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“Running out of juice – will demand for battery materials outstrip supply?”

Poorly researched article.

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****Nickel was the best performer this morning session, with its most-traded August contract price standing at 102,890 yuan per tonne ($14,911), up by 880 yuan per tonne - or 0.8% - from Wednesday’s closing price. __

**The strength in the nickel price comes partly from macroeconomic confidence and partly over supply concerns following news that Indonesia might stop exporting nickel ore from 2022.**



I post the articles here, I do not want to evaluate the quality but I know there are some better than others, so I leave to each one, so we can draw our conclusions.

With the amount of articles I put, and you too, we just have to do our analysis and discard the junk that exists in many of the reviews.

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My comments are merely my interpretation of the article and are not a reflection on the person who posted the article.

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You don’t have to be grateful. You post an awful lot more relevant and useful stuff than I do and you clearly spend quite a bit of your own time doing so. That selfless act in itself is worthy of gratitude from everybody who partakes of your posts. It is I and everybody else who owe you a debt of gratitude.

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If you are not on LinkedIn you might find these charts of interest.

PHEV sales dropping.

NEV’s as they’re called in China, increasing nicely.


Most importantly, for us, battery powered electric vehicles charging ahead in June 2019. With an aggresive move into higher nickel content cathode chemistries by the Chinese manufacturers demand for nickel is set to increase significantly.

3m+ NEVs by the end of the year may be achievable after all.

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“South African Billionaire Patrice Motsepe To Shut Down Nkomati Nickel Mine”

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Sorry if this has been posted already (it rings a bell)

“According to the latest numbers published by the International Nickel Study Group (INSG), as reported by Reuters, the supply deficit for the refined nickel market came in at 27,000 tons for the first four months of the year, down from 59,000 tons during the same period in 2018. The most recent INSG projections indicate the supply gap will close during the second half of 2019.”

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Have fun, here in Portugal, politicians do the same:)