LLOYDS is going to FLY



That’s good… at least you are in good company in losing your money. Ever considered putting money into something else?


What do you think I am stupid. Of course I put my money in other stocks - VOD. Ahhh!, I see you point :wink:


Hi westlock

I am looking for a regular income from my investments

Market fluctuations is part and parcel when investing direct on the stock market

Shares go down share go back up as long as I receive regular income I can wait for my £1 here :slight_smile:


I hope for you that it does go back up in the coming months/years.



I did miss those off, but only because I had written them off as unviable ages ago.

I have traded RBS just once, CYBG never.
I really do not look at them.

It is simply BARC, HSBA and LLOY that I follow and trade.
I still think that the banking sector generally is a high risk arena.
Shorting LLOY has been very fruitful though.


Needed if invested in LLOY.

I think HSBA the better bet. IMO. No holding. No bias.



I tend not to comment very often… partly because I’m so frequently wrong. I did say I very much doubted anything sub 55 unless a genuine, real prospect of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Clearly my judgement of the political situation was completely misguided - politics vs money; what the hell do know?

I understand you are a trader, I’ve worked with a few, 10 seconds is a long time horizon. Who do I want executing my ED3s in Chicago, me or someone on the pulse? Not my point.

Worst case… it can always go lower but, my pockets no where near as deep as Regardless, but I can still wait with this dividend. LLOY is not going bankrupt, there is F*all growth but, in a near 0% cash return environment I too can see the (limited) attraction.

Barclays? RBS(???), HSBC(rock solid but so, so boring).

ITDYA, thinking it’s a bit of a no growth dog but a dog with a long life


By the way… does anyone still remember the old iii discussion boards where you were allowed to retort and ask questions? LHK at his best(worst?). I miss those day so… it probably won’t be as good as TET but read the last 3 sets of results from MBH.

Maybe I am alone as a guy who buys and holds, dragging the stop loss up behind.

ITDYA, on my own with MBH so any comment, good/bad will always be listened to.


At least grabbing the Tesco mortgage book is an attempt at growth by LLOY.

As I have been saying for a while on these threads, there is little obvious chance of growth for Uk-centric banks in times to come - no investment because of brexit (unless we somehow miraculously Remain, that will continue for years and years to come). Uncertainty tends to hit mortgages just as much as business investment.

Continued low interest rates, retail banks bread and butter. A harsh regulatory environment cutting back on banks earnings through various legislations.

So, at least LLOY have made an aggressive move to grab some extra business. We can assume they’ve done due diligence after recent debacles with mortgages.

Is it enough? No, nowhere near. It is at least a sign of intelligent life on the board though.

By the way, I agree with @soi, why would anyone include RBS or CYBG when talking about investments in UK banking sector? Just not viable, as he said. Worryingly @skiking37 hit the nail on the head when they said they were more like LLOY than HSBA or BARC. True. Which is the worrying thing for LLOY holders.


LLOY flying again, downwards.

For what is one of the largest FTSE 100 companies to be down by 1.5 % in an hour is quite some achievement.
Down by more than double compared to BARC,
HSBA holding it s own, for obvious reasons.




Flying again, down 2 %.

Increase in provisions and cancellation/suspension of buy back.

What a pile of junk this is.




Nasty hit on my positions this morning. But I should be quids in when my PPI claims roll in.

I’m now thinking will I also be able to claim against the banks for the negative effects on my my longs and shareholdings caused by PPI mis-selling? Its a thought.




Dividend on Friday

Bargains galore folks


Now down only 0.6%. I hope you made a good profit on the bounce back Soi.




I did OK thanks. I was very confident it would bounce back

Struggling with DOW & FTSE though.

Taken profits but have some poor positions.

I need FTSE up.

Tough business.




You may get your wish for a lower FTSE if Johnson rachets up the threat of no deal again.

Meanwhile, there seems a degree of unwarranted optimism that the UK will avoid recession with the data released today. With GDP growth at zero I am not so optimistic. I also think Brexit related stockpiling is likely to be giving a false impression of the underlying position.


Frog in a tree


Panic and Fear rules .
And what do the “Old &Wise” do now ?


If there is a Brexit under a deal, assuming its the right deal, there will be an in-rush of investment monies that have been waiting on the side-lines. That will give some artificial support initially.

If the deal is a Norway type deal, which means that everything stays pretty much the same except we have no say in EU decision making, I think the post-Brexit damage would be less than the pre-Brexit damage already caused.

A Norway type deal means continued freedom of movement and is essentially a failure for most Leavers, so is unlikely to happen, even though it means the UK can chase after its own trade deals. It could happen after Johnson today admitted that No Deal would be a failure. So would a Norway deal, imho, but far less damaging. Remain is the obvious way to go if there has to be a decision by 31 Oct.


Following the “logic” of Cummings having got Johnson to sack the Remain/soft deal backing Tory MPs the next move could be to settle for an all Ireland Backstop only. This would mean big opposition from the DUP. But so what? I doubt if Johnson or Cummings give a fig for Northern Ireland. The the ERG MPs would also play up but has we know Cummings hates them as being “narcissists and fantasists” so would be happy for Johnson to replace them also with Johnson supporters. Once that is done Johnson will go for a general election with a “united” Johnsonsonian Conservative candidate list and having delivered Brexit.

As Cummings said last week the cull of MPs who voted against Johnson was “only the beginning”.

On the other hand they could be just making it up as they go along.

Oh, and as this is the LLOY fliers thread: a Brexit with a good “deal” would be good for the SP. No Brexit at all would see it rocket.




After Johnson’s meeting with the Irish premier today it is still clear that he has no proposal for a deal whatsoever. Despite him saying that No Deal would be a failure of state-craft etc, I believe it is what he is aiming for and has been since taking power.

Will he break the law and take us out of the EU? He says so because anything else would be a failure of democracy. What a stupid thing to say when confirming he will willingly over-turn the democratic process himself to support a referendum which has no history in UK parliamentary convention .

The French are also saying they will not support an extension for 3 another months (I can’t blame them), although something sensible like 2 years they probably would support. So would I at this stage.


Hi Eadwig,

So far, you’ve been about spot on from day 1 as to how this protracted folly may play out. As we stand, No Deal remains a real risk. It seems that hardcore Brexiteers in government will be employing all sorts of legal trickery at their disposal to subvert the law.

Harking back to a comment I made on BW3 over the w/end, reports suggest that Johnson may simply resort to p1ssing off the EU as much as possible, hoping that at least one EU leader has quite enough. Mindful that the longer this impasse drags on, the more it costs both sides to stay stuck in Brexit limbo. If reports are accurate, Macron’s patience particularly seems to be near breaking point. This is an example of the kind of behaviour the PM might display. - Regards.

“Send a second letter to the EU. This is being considered as an option and has been briefed to papers: when Johnson is obliged to formally seek a Brexit extension, he attaches a second letter saying, in effect: “Ignore the request – we don’t want it.” This would seem unlikely to go down well with EU leaders, and would be seen to go completely against the spirit of the law.”