LLOYDS is going to FLY



You can buy plenty of LLOY shares, no shortage of sellers willing to offload.

A PI favourite, lambs to the slaughter.
Most popular share amongst retail investors.
The big boys are not piling in.


Oh, do me a favour.

We went through this guff a year ago. I waited patiently for 8 months (and I even put a paltry level of 63.8p as a target).

Investing in Gold? A bunch of losers who have lost money for a decade and now tell you how brilliant they are. What matters is calling it right AT THE RIGHT POINT IN TIME and CONSISTENCY.

What you need to ask yourself is: Is it more important to be right at any cost, rather than to make consistent profits!


You are more right than you can imagine.

Before I left for Italy I tried to persuade a guy in, Milngavie, Glasgow to sell his 850,000 house. He didn’t. I bumped into him last week and he has knocked 150k of the asking price and still can’t get any viewers


Thanks soI…
I looked at them… American?
They seem to charge per share, cost not transparent!
I sold u j o a couple of times past week the share price is 0.30 p that would be expensive.
I trade a lot of A I m.
Have I gone on to something different then you suggested?


The stock market needs people like you, buying at 65 then celebrating a crumb of a divi whilst sitting on a 30 % capital loss.

Keep buying.

LLOY is going to Fly.

yep fly down.



Hi @Eadwig, Well I sold my VILX today as I was clearly in profit but overcoming the buy and sell commission payments on the small value that I bought was a problem. I originally bought 10,000 at 1.63 which cost me £175, I sold at 2.39 today which yielded £228 so hardly a fortune. But 2.39 having bought at 1.63 is a 46% increase so had I bought more then the gain would have been more interesting. Given the major moves in the indices and the VIX I’m a bit surprised it didn’t get higher than 2.4 - last December it reached 10.x.

For much of the time that I was holding I was way way down though, the very small absolute value of the price meant that daily moves were extreme. Only when the VIX really got going did I manage to get into profit on my small experiment - so I took the opportunity to exit in case it falls back as there are some signs that US indices are stabilising…?




Hi @Ripley94, Never heard of any of those names myself, have you done what I suggested and check out the health of the broker company ?. If not then IF you end up going with some small outfit you might find yourself going through the SVS scenario again if you are unlucky. Pick a broker that’s big and profitable, low trading costs are nice but aren’t the most important thing IMHO.




I agree with that. Please (goodness, I’m pleading with you), go for a big established, reputable firm, who have been around for decades.

There used to be a saying: “Nobody ever got sacked for buying IBM”


I have a revolut account but I “would not” use them for trading ever.
I’d say its finance for the kids.

However I find it very useful for online purchases in foreign currency, meaning you can do this without your banks exchange rates.

Also very useful for buying foreign currency for holiday use. The revolut app let’s you hold many nationalities bank accounts and let’s you buy forex at near cost prices.

You can deposit and exchange a very small volume of cash commission free. You can use it as your debit card abroad as if it is a native card to the country you are on travelling in.

You can top it up with such small amounts of cash at the click of a few buttons, this means it is the card of choice for the lack of funds held within it until you need them means it is more secure if scammers are up to no good.



Or for foreign currency get yourself a Santander Zero credit card. The Zero in the title is the important bit - zero fees, none at all. Withdraw cash from an ATM abroad and there are no fees; no cash withdrawal/advance fee, no FX loading, no transaction charge at all. You get wholesale bank-to-bank spot, the rate at which Mastercard settle their net FX position at the end of the day so, at worst it’s the wholesale bid price but sometimes (GBP/USD almost always) you’ll get the offer rate, even better than mid-market!

Only downside is the interest rate (I think 30% ish?) chargeable from the date of withdrawal but that’s easily avoidable - either immediately credit your account same day with on-line banking or, in my case, I just pre-load it, keep a mental note of what I’ve withdrawn and top it up as necessary. Any excess when I get back to Blighty I can simply withdraw here (no cash advance fee) or simply run it down with purchases. Oh and there are no ‘rewards’ but that’s a very small price to pay.

In the US it’s slightly harder as most banks charge you for using their ATMs unless you are a customer so that fee (not levied by Santander) is unavoidable unless you can find a Santander branch or affiliate - Sovereign Bank in NYC and some other places.

Seriously, people don’t believe it because it sounds too good to be true but, for once, it actually is true.

Not sure whether there are any restrictions on who can have a Zero card.

