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That’s a bit of a daft article. There’s about 400,000 tonnes of class 1 nickel currently used to make satainless steel that could easily be substituted for NPI. The process of converting class 1 to nickel sulphate is relatively simple and inexpensive.

The article suggess that most nickel sulphide is found in hostile or politically challenging locations, ie. northern Canada and Russia yet these two locations have been producing the majority of the world’s nickel sulphide for decades without any trouble.

Badly written, poorly researched and rather pointless articles IMO.

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Fastmarkets’ analysts forecast an average London Metal Exchange nickel cash price of $16,375 per tonne in 2020,


A very significant weekly drop
LME data week from September 30 to October 4
Live Warrants started the week at 56…070 and ended at 57.828, Cancelled Warrants started the week at 102.042 and ended at 75.300 .
Opening Stocks are now at 133.128 -24.994






This is worth a read.

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I can see Ramu going off line again.

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Mainland Futures: Lunni stocks plummet to seize Nickel Investment opportunities


Indeed, market insiders expect the deficit in the refined nickel market to shrink this year despite Indonesia’s ban on nickel ore exports coming into effect from next year - two years earlier than previously expected.

The International Nickel Study Group (INSG) pegged the refined nickel market in a 48,200-tonne deficit across the first seven months of the year and forecast a deficit of 84,000 tonnes for the full year in 2019 - revised down from a 128,000-tonne shortfall.