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“ Joint white paper says FCEVs will be cheaper to run in ten years time”

Maybe so but where will batteries be 10 years from now? The paper say 50% cheaper. Battery packs will be at least 50% cheaper than they are now with 2, 3, 4 times current charge and be able to charge much faster than at present.

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We have been exchanging opinions for a long time, I am not here advocating one technology or another, I am aware, as you well know of technological limitations.
I just want and like to leave my mind open to different opinions and different ways of thinking.
In summary, I still think nickel has big chances of becoming a winner, I’m long in nickel and other raw materials as well as hydrogen cell companies.
My investments are made based on future needs, what I call trend investing, electrification has given us this opportunity and I don’t want to waste investing in a single company or sector when I like to have diversified risk.
I always protect investments, exchange protection. with various financial instruments.
Cheers and it’s always good to have your opinions here, they are very helpful.





Hi Nuno

Thanks for your opinions. I’ll try and respond more fully tonight. In the meantime you may find this of interest.

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At least all of the ghost stocks that were rumoured to be out there seem to be coming back into the light.

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Canceled warrants have been creeping up this past couple of weeks or so. At the end of 2019 they were around 26,000 tonnes. As of yesterday that had gone up to just under 40,000 tonnes. The appetite for nickel seems to be returning.

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This is an interesting article.

Once it starts to sink in we should see a gradual recovery in the EV sector as traditional OEMs start to pump out their new offerings to try and catch up. The realisation of an emerging existential threat can lead to all manner of reactions from those in the firing line. Interesting times ahead.

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LME figures out today show a fairly significant drop in live warrants and a hike in canceled warrants. That’s the first time we’ve seen that for quite sometime. Is the tide turning?

From left to right live warrants, canceled warrants, total.

138,138 - 39,462 - 177,600
131,784 - 46,800 - 178,584

Top figures from yesterday, bottom from toady.

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