LLOYDS is going to FLY



That feeling when, having veered off the main runway a while back, your plane leaves the taxiway and heads for the perimeter fence (bottom red) but fellow passengers tell you that this happens from time to time and it’s a really good airline……


FTSE 100 going to open -0.85% down. Easy strategy, run the stops. It’s not rocket science.


Duff call from me. Maybe this is it. The train’s leaving the station.


Boyobach its nothing to do with fundamentals and all to do with a US professional shorter. He declared his strategy recently and is using uncertainty to drive the price of banks down so he can make money shorting. Hopefully brexit will get resolved soon ( wishful thinking) and he will lose loads of money as the SP bounces up to 65p


Nice story - got a link for it?
I’d like to join him just as soon as the lift arrives at his floor!


Hi Boyobach

Eisman, he is not going to lose, too clever.




It is flying, downwards, close sub 51 yesterday.

I think it will tick back up a bit.





Eisman never loses, remember Top Gun (Iceman)?

“Are you wondering who the best of the best is”?

“I lost that loving feeling” (with Lloyds)

“Can I be your wingman”

Trading is exactly the same. It is psychological warfare. There are winners and losers. You need to develop a sniper mentality and patiently wait for your best shot. For me the volatility of this market does not make it “a target rich opportunity”. Trading is a bit like farting - if you have to force it, it is likely to be sh1t.

OK, Enough now. I am an 80’s kid


main thing to remember
in a complete market sell off
LLOY Beta is 0.5311


Sub 50p , This has 46p written allover it.


A Little Christmas Present to me :slight_smile:

Bought 4000 at 49.80p

Never in a million years, I thought I be topping up so low again here with Lloyds


Welcome back.

Your LLOY sp views always interesting.




Hi Soi mate, never went anywhere, Just some people like to post lies about bans and stuff…makes them feel special I suppose :wink:


I thought Soul Man was talking to me … Hahahaha


Hi regardless

I had aimed my post at broadmoor but did not include his username in my post so understand.

Welcome Back to you too fella.

Hope your top up works, I actually added a long at near identical level.

Markets very volatile though.





I have already added 3 long positions sub 50. 49.93/49.77/49.63
Maybe wrong.

Some support at 48.69 then at 46.52.

Not a problem to hold to those levels if necessary.

Would prefer to scalp close today if possible though.




Hi @regardless

As per a previous post Ive been expecting to see Lloyds in the 40s for a while now. After the 2016 referendum it got down to about 47.5 I think. I see it has recovered to just over 50 now.

Guessing just the dividends from the regardless pension fund must be worth £15,000+ a year by now ?. Much better than an annuity IMHO, so long as nothing horrible happens to Lloyds !!!

Best of luck as usual.




All those long entries plus an extra one closed.

Placed a couple of shorts, could be wrong.




The PA is horrible. I just think it is easier to average up, rather than catch a falling piano. Many people have spent a year now coming up with all sorts of efficacious arguments on why this is cheap. As you would say - the tape never lies.


Part of my story why I am here with Lloyds banking group if lloyds does go bust we all going bust the whole of the UK

Correct Pref, Dividend alone here, I could now live on comfortablely especially I don’t have a mortgage or rent to pay