LLOYDS is going to FLY



Starling Bank is better, none of those subscriptions rip offs and limits. Phone app and free card. Interest on current account.




Starling looks ok but soi is in more currency zones (I think).
Revolut allows so many currencies at inter bank rate.

Yes free account limits are low for cash withdrawal but if you just shopping, use it as a debit card. No limits I think, could be wrong.


soi is £/Euro mainly which Starling is good for. All round better account. Dig deeper.

Be a whole lot better if the £ ever gets higher.




Blimey Soul Man :wink:

Don’t fall over

Lloyds Banking Group PLC

49.61 GBX +1.03 (2.12%)


LOL regardless

I am happy for you that it has risen a bit.

Enjoy your weekend fella.




Took a vow of silence after this on 5 July 19.

Bought 3000 @ 48.475 this week.

Back to my vow of silence until at least 31 October, maybe later. So intelligent comments like “fool” etc will not be read until then.

edit: small typo


I like this entry price, in fact anything sub 52.5 I like.


Be wary of Motley Fool.

This article recommends buy Lloyds but the previous 5/08/2019 recommended sell Lloyds, buy Santander.
However Santander fell 10% from 350p to 320p and Lloyds fell 2% from 51p to 49p +1.12 div.



Indeed TMF standard practice is Black one day White the next (cherry picking “facts” to suit) - that’s why I never read their stuff these days.

But read it if you must, if you do then I strongly suggest that you do so with a high degree of scepticism!.




Are times changing?
Just watched a blog from a "Prince Peter "
Front running and Trumps tweets .
As I have mention I have low opinion of city types so I think it could be happening.
Share dealing has become a whole lot more risky no matter what brokers you might use.


Thanks for that reply J_wedlock.

Masonic like the rest of us is watching the situation, he pointed out everyone will pay as FCA will apply a levey on the all the others.
So he hopes for the best.
Can you please direct me to the other board you said you had given details of more brokers.
I’d rather ones with no platform charges.
Suggestions from others appreciated.
( I was unable to get through to interactive brokers on phone number )
Not sure I’d be happy with one without phone contact .


I agree, Pref, that MF can’ t be relied on. It is simply a source of opinions like the ii meessage boards but usually better argued and researched. I keep an eye on MF just as I do here but keep brain engaged. Some of the MF articles are well researched even if fairly simply expressed. It is easy to be sniffy about MF but many other analysts are similarly iffy when it comes down to it.




Its the percentage that counts, not the amounts, and this worked excellently it seems.

I too am surprised it didn’t reach last December’s levels, but that highlights the strangeness of this particular ETF.

It seems that if you buy you can just keep holding (because daily costs are relatively small) until there is a decent profit there to be taken when volatility rises, which it always does sooner rather than later, even if only for a short period.

That is too good to be true, however, so it can’t be true or everyone would be doing it. I’m struggling to see how you can lose out at the moment, or how the company providing it is making any cash.


Hi @Eadwig, Yes it was “interesting” but I am glad I managed to escape with a plus score. I learnt some things from the exercise, not sure I will be doing it again anytime soon !.

On a different topic I have 3 small holdings in commodities (2 ITs and a share) none of which are doing that well and if a recession is on the horizon I am concerned that this isnt a great place to be. Thinking of going mad and selling and putting the proceeds into Funds (yes I said Funds !) in particular Lindsell Train Global Equity, Fundsmith and the Rathbone Global Opportunities that you mentioned, splitting the money equally. No purchase costs and HL charges per month are only peanuts on the total sum that Ill be investing, so nothing to worry about.

Looked at the portfolios of all three funds and all seem to have a heavy emphasis on consumer staples = stuff people need all the time. Performance wise they have all taken a hit similar to my portfolio in the latest market drop sort of 3-4%, but when things were going well earlier in the year they did significantly better.

Not 100% sure if Im going to pull the trigger on this yet, will sleep on it. Thats the plan ATM anyway.




Lots of people lose out gambling on the VIX.
I haven’t looked at the details of your ETF but I’m sure it will be based on the VIX Index Option.
Because each punter is always effectively rolling their volatility bet from one month to the next then you are paying costs each time it rolls.
Great in periods of volatility (and can you really predict such spikes consistently?)… not so in periods of lower volatility. Ultimately, you are gambling on whether the VIX goes up or down.



This topic not quite at it s birthday but is 10 months on from start.

At October 1st LLOY sp was 59p and it was stated "LLOY is going to Fly ".

Now the sp sits at 49.6. Quite some capital destruction.
How wrong was the call ?

The only truth is the tape.

On the other hand the DOW was at 25250 on 15/10/18.
It is now at 26182, a rise of 930 pts.

Moments to ponder




However, we are dealing with FTSE and that has dropped almost 5% since this time last year.

Banks have been particularly hit; BARC down 25%, RBS down 20% but LLOY is down about 18%. Basically, it has performed slightly better than its peers in its sector. It is probably the most efficient of the banks but because of the tightening of the rules its expansion to make money is now limited which I think is hitting the share price - I still makes a huge amount!

I for one was going to sell at 66p recently - my brain called it (as I’ve stated on here) but my heart overruled. I’m still getting the dividend (soon to be every 3 months) and I currently do not need to sell so I am still hoping (and preying) :wink:


What are you “preying” on?



Soul Man

I never posted the year :blush:


Clearly a slip of the finger…well, that is what I’ll tell the judge.