LLOYDS is going to FLY



Money saving expert…
I said I’d keep updated, the broker contacted yesterday very annoyed to find out wrong doing going on behind his back.
He told me it was all to do with some bonds posted a F c a link.
About as clear as mud.
But he did say did it would not affect me .

Again info all over the link soi posted kindly for me.
Worth reading seems scammers trying to get in and take advantage of worried clients.

But again Masonic has given sensible answers to updated concerns.

Had more agro this week with B U R .
Thank GOD played that one right ( thus far )
Someone suggested buying the bonds there yesterday.
Looks like bond holders with Svs might be in more trouble then I sadly .

Never bought a bond myself.
Hope you lot had a better week lol
Shares are just to time consuming.
Should of followed family’s advise and bought properts to rent.
Or Rolex watches a nephew suggested.


Looks like it’s Pello brokers ( or a scammer using there name )
Involved in scamming the SVS clients.
They changed there name from Cornhill.
Changed name a few times, warnings to them from f c a. ( they are registred with them ) they look more dodgy then S V S.
Anyone knowledge of them?
You couldn’t make it up.


You’re saying that an ex-SVS Securities broker has contacted you whilst the company is in administration?


Yes but privately we swapped personal numbers
He doesn’t say to much ( Not freinds or anything like that never meet him )
He’s at home now I think looking for a new job.
Guess it is sad for the inecent employes I don’t think he had any idea of wrong doing.
Was working hard trying to get on.


A gloomy view on LLOY from Motley Fool

MF discusses the 25% fall in the LLOY sp over recent months and fears that worse is to come.
The LLOY collapse brought to you courtesy of Leave voters, including the bank’s biggest fan, @regardless. Just desserts!


Frog in a tree



Thanks for the link.

Whilst I am not generally a fan of TMF, the author was logical in presenting his case.
Part of me thinks that LLOY is about at “oversold” levels but certainly have to accept the possibility of further falls. A no deal Brexit would likely bring that on.

One of the first negatives I noticed in the last set of poor results was the large increase in bad loan provisions. More to come on that I think.




The problem with TMF and the likes is that in a couple of days they will do another article saying ‘Lloyds is a screaming buy’!

They lose all credibility.


Hi PHILKES, Totally agree, when I see “TMF” I never even bother to open the link. Totally useless IMV.




Yes, we all know that. However, some of the Motley Fool articles are worth reading. You just have to do so with brain engaged. I would also argue that there is some value in reading articles which offer both positive and negative perspectives on a stock.


Frog in a tree


I agree with that. Well reasoned views either side of one s own thoughts/investments/positions worth a look.
As well as the views of forum posters who can state reasons for their views, again whether differing from one s own.




Well personally I dont bother to read stuff that I know beforehand that I’m going to consider BS. TMFs only agenda is trying to sell you something - big surprise there. Its like when I go to the pub and read the papers, I only bother with the Telegraph or the Times, only place for all the rest is in the dustbin IMHO !.

A personal choice I quite understand !!!.




Anyone seen “The Big Short” ?, watched it last night. About the 2008 financial crash, wall street and the us housing market. Very good, they made it quite entertaining considering the disastrous events and consequences. I would recommend it - if you want financial fiction (no doubt embellished a fair bit) then I would recommend that over the TMF anytime !.




OK, on film reviews, I’ll suggest one you’ve not watched. Probably all of you.

Three Identical Strangers.

Nothing to do with shares but I guess most of our age groups will like it.


They should be the first into the (recycling) bin. Gone completely downhill to dumbingdownland in recent years. In fact The Telegraph should be banned. Such rags exist only for people to reinforce their own prejudices. News direct from source without the middlemen propagandists and evaluate it yourself is the way to go, e.g. AP, Reuters.

Also paper is a waste and paywalls are for mugs.




Hi SBK, Well sounds like you have even more extreme views than me on the subject of “news”. I don’t have any papers delivered (never done that my whole life) nor do I have a paid subscription to any online newspapers. I rely on the BBC TV news and the internet for my news in the main. My sole use of newspapers is when I go for my 5 mile walk stopping at the pub about half way, when I have a drink and scan their newspapers - mostly the business section, hence my preferences.

Do I believe anything written in the newspapers (or anywhere else for that matter) ?. If it’s obviously straight factual material perhaps, but anything else I view with a healthy degree of scepticism. Anything political in nature I just ignore completely - not interested.

Almost anyone writing a piece probably has an agenda, likely that’s what’s inspired them to write it. So you always need to take that into account.

Is it ALL “fake news” as DT seems to think ?. No likely not, but it pays to have a large dose of scepticism I think. Sad though that may be.





“Also paper is a waste”

Maybe if they printed the Telegraph on soft, thoroughly absorbent paper we might be able to find one decent use for it?

ITDYA, wishing for so LLOY specific comment but there appears to be little/none.


Most of the posts are of the ramping sort from those who have not done proper analysis.

Posters who have predicted the sub 50 fall have been proven correct

Others chose to ignore it.

“ITDYA, not even expecting to see a 54.99 print on the tape at any point, 55.xx maybe but I doubt it.”




God I wish I was as good as you

I be a millionaire this time next year



The only truth is the tape.

LLOY has not flown

It has dived.


No amount of pathetic comments/ramping can avoid that.



Hi @soi, Haven’t seen many ramping posts here of late, but the chart certainly looks pretty sad. Yesterday was clearly a false bounce due to yet another trump statement, everything back in decline again today.

Anyone who hadn’t sold their stocks already will probably have accumulated enough of a loss to not be keen on selling now - that’s not to say that selling now isn’t the right approach mind you !. Looks like the FTSE is likely to do the full 10% correction and we are already about 8% down right now (7176 vs 7700). Will we go all the way back to last December and 6600, who knows. Nothing is impossible. Sentiment is pretty bad seems to me. LLOY has gone lower than that already I note. A chart of LLOY vs the FTSE looks pretty sick (will add a chart later - not easy to do that from the IPad…).

Good luck to all long term investors (in LLOY or elsewhere) suspect that we are going to be looking at lower levels on most things for a while.

Personally just continuing to hold what I have ATM, planning to just hold and reinvest my dividends - as usual.