LLOYDS is going to FLY




Given LLOY market cap is still around £35bn with 150m maybe 200m+ shares traded daily I to find it hard to believe that anyone is going to be able to talk it up or down. Certainly nothing I have to say will have the slightest impact of the SP.

Yes, I didn’t see this kind of downside unless there was a no deal Brexit which the lunatics currently in the hot seat seem to be intent on. Clearly the market is genuinely worried it will actually happen so have/are running for cover but a private individual being able to ‘ramp’ this (or any other FTSE100 share for that matter) simply by being a bit gung-ho on a discussion board? Not a chance.



I fully understand that the sp of a large cap such as LLOY is not going to be affected by what anyone posts here.
It remains though that the majority ( not all ) posters here are positive, have been positive and have been wrong.

As for ramping, it is the mere talking up of a share, this topic title itself is a ramp.
The OP also is very quick to put down anyone who might state that not all is as it appears to be with LLOY.
All prior warnings of the overbought nature of LLOY being brushed away.



Hi Soi,
This comment and your earlier comment about share buy back and smoke and mirrors makes me wonder if you are hinting at something? Do you think that all is not what it appears to be with Lloy? If so, can you share your thoughts please?


Hi All, Well a good day for LLOY holders compared with most everybody else I suspect, only down 0.6% when the FTSE was down 1.42%. Personally my portfolio took the hit for most of that (about 1.3% down) and I’m now down sort of 3.7% since the high on 30/7. But then the FTSE is now down a bit over 8%, not far off the 10% figure I’m kind of expecting now.

There will be more losses to come for me tomorrow too as the Asian markets will probably be down big time overnight. Never mind I have about 6 things going XD tomorrow which might ease the pain a little.




Flying down by yet another 1 % today.



Hi all on this board hope you are all winning .
I am looking for another broker to replace SVS.
Anyone know anything about these new types Revolut, eToro, or Trading212.
An American ( USA ) “Giant” Robinhood planing to open as well i read.

I do know some with Degiro they say happy enough , but i think the above are different in some way .
Thanks for any info you might have and share :smiley:


Hi All, Well I must confess I am severely tempted to do some “yield hopping” today, selling a couple of things that have done well and have lowish yields of 4.x% (for me) and buying some more BP, RDSB & HSBA which seem to be on offer at bargain prices. Some useful possible capital gains to be had out of this as well I think ?. Have checked it out with my spreadsheet and I can gain a useful income increase from making this change (essentially swapping 4.x% yielders for 6.x/7.x% yielders).

Going to wait and see if the deal gets even better though, I think. FTSE still not 10% down yet. Though US futures have turned positive now. Had been expecting S&P to fall to resistance 2770 (?) a further 3% down…




Its up now unlike any of the other banks. Its going to fly :wink:


Down 0.21% on the day…


FINALLY… just maybe the buy back is supporting the share …

Saying that I hope we carry on falling its Antonio bargain of the century with this buy back

Bounce is going to be massive, sellers fighting over the limited shares available and left on the market

Its called Liquidity Folks


The fact, I have never heard of any of them should ring alarm bells.

I always recommend Interactive Brokers.
I think Saxobank are not bad. If you really must go for bucket shop British,I suppose Barclays


What do your ex-Beaufort and ex-SVS brokers say on that?

Or Masonic? You asked him/her?



Unknowns. Probably just tagging on to other platforms.

use Interactive Brokers.

Largest on line broker in the US.


Sellers fighting over the limited buyers more like.


Hi All, Promised to post a comparison chart of LLOY vs the FTSE 100 in a previous post, so here it is:-

Down a pretty scary ~34% since the peak of just over 66p in April and it would appear to have gone into freefall since the beginning of August.

Got to admit its holding up pretty well during this latest Trump induced panic though… Im down another 3/4% today making me 4.66% down since the 77xx high on 30/7. FTSE down just over 8% now.




I bet you I see 75p here again

Bit like Gold … gold investors been calling gold for nearly 5 years now




Maybe… but saying that is pointless unless you put a timeframe on it. By end Sept? Dec? March?


2025, maybe? Maybe even not then depending on the scale of Brexit damage!



Maybe you need to change the record Eric

Happy to pick up my wages while everyone moaning 24/7



One other problem is that the housing market is slowing, especially in London where prices are falling. Often rises and falls in house prices fan out from London and the SE. Lower prices mean lower mortgage books and the possibility of negative equity. LLOY also has a big book of car related loans. Any recession is likely to hit this hard and car sales are already in decline. The only bright spot is the tailing off of PPI claims. Many dangers in the bushes await LLOY.


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