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They gave up investing in batteries and now this!


This news is yet to be verified, I still do not know what is going on.


Bosch fuel cells will just turn out to be another Betamax.

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The Chakratec article you posted looks to me like its a re-charging solution not a different type of on board battery. This seems to clarify what they are all about.

“Lod-based Chakratec, however, has developed a local storage solution for electric vehicle charging based on kinetic storage technology, enabling the installation of fast chargers in the distribution grid, and offering charging availability whenever and wherever needed.”

Their system seems to sit between the grid and the car allowing for fast charging without draining or causing an overload problem for the grid. At least that’s how I read it.

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Its worth reminding ourselves why hydrogen hasn’t taken off in the way that BEVs have.

There might be room for fuel cell powered trucks but imporvements in battery performance in the coming years will start to make that increasingly less likely.

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It is my interpretation, it lacks to know the cost and if it is feasible.
Being true, it is a great innovation.





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The Clean TeQ Yahoo article is an interesting read. The main thing that jumped out at me, however, was this:-

“Electric vehicle demand growth continues to surprise on the upside. In 2018 over 2 million pure electric vehicles were produced globally, with just over half that number manufactured in China.”

Bullshit. The 2 million vehicles in 2018 weren’t all “pure electric vehicles” but a combination of BEV, HEV and PHEV vehicles. If they can get something as basic as this wrong you have to wonder what else they are reporting is wrong.

Still worth a read nevertheless.

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We are now one third of the way through 2019 and statistics from LME nickel stock levels make for interesting reading.

At the end of 2018 this is what the LME held:-

Live warrants – 157,074 tonnes

Cancelled warrants – 50,850 tonnes

Total – 207,924 tonnes

The figures yesterday stood at:-

Live warrants – 106,266 tonnes

Cancelled warrants – 67,368 tonnes

Total – 173,634 tonnes

The actual total in the LME today is 173,298 tonnes.

It’s the drop in live warrants over the last 4 months that’s worthy of note. A reduction of over 50,000 tonnes in 4 months is significant. When you factor into the equation some of the nickel in the LME is held as security for loans and is therefore not available it gives you some idea of how close a supply side squeeze might be.

Keep in mind the amount of class 1 nickel still going in to making stainless steel. The increase in the amount of NPI coming out of Indonesia at the moment is possibly a straight forward substitute which could free up more class one nickel for batteries. Whether that is as straight forward as it appears remains to be seen.

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To increase the production of the two metals that are already coming out of the Southern plant in New Caledonia, the multinational Vale will invest 257 million euros in 2019. As much as the investments that will be made in all the French territories of sea. Vale has also erased a total of nearly one billion euros in debt. The challenge is ambitious, to make nickel and cobalt from New Caledonia one of the essential components of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and American electric batteries.
Our goal is clear, it is to bring the production of the plant of the South to the maximum of its capacities (around 50.000 tons NDLR) we must be ready to answer the demand of the electric vehicles, the energy transition. We anticipate the take-off of the market and nickel is part of this adventure, but also the cobalt, which explains our considerable financial effort. This large plant in New Caledonia is a vital resource to participate in the demand boom for electric vehicle batteries.

Mark Travers President of Vale Canada

Vale’s Canadian subsidiary has already signed contracts worth 268 million euros for the Lucy project, which involves new methods of treating and storing waste. Up to 600 specialists are expected to be hired in the coming weeks to begin earthworks on the site.
"This shareholders’ pact with the Southern New Caledonian mining company is a happy day for Vale New Caledonia, the South plant has a new industrial project and we have the support of our shareholders. and the ability to distribute results in New Caledonia, the Vale group has reviewed all our contracts as well as our guarantees on financial instruments, which will increase by 340 million euros the result of the company. all the necessary levers We must now succeed in this industrial rise (…) The plant of the South employs a total of 3,500 people, it will employ nearly 800 more (…) We already represent 12 % of New Caledonian GDP.

Antonin Beurrier President of Vale New Caledonia.