LLOYDS is going to FLY



Ok cards on the table here

I’VE got £8000 kitty for the BREXIT vote burning a hole in the cash pot to invest MORE here

It’s my pension folks

Dividend yield is growing so this dividend is my bread and butter here for the pension fund

BTW I POST MY TOP UP ASAP over the next few weeks :slight_smile: when I buy I post , before it appears on the trade tape


Regardless, I don’t often post, but I wish you all the best, I don’t think that you will need it as time is on your side and I know that you will get there .
all the best.


For what it is worth, here is Motley Fool’s take on LLOY.

I shall continue to reinvest the divis and am not losing sleep over my LLOY holding.


Frog in a tree




Regardless, don’t think this will ever see 46p again, brexit must be priced in.


Back in day here, 2009 my original average was 52p

So will I be tempted at 52p

Saying that, jump forward to 2019 my new average is in the 60s

Any top up in the 50s with be a good one :slight_smile:

I am in a good position today … its called, take it or leave it


Can you see it dropping to 46p? That seems a bit low, was looking at 51-50p. I think next big volatile day will be day of Brexit vote. If it fails to pass (likely) may see another drop but think it’s been priced in now


I agree early next week we may see a little buying opportunity here

If not, Happy for Lloyds to start motoring north for the Finals and the Dividend and maybe another Buy Back announcement, we should have excess Capital sitting on the Balance sheet from the £4 Billion Irish loan book sale to Barclays completed last quarter 2018


Government defeated this evening with amendments to the financial bill, more interestingly the World Bank sets out a more gloomy forecast this evening. It’ll be an interesting week!


The govt defeat on hard brexit funding might benefit UK shares.


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Good to see the that the vote in the house tonight was meaningless, These rebelling MPs trying to stop the will of the Majority have no clue how much damaged they are delivering.

Treasury minister Robert Jenrick said the “simple truth” was the UK would leave the EU on 29 March.
He said no-deal planning was “prudent preparation to provide our taxpayers with the certainty they deserve” and all the defeat would do would be to make the UK “somewhat less prepared”.
Before the vote, No 10 said a defeat would be “inconvenient rather than significant”, with experts pointing out there were other mechanisms available to government to raise money.

Ps…ii admin have now limited responses on certain threads in an attempt to appease the remainers that have grouped together to flag any opposing reply’s.


Is that why you have been quiet today?


LLOY continues to climb today…now up over 8% from its low point of 50p. The markets are rising as a whole on the back of hopes that The Groper’s trade war with China might be eased and this may be a partial explanation. However, whilst LLOY is not particularly exposed to world trade it is reliant on the health of the UK economy and it is this area that LLOY may be being supported by the increasing resistance in parliament to a damaging Brexit. If we get a second referendum we may well see LLOY benefiting from a substantial bounce.

Whilst there are some worries on debt levels, so far these do not seem to be impacting the bank and its fundamentals remain sound. Added to that is the prospect of PPI compensation reaching its end point.


Frog in a tree


At this rate I be topping up at 56p not 46p

I hate you Derek :wink:


Certainly LLOY is bucking the market today…up 1.37% against the FTSE down 0.94%.

Unless anyone has a better explanation it would appear that the fading chances of a no deal is the reason.



go for it regardless!


BINGO folks


So what are your thoughts on the share price for tomorrow then…?


Open 72p

Brexit is DEAD !!!

City is celebrating right now

Champagne IS FLOWING


Good for a laugh.
The defeat of the plan was already priced in.

Might rise a little today, 1 or 2 p but would not count even on that.




Nevertheless, LLOY which is always a Brexit barometer is up 1.46% against a FTSE100 which is down 0.17%.