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Warren Buffett says U.S.-China trade war would be ‘bad for the whole world’

You don’t have to be a genius to work that one out.

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It’s curious to look at copper and Trump’s tweets.
It fell about 2.6% and recovered + 0.43%







By Alain Jeannin
Posted on 07/05/2019 at 01:00, updated on the 07/05/2019 at 01:34
On Monday, the Shanghai Metal Exchange saw nickel prices fall by nearly 2%. A tweet from Donald Trump announces an increase in taxes on Chinese imports from this Friday. Investors are temporarily abandoning industrial metals and nickel. In two tweets Sunday, Donald Trump has escalated the tension in trade negotiations between the United States and China. Tensions also in the commodity trading market for Chinese factories.

The days pass and are not alike. By the end of the week, base metals and nickel had rebounded due to a wave of optimism regarding the resumption of trade negotiations. Monday, pessimism has won the Asian markets. After a truce, Donald Trump announced Sunday, May 5, an increase in customs duties on Chinese products, including steel. Dissatisfied with the “slowness” of negotiations with China, the US president has announced additional taxes on 200 billion Chinese products and threatens to tax 325 billion more imports. On Monday, the US president continued to clarify his intentions with a new tweet. “For years, the United States has lost $ 600 to $ 800 billion in trade, with China losing 500. Sorry, but it will not happen anymore,” he said. In the wake of this warning, nickel and base metal prices fell sharply in Shanghai, the world’s second largest metal quotation.

Cold shower
The Asian markets’ positivity on the imminence of a trade agreement between China and the United States has been showered “while talks between the two countries are due to conclude this week,” said Rodrigo Catril, commodities strategist. at the National Australia Bank. “An increase in US tariffs would be bad news for risky assets such as industrial metals and threaten global growth,” said Catril.

On the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), the Asian cousin of the London Metal Exchange (LME), "the price of the most traded nickel (futures) contract for the month of June is down 1.8% report at the close of last Tuesday "says the Metal Bulletin (Fastmarkets) of London. And nickel prices could continue to decline due to negative fundamentals. “Stainless steel companies rely on their stocks, which leads to lower orders downstream,” said a Chinese analyst of Guotai Jun’an Futures quoted by the MB Finally, "the ferronickel supply is gradually increasing in China. market has found, in recent days, a stronger supply, exerting further downward pressure on prices "said Citic Futures Research this Monday in London. In short, Chinese traders may be tempted to argue, rightly or wrongly, at lower nickel prices.

The London Metal Exchange, closed on Monday, will not fail to react Tuesday morning. For industrial metals and nickel, rise or fall, everything will depend on the outcome of trade negotiations …



This is what its all about for nickel.

“NCM 523 Deployment in Passenger EV Batteries Up 233% Year-over-Year in March 2019”

The above together with the rolling out of 811 batteries and the growing market for EVs is the issue. The current trade war shenanigans will merely delay the inevitable.

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Especially remarkable when considering that global EV sales increased by a mere 25% over the same period

It is possible?