LLOYDS is going to FLY



I wont short LLOY at this moment

Currency play here, nothing to do with LLOY itself but rising USD will be good for LLOY SP

lets see how it settles after next divi


Doubt it, might do it temporarily to fill a gap.
Back below 54 soon enough.



Turning Bullish and looking likely to see 60p sooner than later now

Next 6 months going to be interesting here with Lloyd’s quarterly dividends kicking off in 2020


Let’s hope they haven’t been taking on riskier clients as competition in the UK market has increased.


competition is through the roof

LLOY is a safe bet for big insurance companies, bond players and the dodgy elite money - their old structure will only last another 5 odd years.

To stop and break the likes of N26 and others new fintech banks - LLOY need to do a lot - and that’s getting very difficult

Tides have turned and conventional banks are unlikely to gain more customers.

Buying secondary customers through debt books will not be sufficient.


if LLOY spend to grow it will cut their profit

That’s what was wrong about their Share Buy Back.
They should have invested and diversified and acquired when they could instead of buy-back accounting trick.

Valuations of fintech banks are so high now, all in PE hands - so if they do want to acquire now it will be very expensive affair

Could very well hit their future Divi


Lloyds Banking Group is like a Leviathan

She moves slowly

The tide is turning IMHO


This isnt hindsight
I did say this over a year ago

LLOY represents dying filthy elite rich institutions - not growing customers

Hence htey bought secondary customers off others


I did say it was overbought when it was 72, repeated at 66 and 63.1.

The most loved private investor s share.

I doubt even 10 % of those invested in it can actually understand the accounts.



Don’t forget that the board have a load of stock between them … so I think your 10% estimate might be rather high.


Positive noises in the news, relatively, towards a deal surrounding Brexit. Expect LLOY and other UK-centric shares to go up, also GBP.

Its all about customs checks which |I’ve always thought is a red herring.

What about passport checks? No border means that the UK will have to take on the EU’s immigration policy which is a strange way to ‘take back control’ and makes a liar out of every politician whoever uttered those words about ‘borders’.



But you’ll know that they can increase profits in other ways than just increasing customers. LLOY is very much a barometer of UK’s economy & housing markets. If you bet against LLOY recovering post-Brexit, you’re also betting against UK PLC &, most probably, many UK-centric stocks.

If UK’s economy enters a sharper, longer recession, according to the BoE’s report their greatest concern is that many Challenger banks will go bust during such a downturn, not established banking giants.

Interest rates have been kept at historic lows for about a decade. That’s also curbed profits for banks. I’d be willing to bet that won’t always so in future. - Regards.


I think for people travelling that the Common Travel Area (CTA) between UK and Ireland will still be in force. I haven’t heard of it disappearing.
That agreement is far older than the EU and adapts over tine.

Effectively, that means people travelling between NI and Ireland won’t be subject to checks but that flights / ferries in/out will be.


When Lloyd’s goes above 80p again

I going to be one of those filthy elite rich people he talking about :slight_smile:

Bring it on Buster and everyone is a winner


Or maybe how the Retail Banking sector and Lloyds specifically performs during a downturn in the UK mortgage market.


LLOY is a barometer of UK Economy

Then the nature of slow down or rate of recession is pointless.

If all else will implode and only LLOY will be last bank standing
Thats not a growth or bull scenario

Most you can say it wont go down, so why invest beyond divi date :confused:

I can tell you more ways LLOY SP will indirectly see upward movement - which has nothing to do with LLOY performance and it already has for 2 days since I said it will go up.

But we all know thats purely exogenous to LLOY’s own performance


Or when it goes down to 15p… you might be back working again!


15p and a stopped Dividend

I reckon your be right there

Back to the grind stone for me sadly

No office Working too much politics a,driving Job

Never say never but go go Lloyd’s


Not to turn this into a Brexit thread, but that’s my point, @J_Westlock. Those entering Eire will do so on rules laid down by the EU. They can then cross into part of the UK, I.e. N.I., with no checks whatsoever.

Will there be rigorous immigration control when people cross from Ireland into mainland UK? My understanding is that I.D. is required, but it is far more to do with security than immigration control and therefore has different aims and checks, perhaps.

As you say, this has always been the case and the policy of Leavers and Remainers alike. So how can this rubbish about ‘taking back control of our borders’ be anything but guff? I’ve always been frustrated that those who talked about ‘taking back control’ were never pinned more to answer the question.

Anyway, LLOY up so far today 2%, presumably on this ‘positive’ feeling surrounding a Brexit deal, as I predicted before the open above. I also predict it will reverse when it becomes clear that Johnson isn’t in fact looking for a deal this side of 31st October, and has, for me, clearly decided to negotiate after crashing out with No Deal, despite the damage that will do.

Still, Cameron is making millions over his decision as he does the rounds selling his book, so that’s ok then.


It may not be millions for Cameron. The book sales are reported to be modest.