LLOYDS is going to FLY



@Ripley94, Hi ripley, just read this thread over on the Lemon Fool about SVS Securities a few minutes ago. Might be of interest to you, in particular the most recent posts dated 25th - 29th September.




Thanks for that PrefInvestor1.
I have been following on the link i put up much the same news .
Luckily it turned out as i had thought.
No need for all that scaremongering on this board .


Any thoughts on the direction of the market this week? Looking at the FTSE100 chart we are around the level we were in January 2017 and some 300 to 400 points below the 5 year high point. There is a lot of speculation that we may be facing a world recession, not least from the IMF.

I appreciate that for the UK that Brexit complicates the picture and that we may enter a recessioneven if the rest of the world does not.


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Should get most of your money back eventually @Ripley94… will have to see what Leonard Curtis charge and whether FSCS coughs up this time.


Expecting Lloyd’s shares to hit 56p

No research just self belief Eric


Hi The FTSE 100 looks a little bit too high but have thought that way before only for it go yet higher.

LLOY, it had a good closing level Friday, at the day s high. Sometimes a positive sign for further progress.
Possibly it will have another nudge up past 55 but I have doubts as to whether it will hold higher for long.




Hi regardless, Hope you are well and enjoying your early retirement !.

As you havent produced any analysis to support your view on LLOY I thought Id have a quick look. Here is a technical analysis chart I found:-

Now the experts on TA will correct me if Im wrong but my reading of this is as follows:-

  1. The short term trend is UP (as evidenced by the 20 day moving average)
  2. The long term trend is DOWN (as evidenced by the 50 & 100 day moving averages)
  3. There is a LARGE resistance shown on the chart at around 58p
  4. Overall the stock looks to be range bound in the range sort of 50-58.

So you might well get your 56p, but 58+ might require something a bit special.

By the way why do you always talk about selling at 80-100p. I’d have though that LLOY would be like your annuity and you’d live on the dividends - like you sounds as if you are doing ATM ?. You planning on buying a boat and sailing off into the sunset or something ?.




C .S . Thugs?..Spy Scandal? …In Banking? ….Never?
Still $55 / $56 Mini Squeeze imminent.



Looks like the Ftse100 is having second thoughts today Soi.

I am hoping for a bit of a lift in the months before Christmas, as usual.




I am no TA expert, use certain aspects of it to help with trading, ignore other aspects of it.
I think your overall analysis on levels is sound and logical.

On a short term basis I think 55 to 55.5 is beginning to be significant.
If LLOY can hold above 55 on close for about 3 days in a row, slightly positive.

In the very short term there is resistance at 55.5 then 56.

56 would be tough to break and hold.
58 in the short term, very little chance, yes strong resistance level.

It does partly depend on UK politics, unfortunately




When ?

It has had another fail at 55 as I suggested.



Honest 56p is coming this week

or I’ll eat my dented Tin Hat :slight_smile:


Hi soi,

Thought I would have a look at your “When?” question to see if there is a possibility that LLOY will hit 56 any time soon.

I started with that chart posted by pref, but looked further back to the beginning of the year. Then we can see a pretty good completed head and shoulders formation, starting around 50, with shoulders at 58 and a peak around 66.

Looking further back we can see that there was a steady fall for the entire 2018 period from a high of 70+.

The optimist in me can see the start of a mirror image here, with a steady recovering of lost ground, taking us back to 70 in a year, and therefore through 56 by the end of the week.

The pessimist in me takes note of the limit line (not shown in pref’s version of the chart) that is presently acting as a ceiling to the current price. If that holds, then the short term up trend will end, and the price will decline.

I’m not going to sit on the fence, so I will be optimistic me and predict LLOY will be through 56 by Friday this week, above 60 by Xmas, and maybe even 70 by summer. After all, the country needs a bit of enthusiastic optimism at the moment.

Of course, being a long term holder, I have a biased view, and the fact that my holding is deep red suggests that my previous LLOY price predictions could have been better.

Good luck


Another flying day for LLOY
Down 1.49 %. 55 failed, all resistance levels with this do.
Sub 54 soon



Hi @frog_in_a_tree, Beware the ides of October I suggest !. The most common month for a major market correction…




Hi, today’s RNS reveals more director disposals. Anybody know why directors are selling - is there something in their remuneration terms that requires them to sell or do they know something we don’t??


I read this and it sums up my thoughts perfectly. PPI is nearly over, well run bank, and lots of irrational market behaviour. Am I missing anything?



You said that you read this piece but it seems that you actually wrote it?

Whichever, an interesting view which I support. The big problem with LLOY is that it has gone nowhere in 10 years and there are still clouds on the horizon.


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Some spamming going on here.

2 name changes in to the mix



OK Topped up with excess Dividend Money I don’t need to live on …

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