LLOYDS is going to FLY



Very worrying report out of USA on vaping last week - lost among brexit bollocks news.

Evidence of all kinds of lung damage now people have been doing it a few years but I didn’t hear much detail. I tried it but didn’t keep it up partially because it seemed to me that all these ‘flavours’ etc were unlikely to have been tested in your lungs for any length of time.

Plus, it also became clear to me at that time that I wasn’t just addicted to nicotine. There are other additives in cigs I was craving if I only vaped.

If i wasn’t buying cigs cheap in Poland and hauling a load back with me several times a year I think UK price would have forced me to give up by now. Perhaps Brexit could have a silver lining after all.



Too late now as the damage by smoking and excessive drinking has been done.

Stopping smoking and excessive drinking is immediately good for your health and well being but your genes are a just a tricking bomb waiting for the trigger to develop liver failure or cancer.

Enjoy your retirement now and spend all your income and up to 5% of capital each year. Smoke and drink as a treat rather than as a habit.


Factoid to encourage you @regardless. Stop smoking now and in 15 years your cancer risk is the same as someone who never smoked.


Livers are the one organ that does actually repair itself given a chance.


Well that’s what the experts say … the Liver repairs its self within 48 hours

So make sure you have a few days break if you have a heavy session that is

Going back to vaping, they still say vaping is still 95% better for you than smoking


Mmm… not sure about that… you might be referring to reducing the risk of a heart attack induced by smoking there which I remember the NHS saying.
Lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are big killers.
Certainly we are better off stopping for sure.


Hi All, Well you don’t get this sort of discussion over on the Lemon Fool!. If you posted this kind of stuff or even post legitimate stuff on the wrong board it would just get deleted by the moderators !. The LF system works well for tight on topic discussions but I do find it a bit limiting on occasion. I confess I miss the freedom of being able to post about just about anything, as I quite frequently feel the need to do. So I am planning a limited return here…hope that’s OK with everyone.

Better keep of the smoking and vaping regardless, or is dying of lung disease better than dying of lung cancer ?. My vice is drinking, I have never smoked. I’ve fumed quite a few times over my investments but never actually caught fire. I guess I have about 20 units a week which is a bit more than the permitted 14. My brother used to have heart problems, his heart specialist told him that drinking whisky was like “putting bleach down your drains”. Well my drains must be pretty clear I guess, not so sure about my liver – though my annual blood tests are all OK.




Skin is an organ isn’t it.


Hi @swamp_rat, Well skin goes wrong too. Especially if you had too much sun exposure in your youth as I did. Ive had one BCC surgically removed and about 3 lots of actinic keratosis (pre cancerous formation) frozen off.

Red coloured spots aren’t too much of a worry, they grow slowly into a BCC or an SCC and there’s plenty of time to treat them - it’s the black ones (melanoma) that kill you. Factor 50 and a hat for me most of the time nowadays, every bit of UV is additive…

Just shouldn’t have done all that sun bathing in my teens !.




The NHS is.

Stopping smoking is going to help you live longer. The longer you live the better chance you have of getting cancer.


Show me the NHS link saying: “Stop smoking now and in 15 years your cancer risk is the same as someone who never smoked.”

I just took a look and I see one saying similar to what I said:
“Risk of heart attack falls to the same as someone who has never smoked.”


Hi @PrefInvestor1, I was just thinking skin was an organ that could repair itself along with the liver. I dont know if I’m right or not though.


I can’t find it but I have read it previously. Maybe its been removed because it is just a statistical construction, but it was being used as a motivator for people to stop smoking, so I think its fair, even if fairly meaningless. The fact is the chances of anyone getting cancer these days is much greater than it ever was due to living longer.

Heart attack isn’t cancer, by the way. You’ve got confused there.


You can’t find it as you got it wrong.

I also never said that a heart attack was cancer… I was showing you how you got confused.


It is referred to as an organ these days, the body’s largest. The fact remains that the liver does repair itself in ways that the lungs, kidneys heart etc cannot do.

That doesn’t mean if you damage your liver through E.g. sclerosis or hepatitis that scar tissue doesn’t remain and that the liver somehow is magically restored to 100% health simply by treating it better at a later date.


Stupid idiot. Do you think I mis-remembered something as specific as fifteen years?



Show us the link or admit you got confused.


Firstly, why get involved on some pedantic point questioning my honesty when we were encouraging someone to stop smoking? It stinks of some kind of internal bias that you have.

I’m not going to waste my time looking for an old link that I know I and others read, one of whom has confirmed that to me, by the way. You can believe us that it was there or not.

I couldn’t give a toss if you think we were somehow confused, but I would like to see your proof for making such an accusation if you are going to carry on about it.


Lots of words Eadwig.
You got it wrong. Get over it.
I posted the link with the facts according to the NHS already… and the ‘fact’ you mentioned ain’t there.


yeah. you know every fact in the world. what a tosser.