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“By 2050 there could be more than 2 billion electric vehicles on the road…”

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Could Ultracapacitors Replace Batteries In Future Electric Vehicles?

With recent acquisitions of ultracapacitor manufacturers by the likes of Tesla, ultracapacitor could be on the verge of ousting batteries as the go-to power source for electric cars.
Ultracapacitors, also called supercapacitors or electrochemical capacitors, are a kind of energy storage system that has been gaining popularity in recent years. They can be thought of as akin to a cross between an ordinary capacitor and a battery, but different from both.
Just like a battery, ultracapacitor cells have a positive and negative electrode separated by an electrolyte. But, unlike batteries, ultracapacitors store energy electrostatically (like a capacitor) rather than chemically like a battery.
When compared to batteries, ultracapacitors do store less energy than a similarly sized battery. But, they are able to release it much more rapidly as the discharge is not dependent on a chemical reaction taking place.



91,000 EVs sold in China in January!!! That probably means 130k to 140k for January worldwide. January 2018 saw 82,000 sold globally. 130k this January would mean a 58% increase YoY, 140k would mean 70% YoY. Anywhere in-between would be fine.

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Canceled warrants in the LME are at their highest since the start of August 2018, live warrants are at their lowest in over 7 years. There’s a bit of a stand-off when it comes to the total amount of nickel in the LME but that’s going to give at some point, either an end to the trade war or an increase in demand from battery makers.

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A relatively modest reduction in LME nickel stocks of 210 tonnes today. Live warrants continue to drop as canceled warrants continue to rise. Looks like somebody is trying to corner the market.

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We could see a bit of a run up in the price of nickel soon but I think if it does move it will be down to Trump’s trade war. That means, depending on the outcome, it could go either way.

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12.7m EV’s being sold in China in 2025 in a total auto market of 28m per year, that works out to be about 45% of total vehicle sales. Replicated globally that would amount to about 45m EVs being sold in 2025 worldwide. That’s a lot of nickel.

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For those who don’t speak French.

The price of nickel offers a reprieve to Eramet but the question of the future of the SLN is again raised

In London earlier this week, nickel prices reached the threshold of $ 13,000 per ton. But in Paris, experts are worried about the recurring losses recorded by the SLN. A rescue plan is still possible wants to believe the analyst AlphaValue.

The Shanghai Metal Market (SHFE) opened the week higher. It is true that 483,000 nickel electronic contracts were negotiated last week, the highest level since January 4 in China. For its part, the main metals market, that of London (LME), has recorded a further decline in stocks under orders in its warehouses. “The levels are the lowest seen since 2013 with only 128,300 tonnes,” says London trader Marex Spectron, which is now considering “a target for nickel prices around $ 13,610 a tonne” ($ 6.17 per pound.) A few months On March 1, the financial markets reacted favorably to Donald Trump’s decision to postpone higher tariffs on more than $ 200 billion in Chinese exports. And among them, on nickel-plated stainless steel coils. The prospect of a summit with the Chinese president to seal a possible agreement is relaunched.

Eramet bites his wounds
Optimism prevails in trade and purchases of raw materials. Nickel found its course of February 6th. Demand and the continued decline in metal inventories led to an increase on Monday for the main industrial and mining companies in the sector. Eramet, which suffered a real stock market haemorrhage with nearly 20% loss at the end of last week, has regained ground. This Monday in Paris, the title of the French group rose 6.69%, in the wake of the good performance of nickel on the London Metal Exchange (LME) and an optimistic speculative movement, after the sharp decline recorded last Thursday and Friday. However, it is the situation of the New Caledonian subsidiary nickel that worries investors. SLN’s performance deteriorated in 2018. While the rise in metal prices helped reduce losses to 111 million euros against 125 million in 2017, ferronickel production for stainless steel dropped to 54,300 tons nickel sold in 2018 compared with 56,800 tonnes in 2017. The cash-cost cut at $ 4.5 per pound was not achieved with a production cost of $ 5.8 in 2018.

"Of eight tonnes of ore mined from our mines, only one has the nickel content needed to be processed at the Doniambo plant, and by exporting the four that are valued on the international market, we could value our mining business much better. (…) we can not have a cash crisis every five years, we have to build a robust model for the medium-long term We have this plan, the way is narrow (…) but we have a credible plan (…) It is still necessary that the SLN is alive by then "

Cristel Bories CEO of Eramet cited by Les Echos and Usine Nouvelle after the presentation of the annual results of Eramet in Paris Thursday, February 21.
Save the SLN? Doubt comes back
For the CEO of the French metallurgical and mining group, the rescue plan of the SLN is fundamental. If nothing is done, the New Caledonian subsidiary of nickel risks bankruptcy next year. Save or close the SLN? The question is no longer taboo for the daily L’Usine Nouvelle. The mining and metallurgical group does not want to consider this last hypothesis, at least officially. He said in a statement that the plan for the company Le Nickel (SLN) required “the involvement of all stakeholders in the early months of 2019, in a tight schedule.” Oddo-BHF, a Franco-German financial analyst, expressed doubts. A situation all the more sensitive because time is running out, Indonesia has started the construction of new nickel factories at low cost.

For its part, Fabrice Farigoule analyst AlphaValue independent research office in Paris, said Monday morning, the CEO of Eramet had the right words: "Cristel Bories was clear, she asks that everyone assumes its responsibilities and that it is given the means to save the SLN. " So many challenges that require a consensus difficult to find in New Caledonia. That of the rebalancing of metallurgical and mining activities, the increase in exports of low-grade nickel ore, and finally the renegotiation of the cost of energy. “Cristel Bories has a narrow but playable niche, but she has to consider everything because the SLN is a pebble that hurts Eramet’s shoe,” Fabrice Farigoule concluded. Once again, it was the good results of the Gabonese subsidiary Comilog that made it possible to offset the recurring losses of the SLN. The manganese to save the nickel, but the objective of Eramet is that the Caledonian production becomes profitable again.