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NICKEL: The Philippines’ nickel ore production in the first quarter rose 3% from a year earlier to 2.97 million dry metric tonnes, despite zero output from more than half of the country’s 28 mines, the government said on Thursday.



Little Trump:



Interesting read. Indonesia is not a particularly stable country. The Chinese know that which makes you wonder why they’ve spent so much money building a vast nickel and stainless steel industry there.

If it came down to it I don’t think the Chinese would hesitate to do whatever it takes to protect their nationals and national interest. That’s a squabble the Indonesians would stuggle to win.

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Diplomatically and politically speaking, Trump wants an excellent deal with China, to be able to tweet his victory.
A victory implies a defeated one, and China does not want to sell the idea to its people of a defeat.
Any agreement has to be seen as a victory for both peoples.


Over the longer term, the eventual introduction of solid state batteries may decrease unit requirements for nickel and other battery raw materials. In these batteries, the liquid lithium electrolyte is replaced by a solid polymer alongside changes in anode materials, to provide higher energy density, ensuring a bigger bang for one’s buck of nickel, or ensuring that less nickel will be required per kilowatt-hour. In Roskill’s new report, this factor combined with increased sourcing of nickel from recycled materials, is expected to lead to an eventual slowdown of primary demand for nickel sulphate from mined materials – so that any new entrants into the market depend not only on adequate premiums, but must also demonstrate a competitive cost position to guarantee their long-term viability.


Something is going to come along eventually to overtake NCM its just a matter of time. At least demand for nickel from the stainless stell sector is only going to go one way.

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Live - 104,892
Cancelled - 53,712
Total - 158,604

Live warrants up from 101,118 tonnes on 22/05, cancelled warrants down from 64,014. The total has dropped from 165,132 but that’s not really what this is all about. It’s the live warrants total you need to focus on and its starting to look like we are at a bit of an inflexion point.

We have an interesting month ahead.






Kim suggested a vision to grow the company’s EV battery business into one of the world’s top three by 2025. To this end, SK Innovation will commercialize “NCM 9½½,” a next-generation battery technology for the first time in the world. The technology uses nickel, cobalt and manganese at a ratio of 90 percent, 5 percent and 5 percent, respectively, and a battery cathode which is at least 670 Wh/ℓ. An electric car powered by a battery produced through this technology can run more than 500 kilometers on a single charge.


This bit is interesting “NCM 9½½”.

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Chronicle of the nickel: the market under tension awaits the "oracles"
Nickel has suffered renewed tensions on the record of international trade. After China, Donald Trump will increase tariffs on products imported from Mexico. Steels are concerned, including nickel grades.
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Perrine Faye journalist at Metal Bulletin (Fastmarket) © Alain Jeannin
© ALAIN JEANNIN Perrine Faye journalist at Metal Bulletin (Fastmarket)
By Alain Jeannin
Posted on 01/06/2019 at 07:56, updated on 02/06/2019 at 12:31
Next week, Wednesday and Thursday, the Nickel Conference organized by the Metal Bulletin (Fastmarkets) will be held in Amsterdam. It will be hosted by Perrine Faye, journalist and expert on the world market. Leaders Vale, Glencore and Norilsk are expected to take the floor. Producers, industrialists, analysts, bankers, investors in the green battery sector - the main “oracles” of the market - will be in the capital of the Netherlands, which is also the leading international stock exchange for the flower trade. To predict a future in pink?

In the meantime, after a last rather measured night session, the nickel was put under pressure on Friday. The London Metal Exchange was worried that the United States would use the tariffs against Mexico, its neighbor to the South.

US President Donald Trump announced that the United States would set up “5% tariffs on all goods from Mexico until the problem of illegal immigration is resolved.” After this renewed aggressiveness, “hopes that a trade deal with China will be quickly found seem unfounded,” said Alastair Munro, an analyst at Marex Spectron in London.

This week again, the trade dispute between China and the United States weighed on the prices of industrial metals, as it jeopardizes the economic growth of the two world powers. In this context, the contraction of Chinese industrial activity in May worries investors. The leading manufacturing index stood at 49.4 vs. 50.1 in April. This disappointing index marked the end of the month and with it the metals market dominated by a higher supply on demand.

On the LME, the nickel ton for delivery in three months ended the week at 11,990 dollars, 5.43 dollars a pound, down 0.89%. Nickel loses 3.27% over the week.



You might find this of interest.

Live warrants from 01/01/2019 to 31/01/2019 = -14,922 tonnes

Live warrants from 01/02/2019 to 28/02/2019 = -17,142 tonnes

Live warrants from 01/03/2019 to 31/03/2019 = - 8,250 tonnes

Live warrants from 01/04/2019 to 30/04/2019 = - 8,946 tonnes

Live warrants from 01/05/2019 to 31/05/2019 = +522 tonnes.

Live warrants have dropped every month this year except May.

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This is not a very good indicator…Thanks TDT