ITDYA, thinking there used to be a Halifax card, Clarity I think that was similar but they didn’t allow you to pre-load - they can’t actually stop you just I’ve have heard rumours of them cancelling the account when people did. No idea whether true or no but what I heard.


That’s all true of course but Beaufort were trading for well over two decades and SVS for more than one decade.
Big or small, young or old… if the managers running the outfit engage in either fraud, other criminality or simply are poor managers then it has the potential to enter administration.
The only thing that guarantees you will then get your money back either in part, in full or at all in your battle with the Administrators (over months) is either FSCS pot protection or the (better) equivalent for US Brokers as you rightly pointed out in the past.
So if you exceed those protection levels you do so at your own risk… for some, they run the potential of having years of investment proceeds and savings almost wiped out.


Friend of mine has the Halifax clarity card, fee free purchases and withdrawals. For me revolut beats it as there are no charges. No need to remember to pay off on time, no chance of mistakes. I like that you can freeze the card and edit the pin on the app should you forget it.


Hi swamp

Thanks very much for your post re revolut, had never heard of them.
Excuse my ignorance but is it mobile app use only or can you get an actual physical debit card ?

A bit of a dinosaur when it comes to IT/smartphones etc.

Could be of use to me on travels.

Thanks again




Revolut seems a company to be well avoided to me…


I’d look at Starling before you go with Revolut. From memory Revolut have a cap of £200 a month on foreign withdrawals and transactions before they start charging commission whereas Starling you can hit £300 a day!

I currently pay for my Netflix in Turkish Lira and have the DD come out of my Starling account; £5.20 a month for the top package (circa £12 over here). The exchange rate used is very close to the central bank rate so it’s not one of those ‘fee free’ with terrible XR. Slick App too that my Dad (~67 (I should really know that!)) can use.


Thank You

Will take a look later or over the weekend.




Hi J_Westlock
I am with a few brokers , be surprised if not with your one ( not sure if you have named )
You keep referring to the 85 limit so sharing details of others might throw up names some might find interesting .
( many might need about 10 to keep with your idea )

John Bogle said something like we can not control share prices but we can control costs i agree so that’s why i like to look .

Why you seem to dislike Masonic or that site that soi kindly linked i do not understand.
Read a very good post from some poor guy who thought he had been very badly advised by SVS yesterday.
Another Bogle quote i like is… “Learn everyday ,but especially from the experiences of others , its cheaper”.

It would be good if this site was about that , and not the ramping and trickery we see .

I thought i had said i was not with Beaufort but this broker did work there previously to SVS .
To your question he thought i should follow him to his next employment .
( I wondered if the new employer took this in to account at interview )
I have a low opinion of city types , do not think they are honest at all , but this young fella appears genuine enough i hope he finds a job .


I’m sure that some relatively wealthy individuals/couples would be better off using 10+ brokers, for sure, if they are truly interested in mitigating risk of losing their hard-earned wad… or maybe they’ve so much money that to them the odd broker failure and potential loss isn’t worth worrying about.

I’m with a selection of brokers, yes. The main ones I use were started years back before I knew… what I know now… and some of the costs of leaving are prohibitive so I have to stay with them.
The ones I still recommend are AJ Bell, iWeb and Saxo… none of the others I would recommend for various reasons (costs, bad service, poor trading app… just poor) so I won’t mention them here… although I have on another thread.

Yes, I too want to reduce costs… I see no point in pissing money away for no good reason but will only do that with brokers that have regulatory protection… like the FSCS pot ie. that they are FCA registered… or the US equivalent. That is item no. 1 to check with any broker.

I have to say that I’m not at all surprised to hear that.

I don’t know him/her… I only read what you say here and was asking you what he/she thought about it.


Regardless will like this one…

…it sums up his investment case for LLOY perfectly, I think. I don’t think that this is a bad company that is heading for splatt!, it is well run and profitable despite its travails with PPI.

I will be tempted to buy at sub-45p.


Frog in a tree


Hi soi,

Yes it could be useful to someone like yourself. The original set up is app based but you can order a physical card. From memory the card is £5 which is fine considering their free service elsewhere.

They have a 2 tier system. The free account has cash withdrawal limits of circa £200 monthly as well as other limits.
The monthly subscription account has much higher limits. You’ll know if it suits yourself when you look into the details.

Terms can be found here.
Free Account in seconds | Revolut