LLOYDS is going to FLY



They do adhere and behave to such patterns. If you had bought every 10 or 20% correction (last being 28th Dec), you would have stuffed the market, consistently. Avoiding holding anything from May to Labour Day would have hugely enhanced your returns. Realising, the fall in Sterling 1.45 to 1.076 couldn’t have reach a 50 Fib retrace was a big heads up on how weak Sterling was. These patterns do repeat themselves, but, it requires huge amounts of hard work, plus, an ability to follow a process. BT fundamentals look good, but, who cares when the stock has fallen 71% from 499p to 158p?

You should read “The Geometry of the Stock Market”

Long term just means you are pissing in the wind with no stop loss or trade plan


You are giving more importance to TA than most who use it. Fundamental vs Technical is always 80% vs 20%.

Fundamentals tell you if you should buy or sell anything (not just a stock)
Technical tells you which price you should buy or sell.

Have you bought a property or house ?
Buying a property is a fundamentally good thing to do, everyone agrees on it.
But when you went out to buy a property, did you not check its previously bought price ? and what other houses in the same area are priced at ?
Would you pay 100% over its prviously sold price within 2 years ? Would you buy a house which has been on market for 10 months and havent sold ?

Thats exactly what happened in central London
People sold houses at near to 100% value within 2years of owning them.
Those who bought without considering that fact, have since lost 20% on their houses.

Point is your brain does technical analysis all the time.
If it structured it could help you by reducing risks.


You said it was obvious that after 57p was broken, that 50p would be obvious.
If so, did you open a leveraged short position, make your millions and retire? If not, then it wasn’t very obvious! :slight_smile:


Finally I have someone on my side, you have the gift of writing good English… I struggle to put my points across… but I do have self belief that I will be a winner …


A duo of dunces therefore.




I’d argue that fundamentals tell you when to buy or sell.

I don’t agree with your housing analogy; House buying is too illiquid to compare to stocks, though of course, some parallels do exist.

And as I previously stated, TA seems to be a bit ambiguous; I’m referring to the placing of bets based on the repetition of ‘patterns’.

To quote Wikipedia ;
‘The efficacy of both technical and fundamental analysis is disputed by the efficient-market hypothesis which states that stock market prices are essentially unpredictable’

I’m aware that I can’t predict the stock market, but wish to invest in strong reliable companies that pay out a decent return.

Pretending, or worse, believing you can predict the near term price movements of a stock, without knowing any unreleased information, is simply foolish, or a fallacy.

Interesting question, I believe fundamentals make or break a company, which sometimes have a direct near term impact on the share price; can the share price impact the fundamentals of a company?


I wish you all the best


Don’t we all wish we was as clever as you hey… clever one liners and all that

Face to face discussions I would swipe you






To save soi some of his valuable time and brain power, I’ll answer for him this way:

soi is a very active trader in a range of instruments, often placing dozens of trades a day.

As I’m privvy to these on a daily basis (in real time) I can assure you that his LLOYDS trades have been very successful over a long period of time. Both of you would eat your hearts out to have such success.

But this is not a competition here. Both of you have now had the benefit of advice from four very experienced traders in the past few days and you choose to pour scorn on that.

So no hope really.




And I hope you are! All I want is the secret key to success ; who doesn’t?

I challenge people because I hope their justification gives a sound and logical approach that I may use myself.


The question was to SOI, stop being the hero and answering for him.

I’m hoping his answer will be insightful to me, and your comment is no help to anyone


Your question was an insult. If soi came on here and said I’m the bees knees and making shedloads of dosh clowns like you would react with disbelief and disapproval.

I told you just how it is. Period.




Anyone who bought LLOY in 60s
Have lost money

Whether they used Fundamentals or Technicals
That person has lost money since

If the game was how to lose money in Stock Market then I would respect everyone who is/has lost money - sadly it isnt.

Bad drivers cant blame the vehicle




The actual key to success or at least survival in the stock market is made up of hard work, experience, learning from mistakes, learning from winners and using all the tools which are available. That’s it.




I’m not going to apologize for offending you - clearly you are a remain voter.

SOI - I assure you I intend no offense in my questions, and I only seek a friendly and open discussion


LOL. Indeed I am a Remainiac. However, In this line of discussion all we have considered is stock market strategies and not a jot about Brexit.

Though as you admit that you are a Brexit supporter its clear that you’ll never be able to learn how to process information properly. Regardless is another, and look at the state of him!



Its “offence” by the way. Deary me.


I dont mind offending anyone who talks about Brexit
Remain or Leave -
All equally tossers


…as you are!



I did indeed short it quite heavily at 57 and in fact higher previously at 66p, when it was overbought and again at 63.

I did lose on about 4 longs on the day prior to Results, closing out around 55p ( entries around the 56 p mark if I recall correctly} as I realised they would be lower on and after results day.
I did also short it heavily on results day, from about 53 downwards.

For clarity though, the majority of my positions I place very tight auto limit closes so even when I get the direction right I do not benefit from the full move.
I just want a slice, not the whole cake.