LLOYDS is going to FLY



Not quite.

Guy Verhofstadt, the European parliament’s Brexit negotiator, said: “Le Drian is right: yet another extension for Brexit is unacceptable, unless the deadlock in London is broken. Let it be a second referendum, new elections, a revocation of Article 50 or the approval of the deal, but not today’s helpless status quo.”

So… the forthcoming GE will be used as the reason for the extension.


The Referendum was officially merely “advisory”.

An extension of a year with a second and binding Referendum at the end of it would be excellent. This could happen if a way to get rid of Johnson was found.

By then another half a million Leaver corpses will have flowed under the bridge, taking the grand total to 2.5 million and all having been replaced by young, new Remain supporting electors.

That’s what I call democracy.




That would also be against the law.


Whilst I believe that Remain supporters are in a narrow majority, I am wary of believing that the demise of elderly Brexit voters will be a determining factor in any future votes. There is something of a tendency for people to get more right wing as they age and not all young voters are Remain supporting. Thus, dead Brexit voters will be partially replaced. Additionally, you only have to look at Sajid Khan’s and Johnson’s spending proposals to see that they are tilted in the favour of older voters. Its going to be tight for a long time. What might make a significant difference in any future election or referendum would be if young voters turned out in greater numbers than usual.

At the moment we are seeing the pro-Brexit vote increasingly unifying under the Tory banner whereas the Remain vote is very split.

We shall see.

Frog in a tree


The tipping point for decline into Brexit supporting will have moved up. The percentage of Leavers under 50 is small. The oldest (wartime) generation is the most pro Brexit and they are the first going out of the door. The 24 and under new voters are 80+% Remain. This all would translate into a Remain win in another Referendum, particularly as also sensible middle -aged voters now know what a disaster Brexit would be.

However, as things stand with a General Election coming first that is a different matter. The polls are showing a big Johnson lead over Corbyn. This may not turn out as the polls suggest however, as with the 2017 election and much depends on the young vote turning out (Corbyn being more popular with them). If there is a November election the Universities will be fully back in action and this could be a factor. Apparently Johnson is not popular with middle aged women because they can see through him. Another factor is the accident proneness of Johnson.

The ideal outcome of the General Election would be a hung Parliament with a tiny Labour + others majority. Then a Referendum would be a certainty.




But it is still split with the Brexit Party and that group is very volatile. It takes its instructions from Farage. The moderate Tory vote though will be draining away to the Lib Dems. The Scottish Tory vote will have been severely damaged recently. So things are far from clear cut.




SOI- When were the increased provisions and cancellation of buyback announced?

Seemed to have missed it?



This morning

Have already posted but just in case you missed it

A poster here was actually ahead of the RNS, posted earlier




SOI-Thanks I had just found it.

Interesting rebound back over 50p considering this news from early morning fall.

I bet this is a great share for you as i’ve been following the trends over the last few weeks low 49p to just over 50p. Actually managed to turn my £20k NON ISA shares held to ISA at a profit after costs.

Now need to do again for wife.



You are welcome.

Something I have noticed over the years is that when there is bad news, as in this case the market almost always over reacts to the downside.
As it also over reacts on good news to the upside.

Whether investor or trader, it is not easy.

Decent close for LLOY




The market is telling us that giving money away to PPI claimants is seen as a better use of shareholder cash than buying back LLOY shares. Interesting.


Or buying your shares back is a waste of time


I thought the rise was down to Boris & Varadkar talks.


…perhaps Eadwig was making a joke?



Yep, your right. It’s been a long day.



Thanks, yes it is a good trading share for me, my favourite.
Yesterday a good day, closed 3 shorts and 6 longs, 9 closing trades in a day all profitable ( I work ultra tight % )
Glad you have also improved your holding, it takes some effort. Well Done.

LLOY had a spike up today. I am not sure it will hold.
Time will tell.




Lloyds Dividend payments on Friday

Going to be interesting to see the price we have to pay here :wink:


LLOY is having a good day, up over 1.5 % currently.

BARC up 3.4 %

HSBA which has been a reasonably steady performer only up 0.23 %

At time of posting and using IG prices.



I see LLOY is up 2.89%. Any theories as to why? The economic data released today was what was expected with mixed positive and negative data. So what is it? Possibly related to the difficulties that Johnson is having with his “no deal” strategy? Or the chaos of his administration? Or the suggestion that his next move might be to resign?

Any ideas? BARC also seems to be doing very well today.


Frog in a tree


I don’t care. I’m back in the black :grin:

It’s not what I was expecting. Buy back suspended, big new provision for PPI which, tbh, was known about over the weekend and there was a knee jerk reaction with the SP y/day morning (much to some peoples pleasure :wink: ). A little baffled why the big increase unless the market were expecting a bigger provision for PPI ?