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TDT, do you know anything about this?

“JSW hydrogen tanks are made of MH alloy comprising 60% nickel, 30% lanthanum and cerium, and 10% silicone resin. “Nickel alloy expands when in contact with hydrogen, and resin is added to control it,” he said.”


No I’m afraid I don’t.

I can’t see this being a big market. If it is it looks like its going to impact the re-cycling market as opposed to being potentially a new area of demand for nickel.

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We are seeing an interesting trend develop with the price of nickel at the moment. The blip around the end of January was the market reaction to the Vale disaster in Brazil. Once that had fed through the price increase returned to the trend line.

This looks like one of nickel’s periodic runs up which I suspect, mid to later in the year is going to correct if not sooner. Current developments in Indonesia and the Philippines would seems to confirm that. As long as the long term trend continues upward that’s all that matters.

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Pretty scary stuff. Not content with screwing up the environment above the water line we now want to go do the same thing on the seabed. Depressing.

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Deficit expectations fuel nickel’s climb to six-month peak

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I guess that explains the rocket under the nickel price first thing this morning.

With only 21 months to go until Trump is completely neutered we could be heading for the mother of all spikes across the commodities sector. Interesting times.

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The Fastmarkets article refers to “nickel matte batteries”. I’ve no idea what a nickel matte batteries is and I suspect the person writing the article doesn’t either.

If they get something like that wrong you have to wonder what else in the article is wrong. The “slated for 2023” for example.

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Interesting. If correct the price could reverse just as quickly.

"Brokerage Marex Specton said it believes the recent nickel rally has been supported by maintenance at nickel pig iron plants in China’s Inner Mongolia. “That was fuelled by a shortage of electricity with plans for shutdowns over this and the near months,” it wrote."

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“shutdowns over this and the near months” near months, that is not bad news…