LLOYDS is going to FLY



Surely, I was not the only one that’s was not getting excited with last weeks rise to 55p ?

Just another Dead Cat Bounce

Nothing to see here, until we depart Europe or another referendum / cancel leaving

OK off now to enjoy living the dream, driving around the countryside with the better half… Mobile Phones etc are Banned …

I am on my time now no more wasting my life looking at share prices like I did when working :slight_smile:



The Future.
Very well presented Fellas.
However…WE were discussing BREXIT and its resolution in regard to the B.J. direction
AND …. It’s only one way with him… " O U T "
AND ….As Brits we will march on with a stiff upper lip.
AND ….Lloyds will make a fortune selling travel insurance ….tongue in cheek



Happy days ……Yes
Driving around the country with the better half…You have it all.
A time of relaxation … when mobile phones etc are banned.
How about reading …in a quiet lounge perchance for relaxation ?.. if so ….and you can find it…a book I wrote many long years ago ( in another world )" THE SUPERLIST…I spy alone" You may enjoy it.
Yes ….our values do change



I been around a while with shares, sometimes you just got to enjoy the ride and wait for the good times to roll back…

I am happy to enjoy life and pick up the dividends … no pressure to sell any shares today




Sounds great! With your more patient investor’s approach & little likely to change anytime soon on a macro-level, I think you have the right idea. Life’s so short & now you’ve finished employment, nothing seems better than to enjoy it as much as you can. You’ve certainly earned it.

In future I plan to live just 1 year without mobile phones, no TV or internet access. Just occasionally tune into the radio to keep in touch with world events. But otherwise to live a life focused only on my immediate reality, which will also include lots of travel. That’s a promise to myself & something I intend doing in a few years time. - All the best!


Honestly most nights now I am in bed by 9.30pm listening to 5 live or Talk Sport or BBC Essex

Not spent any Dividend money yet, I’ve already built up a nice nest egg , so no rushing around topping up, todays portfolio will hopefully pay me 15k to 20k a year based on a 5% to 6% Annual Yield return in dividends


You’ll miss a mobile phone and the internet if you’re doing lots of travel these days! Good luck. I did it myself for years - except I maintained occasional internet access to check on shares and business when stopping in hotels for the night. Back in the days when GBP was worth something.


Hi Eadwig,

I agree. It’d be wholly impractical to do something like that, even for only 1 year as mentioned, if I’m still heavily involved in markets. Especially so with leverage if trades still active. Hence I’m looking at such a period being a few years away. Any loose ends in markets would have to be tied-up before I proceed. Maybe just keep some divi-paying real shares.

I’m really looking at it from the point of view of a kind of much-needed spiritual cleansing. Hence even making a pledge to myself.

I feel that there have been far too many time-consuming distractions in my life due to technology &, with it, preoccupations with materialistic & financial concerns that, overall, have added little of value to my life bar financial gain with real shares.

When I’m away & on the road (mind, I won’t be travelling for the entire year), I’ll rely solely on radio & traditional newspapers for keeping in touch with world affairs. The only compromise: a Kindle when travelling as the scope of that is fairly limited. It’s tantamount to taking along x-amount of books, but still travelling lightly. - Regards.



We arriving at that junction in life mate

wellbeing and good health is not a given , so make sure you have no debts add stable income and what more does one want in life :slight_smile:

keep it simple and life is cheap to live

I was only driving around Norfolk at the weekend :slight_smile: lovely


At the close it was nearly 2 % down. yep, flying

I think 53 fails to hold.




I nearly shorted it soi, safer to wait and go long if it dips I think.


If this the best the market can chuck at us

I am predicting a Merry 2020 here

Watch this space fellow Black BEAUTY investors


I bring good news for LLOY
for once

Its going to get really difficult to keep USD low now
That will be positive for LLOY

I think future DIVI might be lower


You know we go back son :wink:


52.99 close.



We would like to send you the mentioned book as a gift to read in the relaxation of your travels… BUT in giving your address on this" circus " your confidentiality would be seriously compromised. However, there is always " Amazon .com.books" “Kindle” free on Prime ……if interested.
Enjoy your “moments” in real life.
PS send out a signal if you ever come near Monaco./ Port.


Well it is flying today.

I thought it might soften after the Fed cut but seems the statement that the next US cut would require a “higher bar” has made the market think the next cut will be some time off.
UK banks doing well.

Interesting reaction



No doubt today’s rise gives you a good opportunity for shorting.




Yes it does. So far today I have closed 4 longs and part closed another 4 longs.
I am unsure whether the rise will hold, maybe it will.
Always a tough call.
Currently net short. Have both longs and shorts in.
Bit wrong with the shorts.

Such is life.




Lloyd’s is doing the two step forward and one step back dance… looking likely 55p next to be breached IMHO

Ok going for a countryside drive… roads cleared from commuters… weather sunny…

Bye bye bye