics (PTI), and had 17 straight trade wins. This led me down the path of mischievous hubris. Then along came the hyped up Baltimore (BLM) I lost 3K per day for 3 days and eventually quit 11K down in a week. Some others I did well with, others went bust. MXP was my last of those. I sobered up and went into the FTSE 100 only and have done well since. I think I’d only short Aimers now. There’s one I’m looking at now: Versarien (VRS), it needs to drift back up ATM though as the spread is large. IQE is too low now. May have a look at AFC.

BTW another win on the PBs - 100 quid this month. That’s £1500 this year so far or 7,075 zlotys.




I think Bernie was correct on this earlier. If you pay a little extra (at those brokers that allow it) to have your shares registered with CREST in your own name… rather than some nominee account… that removes some of the risk. They are then your assets and not something an administrator would touch if your broker collapsed.

I might be wrong… but I see no difference whatsoever between how an ISA, SIPP or any other dealing account would be treated in the event of a broker going into admin. There’s no special protection I’m aware of.
Pooled nominee accounts should be protected if it comes to it… so long as your broker hasn’t acted illegally or simply not segregated them… but note that in the event of complexity in an administration event… they can use your ‘protected’ assets to pay for it!


I wonder what would happen to clients if their spreadbetting firm went bust?

Speaking hypothetically of course. LOL.




7050 zloty actually. The day before the referendum you would have got ‭8,580‬ zlotys.

I won £25, £75 this year… £100 actually, I just found out. April, May, June and Aug


I think it’s similar as per share dealing … make sure they have FCA Authorised status… and that they segregate client money.
If so then you are covered up to £85k should worst happen… and I assume your positions would be closed out at point they went into Admin or just after.


Not bad return this month for this lucky PB holder…
‭Prize: £10,000 Bond s held: £100 Area: Greater Manchester. Bought Sept 06

It is relatively cheap compared to Eurozone countries, but I can’t say I’d recommend it particularly for a beach holiday.

Krakow is a fantastic city to visit, although very hot and bad air pollution at this time of year. A city I always wanted to visit for years long before I ever dreamed I may have a family in Poland. Huge pedestrian area in the historic heart of the city, plenty of other sights toi visit around the town, eating and drinking out is relatively cheap and with 25 Michelin rated restaurants I think it would challenge any other city in Europe currently.


Hi @Eadwig, I don’t think that FSCS protection works in the way you seem to be suggesting does it ? . I think that what the FSCS protects is your Stocks & Shares ISA, your Cash ISA or your SIPP etc. and EVERYTHING that you hold in that. In the case of a Stocks & Shares ISA or a SIPP that’s both cash and investments. There is no protection for cash and separate protection for investments as I understand it, you are covered for £85,000 now (2019 limit change) for everything in a SIPP or Stocks and a Shares ISA. That’s how I believe it works anyway.

Obviously any cash in your SIPP would likely be held in multiple normal bank accounts and these would likely receive FSCS protection also - but as ALL the cash would likely be in one company account for any given bank then the FSCS limit might get exceeded if one of those banks should fail I guess ?. Pretty sure I got a description from Hargreaves on how that works, I’ll have a look next time I’m logged in to my broker.

Hope you are having a good time back in Poland. Big fish eating country I believe. I have a nephew who had a polish girlfriend and he went to Poland for Xmas one year. He never quite recovered from being given the “honour” of bludgeoning some huge fish that was to be had for Xmas lunch…




Indeed, @J_Westlock put me right on this and I should have known having just read it. Stocks are effectively held by proxy so there is no protection that they are being held on my behalf as I unthinkingly said.

and, as we know, protection is with all accounts in any given entity, so it matters not if your assets are spread between different accounts within that entity. That I was aware of.

I was unsure if SIPPs, bneing pensions, may be treated differently. They do, after all, have special protection in company schemes if one of those fails, but that seems unlikely too from responses that have been given.

Off topic - they are indeed big fish eaters, but fresh water fish mainly inland. You can keep it for me, too many bones and not much taste. Fresh trout, fine, beyond that give me haddock or cod any day (or Sea Bass).Several fish dishes are served at Xmas (of which you must partake in at least 12 different courses, not all fish) and the traditional main dish is carp (not Turkey or Goose as in the UK).

Main Xmas dinner is on Christmas eve, I’ve never attended one yet with less than 24 people … and there is no alcohol! (Xmas day is another big family day where you soon lose count of toasts which are down-in-one vodka shots. I don’t normally drink, so the fact I manage to keep up at these events (there’s another one at Easter too) is not bad I think, often the only 2 days of the year I drink. Although Ms. Eadwig never seems over-impressed at my ability to weave under my own steam to the car to take me home.

Haven’t been back 24 hours yet so basically still unpacking.


They are big on beetroot and cabbage too. So I’m told.