LLOYDS is going to FLY



Exactly, it’s a risk vs reward scenario.

I once tried forex - I was quite successful with scalping and TA, but soon realised that one big loss can erase a days work.

In the end, I struggled to see it was any better than the Martingale strategy - after all, the odds on scalping are certainly against you!

But, if the market direction is obvious, the risk reduces and you can earn some good money.

Good luck - I might at some point steal your insights :slight_smile:


Incorrect my average Lloy is in the 60s

and when I post my sale it will be a good profit Thanks :wink:


Your BS will not cease I know that for a fact.
Besides you have a few drinks and come out swearing specifically at people.
I have witnessed both.

Do me a favour and keep your money and mouth to yourself.
Everyone can see how LLOY SP is doing.

Good bye


I hope in time that is the case.
However BA is correct, anyone who bought in the 60s has lost. Even if they have not sold.
You bought a chunk at 65, proudly declaring it here and casting scorn on anyone who did not agree.

The lost opportunity cost of having that capital tied up is immense. It could have been making profits elsewhere. Emotion entered investment, that is obvious, a bad flaw.




SBK is indeed clever and good with one liners. Perhaps the best on this board.
He can also go far deeper in to debate.

Whether you agree or not he puts his points across very clearly when needed.

I feel you have chosen an unfortunate use of words in your second sentence.
It is close to going beyond some light banter. SBK would win hands down anyway.
Give that some thought.




Good to see that, as Boris would say, you are “on message”!

Can you remember the time when on the old iii boards there used to be a really useful exchange of market ideas and information? There was banter and some fools here and there but also many excellent posters. With the calamitous change to the new format very many of them decamped which was a great shame. The Brexit morass has also caused degeneration.

But these are the waters in which we swim. It is however annoying that when one does try and offer some assistance to those with L plates and they cock a snook at it.




I am looking for 80p plus Blackadder in the meantime happy to pick up my £20,000 annual Dividend before she bounces back


MacB might (will) disagree with you there. I disagree even if he doesn’t.


It’s a fact - you can’t predict it, the stock market is unpredictable!

To say it is anything other means you will win 100% of trades.


I don’t think it does mean that.

You genuinely think it is random and therefore almost impossible to achieve better than a 50% success rate on trades?


S V S…
Couple of weeks on looks like it was about bonds they were placing adversary clients in.
Nothing to do with shares.
F T Report over weekend.


That’s OK then @Ripley94… nothing to worry about then maybe… after their VAT scam and now their Bond scam… and the company is in Administration… but you might be lucky and they did segregate client cash/holdings.


I also disagree.
With the use of your exclamation mark, you also are becoming emotional, a flaw.

One cannot win 100% of trades, true enough, you just have to ensure you win a small majority of them.
In fact there are some traders who win on a minority of their trades yet consistently make money overall.
Do you understand how that can be done ?



You predicted 80p would be seen soon about a year back but gave no reasons for what might drive the price there. Soon to me is days, weeks at most.
You also predicted 100p + when the sp was about 66p.

LLOY is not a “she”. Emotion again



A £20,000 dividend is huge. I thought you recently said you had 400,000 shares.



Annual dividend on 400 K shares is 12.8 K, not 20 K.

Even on 500K it is 16 K.

The current loss on your 400K purchase is 64,0000.



Yes, but if he’d have invested elsewhere he’d probably have made a larger loss… so it’s a gain really.

A loss is a gain… think Brexit.


No, its a gelding.




Hopefully things might be looking up?!

UK consumers borrow more in July.
Banks approved 95,126 mortgages last month, the highest July number in a decade, taking total amount borrowed to £26.1bn, up 2.9% on July 2018, according to industry body UK Finance.

Credit card spending climbed 8.2% to £12bn, its highest level on record. Repayments also hit a record high showing that consumers are managing their finances effectively, UK Finance said.

The amount borrowed through loans climbed 9.3% and overdraft borrowing was up 1.7% compared to July last year.


Just popped up from the cellar now there is a break in the Ashes, and felt the need to add a different perspective to the variety of strategies emerging in this thread. Personally I am pretty lazy, and like to find the most efficient route to whatever it is I want. I cannot be bothered staring into screens on a daily basis, but do listen to and absorb the various forces in the world and try to identify major inflexion points that might affect a stock. Company fundamentals, economy trends, historical trading patterns, sentiment, all combine into short term and long term movements. Being lazy, I am only interested in longer term movements, the ebullient aspects of life being of more interest short term. However, longer term positions are at higher risk of unexpected events (UXE) popping up in this dynamic world of ours, as well as creeping sentiment change. I have learnt through previous failures that I should set a timeframe that terminates near a fixed event, like end of year results, and tolerate a fairly broad range of temporary loss, but also to jump in and end things if a UXE explodes. I have also learnt to end things at the pre determined termination date and not let things drift. If it looks like a momentum stock then I start a new time framed position. I am still weaning myself off the occasional short term unresearched emotionally led dabble. Even this strategy takes some work, I can only manage about 10 positions at a time, I read company reports and listen to the analyst Q&A session, I read copiously, and I still get some wrong. In a market where there are lots of risks I withdraw to the cellar. Patience is a virtue, sitting on cash is a virtue. Enjoying life is a must - you only get one.

For LLOY, the sentiment around Brexit will likely keep a low ceiling on the stock till either we delay (temporary relief till the next milestone) or we fall out (immediate sentiment hit) - it should be known in October. The final applications for PPI are likely to be numerous, some numbers may be available in October. In the meantime, profit will still roll in, but is not likely to transfer to significantly raised dividends in May or an increase in future growth. For the short termers - I have no idea! I can only see Ashes, Rugby world cup, then a November re-assessment.