LLOYDS is going to FLY



I’ve got a lot riding on this crock now. This is due to me being convinced that this crock is not a crock at all by a post on another BB. It said that this crock is actually a money making machine and one of the strongest banks in Europe and therefore is far from being a crock.

Now I actually don’t believe that analysis, in fact I think that it is a load of crock. However, I deduce that there are enough people out there who are crocked up and really believe in this crock to make the SP rise again from here. That is really the only reason to hold long positions and shares in this crock.




Thats a harsh test of your patience, if dividends keep coming in.
I cant tell you whether divis will come.

Then its a better holding compared to govt. bonds.

So you could see a swell in 6 months. Funds could start holding more of LLOY.

Just wait it out now that youre already in.
Or average down depends on how you see it.


LOL Buns

Your dry wit will not be understood by many on here.




I know, I know, I’m just a prophet wandering in the wilderness, looking for profit.




You epitomise why people fail at this game. You need a trade plane which you never deviate from. It is a predetermined process: Clarity Commitment Composure.

Don’t interpret news

Don’t make the mistake of thinking events move markets

Don’t wait for confirmation

Don’t ask people of BB for their opinion

Stop thinking fundamentals mean anything

If you don’t know exactly where your stop is and where your exit is BEFORE you place your order, you are kidding yourself


At 66p every indicator, chart, financial, fundamental, macro, political & TA was not just shouting sell/short, they were screaming it.
Again when it dropped to 63.

49.7 now



I’m just about breaking even with LLOY (unlike VOD) and am about £1K up in dividends oniit. My shares aren’t about trading, they are about getting a good dividend as interest rates are so poor. I have dabbled in selling at the peak and buying back in the trough - it ended up more like buying at the peak and selling in the trough so I don’t do it that often. Other thing is, I don’t have the time to study charts etc or learn how to understand them either


Technical analysis is garbage - there’s so many books that everyone could pick winners if it was in anyway reliable.
I find it’s easy to panic when all stocks are falling - but look at how many times that has happened over the past few decades


Panic provides good shorting and buying at a discount opportunities.

TA is a set of tools which helps in maintaining a perspective of the market. It also assists self -discipline.

If you walk into any stock trading room in he world what will you see? Will there be people stood around sucking their fingers and holding them up trying to see which way the wind is blowing? No, they will be staring intently at interactive charts overlain with technical levels of this and that. As they will pretty much be reading the same book as each other they will react very much like each other. In that sense TA is like a Highway Code; everyone adheres to the same rules. and then creates a self- fulfilling prophecy.

That is the human side of it. In fact 70 +% of trades made on the market are executed by robots. They are programmed with preordained algorithms devised mostly by mathematicians and physicists. Many sets of data will be fed into these uch as reaction to volumes, predictable market key events, currency levels, peer comparisons, stochastics, etc. The designers will be acutely aware of the basis of support and resistance points in the historical market which are based fundamentally on Fibonacci levels. The robots don’t predict they react. The skill humans need to acquire from experience is how these computers will behave in any given set of current circumstances. To achieve such, a rudimentary grasp of TA is essential.

Of course one can just buy something when instinct says it looks cheap and wait a longish time for uplift and maybe gain divis along the way. There is nothing wrong with such a strategy for the long term investor. What is wrong is to say that TA is garbage. It is far from being that.


If you say so. Not

How come so many on here who do not use it have been wrong footed by LLOY and rely instead on blind faith.
Those who knock it generally have never put in the effort to learn and understand.




Fundamentals tell you what to buy/sell
Technical tells you when you buy/sell

If you ever bought and sold anything on a certain price, not just a share, you have unknowingly done same Technical Price Analysis.

If you know a stock too well you dont need a structured Technical Analysis or a software to tell you the entry point or holding limits.


That is true. Eventually experience allows most trades to be selected by “instinct”.

But there is a danger in this: its leads to ill discipline and laziness. In my case I feel I have strayed too far away from the constraints of TA. I plan to address this, especially with regard to index trading.

Trading in the stock markets is always hard work and there are no magic bullets. Anyone who thinks otherwise will not last long or do poorly. Ignoring the tools and knowledge which are available in this struggle is the behaviour of mugs.




Perhaps there’s some ambiguity regarding technical analysis.
Fro example, when I look at stocks, I consider the market cap, equity, profitability etc.
I never consider the moving averages, Fibonacci sequence or Bollinger bands, as they are nothing more than a mere guess.
If the stock market adhered to such rules and repetitive patterns, then everyone would be able to ‘predict’ the direction of a stock.


Suit yourself. If that works for you in the timescales you deal in, then fine.

But typical of many on these boards you seem to be unwilling to listen and to learn.




Nice assumption, very wrong however as I have read, researched and applied technical analyses - personally I feel it’s misleading when people try to sell a strategy ; if it worked well then no one would ever sell it.
Telling people to follow patterns under the mask of ‘strategy’ without an understanding of fundamentals is just wrong.
Go on to etoros board and watch all the people throwing technical nonsense around - they know how to apply the ‘strategy’ and their use of various chart functions is correct, but the large majority of them lose big time.
For what it’s worth, I’m suffering in the short term ; but I don’t expect a get quick rich scheme - I’m fortunate I have time on my side for my pension funds.


Shares go down… Share go back up :slight_smile:

Patience pays with shares

Only 1 Strategy I have :


Happy Bank Holiday’s Folks

Its a lovely English August day, the sun is out


Moving averages are a fact not a guess.
When the LLOY sp broke below 57p it was obvious that 50 p or lower would be seen.
Simply fresh air between 57 and 50.
Several posters stated such.

The TA debate could go on endlessly, some will not use it, that is fine as it allows those who do to profit.
It is complicated for sure and I am not a TA purist but do use some aspects of it for trading.



Not trying to put you on the spot too much but:-

What did your consideration tell you and what price did you enter Lloyd’s and why?


The attraction to Lloyds were:
High Profits
Good dividend
I’m a customer and believe they provide good services
Large customer base
Good reputation (for a bank!)

Nowadays, they seem very good value I.e. market cap to equity.

Worth noting they were the first share I bought at about 62p each! I’m probably about break even with the dividends I’ve received.

I’m aware all of this may change, but don’t yet consider this to by likely.

What was your attraction?


Funny similarities, they were my first share and more or less same reasons but I must admit I had more emotion than sound valuation. Plus I fell for the rampers.

I never appreciated the standing on the sidelines is best place to be until recently.

I don’t hold any shares, I do have some leveraged long positions though.