LLOYDS is going to FLY



Deleted it was far too personal :sunny:


Yes that’s it. Quite appropriate given your previous comment on the capital loss exceeding the dividend !.

Intrigued I looked at a few other stocks to see what their “Style” was, results as follows:-

AV. value trap, oh dear
BP. super stock
RDSB contrarian ?
LGEN turnaround
PSN contrarian





Hi regardless

I am sorry. Don t put yourself down.

Hard to understand though, you have lost elsewhere ?
Thought LLOY was about 90 % of your pot.
Obviously you are down on that but given time and effort in to some shorter time trading you could likely pull that back.
If you buy a tranche and it shows a profit, why not sell?
Take the profit.
If it then heads higher, OK, you are then doing better with the remainder.
If it goes back lower than your sell, buy back, then sell again as soon as it shows a small % profit.

Trying to help here.




you’ll make that back overnight if there is a second referendum and Remain wins…

trouble is, if polls are indicating a Remain win, LLOY will rise and then you’re going to have to make a huge decision prior to the vote itself. I.e sell or hold.


Soul Man

I wanted a bit of excitement my Lloyd’s / Barclays shares. are my pension, so gambled on a few side bets after watching Wall Street

Not so exciting now losing 80%

I now just sticking to FTSE 100 dividend payers

I leave the trading to the professionals regardless


Wow @regardless, an 80% loss . What on earth have you been doing spreadbetting or something ?.

Your Lloyds holding will form a good basis for a pension. In all your posts you seen obsessed with selling it all at 80-100p. Really dont understand that as what would you do with the money ?. When you arent working you need income, not a big capital sum in the bank earning 1%. Better leave it in LLOY earning 6%. I wish you would spread it around a bit more, but you have always been reluctant to do that for some reason.

When investing you can never be sure of avoiding some loss of capital but 80% is quite some feat.




AAOG, Amigo, Royal Mail, Metro Yu

All Written off and sold, except Amigo shares they are paying Dividends and I hoping for recovery

I turned 20k trading pot into under 2k today

No regrets it was a trading pot after all

I played the market and the market won


Hey, this is a fun new game … some of my stocks …






“There are four Winning Styles (Super Stocks, High Flyers, Contrarian and Turnaround) and four Losing Styles (Sucker Stock, Momentum Trap, Value Trap and Falling Star). Some stocks do not fit any style and these are classified as Neutral.”


Hi Regardless,

How about from 68p to under 50p over 12 months? Note that LLOY saw intraday highs of 67.90 as recently as 23rd April this year. I should know as I booked gains on the leveraged side & also some shares at circa 66 back then. Latter since re-bought.

Anyone’s guess where we’ll be in 12 months, but no great issue for me as this is one stock I’m prepared to hold for longer than another year. - Regards.


Pffff. African Oil and Gas.

Trust me buddy - the last place you want to be, even with your ‘mad money’ trading account, is in an oil and gas AIM stock. Talk about swimming with sharks. You may as well sink all your cash into Royal Mail … oh. hang on …

Seriously, royal mail could come back a bit and pays divis doesn’t it? - have you actually realised these losses? I.e. actually sold out at a loss?


Whenever I hear these type of stories I always think the same.
At least @regardless is clever enough to have a ‘trading pot’ and hopefully the rest of his wad he’s more cautious with and diversifies over sectors/countries.

Equally, just (100%) investing in FTSE100 raises a red flag to me… if that was true.


No - its all in LLOY (with a recent bit into BDEV) - and he supports Brexit!!! But he wont listen!


UK only I think and the bulk in LLOY with a bit in BARC & BDEV.
So 2 in the same sector and 1 in another.

If there is no Brexit he will do well.
Some international diversification would be prudent.
He is fairly set in his ways though.

Fair enough.



Unless the threat of Brexit is removed somehow this horse is going to stay in the stable for a very long time. So obvious yet not universally accepted. Strange.




Predictably, on the back of news that no deal is very likely, LLOY has shed 1% so far today.

Frog in a tree


Strange… because Remain is more likely too. The only outcome that is less likely than 24 hrs ago is a Johnson Deal with EU.
Still well on track for Article 50 extension followed by GE… and with the right result… #BrexitRef2 next year.


BDEV and TW also suffering in response to today’s Brexit news!




Sort of… which is why Boris and his cronies are so determined that 31st is forced through. I don’t think they have ever really wanted a deal, gone out of their way to make proposals that they knew could never be accepted, refused to budge their ground on some obvious EU red lines, force a no-deal crash out. The question is whether they can or whether the rule of law will be upheld. Someone has to ask for the extension; Boris says he’d prefer to be in a ditch somewhere (I wouldn’t mind see that 1st hand). I have no idea who can do it if the PM and the rest of the government refuse to obey the law.



Good to read a few warnings about investing in AIM companies here. I have occasionally dabbled in health related start ups but in most cases they have disappointed except for GW Pharma which was a multi-bagger. AIM investments are more a form of gambling than investment. A lesson that Woodford, despite all his research resources, failed to learn until too late.

Frog in a tree


Just my luck with BDEV Eric :slight_smile:

Dividend ex-date this week and she drops