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“US weakness is inbuilt – the big 500 companies owe loyalty only to themselves and the public is shut out from prosperity”

Tell us something we don’t know!

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Nickel stocks today - 3414


Some interesting movements in the live warrants total as well. On the 17th. of this month live warrants stood at 115,476 tonnes. As of yesterday it was down to 105,990 tonnes. I expect that total to fall even further tomorrow.

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“Navigant: ‘Risk of slower than expected price declines’ for lithium batteries…”

This is an interesting article. BNEF produced a set of historical figures for battery price reductions from 2010 to 2018 (see below table under “Actual” column). The percentage drop from $1,160/kWh in 2010 to $176/kWh in 2018 varied from year to year but it worked out at an average of 21% each year. Interestingly the fall from 2018 to 2019 turned out to be the average 21% resulting in an average price for a lithium ion battery in 2019 of $139/kWh.

What is hard to fathom, however, is why they expect the price decline to slow as dramatically as they are suggesting. It would have to drop to around a 7% reduction year on year from here on to hit $76 by 2030.

A 10% YoY fall from 2019 results in $76 by 2026 a 15% YoY fall by 2023. My money is on these earlier dates.

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“Weak spot nickel prices to ease short squeeze for futures”

We seem to be very much in “toss a coin territory” on the near term direction of the nickel price. Its anybodies guess as to where its going to go over the next few trading days.

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