LLOYDS is going to FLY



Not sure what to make of that reply Westlock.
I thought the debate here was over safety of shares and if it was safe using smaller brokers ?
If the requirement to segregate was checked on by regulators .
I am reading from the likes of muddy waters USA much better , and you would be less likely to get away with this sort of behaviour there.
Ill be looking at USA based brokers .


Still time to get your snouts in the trough for free:

You know it makes sense.




I was just replying to your comment on SVS:
“Couple of weeks on looks like it was about bonds they were placing adversary clients in.
Nothing to do with shares.”

I’m not sure why you added “Nothing to do with shares” as if that all of a sudden makes it OK.

I’ve very clearly been saying that large or small (and not all Broker failures have been small), you have little likelihood of being able to find out in advance if senior figures in a Broker you use are engaging in fraud or other criminal matters or not… no matter what country they are incorporated in.

When the shit hits the fan, your only guaranteed protection is that which the Regulator makes available in a pot… so if you choose a Broker that doesn’t have the appropriate regulatory status and isn’t covered or if you exceed the guaranteed limit that the regulator would pay out then you are exposing your hard earned wad to unnecessary risk.


Flying today. Up over 1% and stumbled over the 50p mark. Let’s hope it stays over that level. Clearly it will rocket tomorrow in response to the PPI cut-off :wink:


It got vertigo and failed yet again at the 50p mark.

Predictable as clockwork.



I’ve lost the link but earlier I was reading about a court case the outcome of which said that claims could be made after the deadline. Probably forever.

Anyway LLOYDS is going no where fast.




There was something I read in the Telegraph about that… a recent court case, as you say, that could mean that the FCA arbitrary deadline isn’t enforceable should someone make a claim in the future… which, of course, is exactly how it should be.

And the claims industry isn’t ending yet… we now move on to… the mis-selling of “packaged” accounts where bank accounts that offered “free” travel or phone insurance, car breakdown cover, and other “benefits” for an ongoing fee… didn’t do diligent checks on whether they were suitable for the customer.


Lloyds Dividend in 10 days

Hopefully I be topping up at today’s prices



This hasn’t had much of an impact on the sp. Only normal fluctuation this morning. There may be sone built in risk if Brexit causes a downturn in the UK economy.


Frog in a tree


Down 1.5 % in an hour.

Flying down again.



Looks like I spoke too soon. Might be a good entry point for risk-takers? Not for me today!



Now down 2 % today.

I have closed several shorts and added several longs.
Risky as it is very hard to tell where the floor might be.

Yesterday s rise was just what is normally called a dead cat bounce.
Or in the case of LLOY dead donkey bounce.




Well Done Soul Man :slight_smile:


The markets/currency are all over the place ATM due to the uncertainty over Brexit and possible/probable GE. This is having an impact on ALL the banks and its not that LLOY is a bad ship - opposite really.

As much as I agree with soi I’m also with regardless over it being a long term bet. At some point and it may be way way in the future, love will come back to banks! (everything crossed!!!) Then we will see 60p again lol I still believe this is an 80p sp stock. When, I have no idea anymore.



As long as you understand why Lloyds is 49p today there is no need to worry

I accept Lloyds is going nowhere short term, due to politics, so happy to sit my hands.

The share portfolio is taking battering

Lloyds today is paying a good Dividend so I don’t need to sell or trade for that matter


My portfolio is doing very well currently due to the Brexit devaluation. The reason is that I am well diversified with plenty of FTSE100 internationally trading companies and investments in European and Asian equities.

Swings and roundabouts.


Frog in a tree


I guess a 25% fall in SP in 4 months is worth it for your divi.



LLOY down 1.86 %

BARC down 0.89 %

HSBA down 0.06 %.

Who is the ugly duckling ?

LLOY is not a good ship, it is riddled with holes.

So many failings.



I see you missed off RBS and CYBG which are either similar fallers or worse. These two are more like LLOY than BARC and HSBA. Never let detail get in the way of your take on things :wink: