LLOYDS is going to FLY



Hi All, Well Ive added up the damage from todays big drop across my three portfolios. Results as follows:-

  1. Pref Portfolio - Down 0.66% (all the losses in the 20% equity holdings !)
  2. My Current Portfolio - Down 1.6% (Ouch) my £5,000 buy at 2% down didnt help…
  3. High Yield Portfolio - Down 2.04% (Super Ouch). Only 3 positive figures in 55 holdings.

Pref portfolio now 4.12% ahead.
High Yield Portfolio now 1.43% behind.




They’d have to provide an ISA which I could then maximise allowance over a few years. Whoever it was I’d try to have one type of investment with them, perhaps longer term plays or funds only. it all starts to get messy pretty quickly.


WTO ruling on Airbus?


So was almost every other share in my portfolio. RDSB. BP, TIFS, RIO, BNZL, BDEV, all down 4% or more. HSBC, BARC, RBS all down not much different to LLOY.

I wonder which chart predicted this fall?


Yes @pelim, A brutal day, just for the entertainment value I counted the number of FTSE 100 stocks that were down by percentage down:-

  1. 1 stock was down by 7-8%
  2. 2 stocks were down by 6-7%
  3. 3 stocks were down by 5-6%
  4. 11 stocks were down 4-5%
  5. 49 stocks were down by 3-4%
  6. 28 stocks were down by 2-3%
  7. 3 stocks were down by 1-2%
  8. 1 stock was down by 0-1%
  9. and 2 stocks were up ! (Well done if you held them…)

Yes @pelim the view seems to be was that it was the WTO Airbus ruling that caused the damage.

Well done to anyone sitting ready with a pile of cash…




Hi Regardless,

I know UK house-builders have been recommended on some threads, but some of their charts suggest caution. Unlike certain UK banks which have been sold off & may be seen as value for more L/T holds, I note some of these builders, like BDEV, are already at historically high levels. With UK house prices stagnating, if these builders profits are hit there’s only one way their SPs will go over the next few years. Some of them could fall significantly. Tread carefully. - But best of luck as always!



Whilst I generally rate house builders, have to agree with Jack.
BDEV is looking somewhat toppy on charts.
Doubt any chance of a 10 - 15 % rise in such a short time scale.

I think there is also an unfilled gap around 585.




It wasn’t a chart, it was @regardless announcing his buys in BDEV and LLOY


You are right it has been painful to hold onto over the last 10 years. The question in my mind is whether that staganation, and lack of movement has created a discount to where this business is at right now? The main problem appears to be ‘Brexit’ risk, which appears to mean a wobbly time for the country but it still seems that the company specific risks have passed. I recall that quote from Warren Buffett which said “in the short term the market is a voting machine but in the long run it is a weighing machine”. I wonder whether this company’s future earnings capacity is being reflected in it’s value. Hard to see that. And, apologies for being disingenuous in my post. Not sure why I wrote it that way. A tad thoughtless, I actually had just re-read it, and I guess I did not want to be seen to be bragging about something I had written, just gently referencing it. I shall be clearer in the future. As you can see there is zero advertising, financial side to the website, it is just a personal hobby, interest etc. Even a youtube channel and podcast! Just posted a new article today on Tesla. Now that one is interesting! Have a great day. Brad


Must admit was thinking that as an added indicator one could do worse than go short when regardless buys.
sp seem to always go down when he buys.



Hi Eadwig

I am as sure as I can be that Interactive Brokers do not offer an ISA account.
I think they offer a SIPP account but via a 3rd party. That of no interest to me so know no more.

They are good for expats, they are efficient, spreads are tight.
Largest US on line broker, might well do you for any of your US stock plays.




Good morning to you Soi,

Had to come in on this one. I am one of those poor souls who have been sold out by Alliance Trust Savings and thanks to them my new home from 14th of this month will be Interactive Investors (I presume we are talking about the same outfit.)
My Isa will be transferred from ATS to ii as well as 4 Junior ISA’s so if we are talking about the same company they would seem to be handling my ISA and those of my grandchildren.

Best regards



Hi trader_ jack

Good to hear from you.

We are not talking about the same broker.

I was talking about Interactive Brokers.

US firm




Hi All, Maybe @regardless liked my chart comparing BDEV & PSN that I posted a while back ?. Personally if I was buying I would have bought PSN I think.

He clearly has got his eye on the 36.8p BDEV dividends (final + special) which go XD next week. Of course the SP will drop by that amount with no guarantee of recovery (but I know from a previous conversation that he thinks that SP recovery IS guaranteed in these circumstances). SP sitting at 614.6 as I write this thats ~9p less than he bought then for. If Boris no deal brexit plans come off then they may take an even bigger hit along with all of the other housebuilders (and REITs). Of course if there is a deal then the reverse will likely be true…




ii is not same as Interactive Brokers.
Interactive Brokers do not have an ISA but do operate a SIPP.


Hi @trader_jack, Hope you are well !!!. I am back posting here after a bit of an absence.

Markets a bit of a mess ATM. But whats new !.




Last 18 months or so really has been very tough for me to say the least :angry:


The last four days have been really tough for me. My portfolio balance is down by the equivalent of 9 month’s worth of portfolio dividend income.

It will come back in time.

Frog in a tree


I bet that Neil Woodford’s fund is not the only one struggling either

A couple of family and Friends who like dabble direct on the market are losing and asking me advice

I kid you not, maybe they think I know what I am doing … hahahahaha and must talk a good book

I am just telling them to hang in there and never panic sell if you don’t need the money, like I have done a few times this year and wrote off good capital on the way… I really should just stick to Lloyds shares if I am honest


You could have done worse. LLOY down more than BDEV today.

Maybe for a “one stock pot” you could safely buy Shell which has never cut its divi since the second world war. Mind, it is down 1.7% at the mo.

Frog in a tree