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I think nickel’s current run up is likely to be short lived. The long term trend, on the other hand, looks very promising.

If we can get up, and stay up, above $6/lb. by the end of this year then 2019 will have been a good year.

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Its interesting if you compare nickel stock levels in the LME to the price of nickel over the last 5 years.

In particular if you take the graph showing price movements over the last five year and invert it.

The last 18 months or so shows a real disconnect between rapidly declining stock levels in the LME and the price of nickel. The only thing I can think of that could do that is the increasing amounts of NPI that have been coming out of Indonesia this past year or two.

If you can think of any other reason…

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This looks similar to the development mentioned in this article I posted last week.

Your article is an awful lot more bullish suggesting 500Wh/kg. That would be a massive leap forward if it were possible.

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And they have NICKEL…


This is well worth watching. Go to 30 minutes and 40 seconds in to see the battery this guy has developed.

If it will not play it in your region use VPN and base it in the USA. In fact watch until the end from 30 minutes in. There’s some really interesting stuff on grid storage.

There’s an awful lot of new developments going on in the battery space.

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LME stock still going in the right direction at the moment. Live warrants fell by 780 tonnes yesterday and total warrants in the LME fell by 492 tonnes today. Live warrants going below 100k and total warrants below 150k might trigger a bit of excitement. If it does it’s likely to be an over reaction promptly followed by a sharpe correction. As long as the current trend is maintained that’s all that matters.

Slow and steady.

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“Benchmark nickel on the London Metal Exchange (LME) was up 1.4% at $12,880 a tonne at 0920 GMT after touching $12,970, the highest since April 17. But weak supply and demand fundamentals mean prices of the metal used in stainless steel will likely slip to $11,000 by year-end, said Capital Economics analyst Ross Strachan.”

That seems like a fair assessment.



Bad news…


It’s an opinion. How many times do these guys call it correct? And for every one that says “down” there’s another one saying “up”.

I think the price will soften as the year progresses. How soft is anybody’s guess.

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