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“Nickel markets have been strong in 2019 as well. The commodity has gained 21.5 per cent this year to reach $US12,990 on the London Metals Exchange on Thursday afternoon.”

“Stockhead spoke with NAB chief economist Alan Oster yesterday who noted base metal prices were only recovering from a sharp downturn last year.”

“But while other commodities which fell have stagnated, most notably oil, nickel has gained and small cap nickel explorers are optimistic the growth will continue.”

“As the LME nickel stockpiles continue to fall we expect a significantly higher nickel price over the coming 12 months, as the price has consistently outperformed against the macro headwinds associated with the trade war,” managing director Scott Williamson said."

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Resource nationalism is likely to be one of the principal defining feature of the commodities market in the next 10 years or so. Interesting times ahead for nickel.

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LME data week from July, 08 to 12.
Live Warrants started the week at 104.010 and ended at 103.266 Cancelled Warrants started the week at 53454 and ended at 47.574
Opening Stocks drop 6.624






Excellent article. If nickel ends the year on an average price of USD13,250/tonne I’ll be more than happy.

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To remember the story “The life and death of Indonesia’s mineral export ban” as I said on June 8, … In the meantime, we will have a scheduled ban from Indonesia, but these are policy variables that have a high degree of uncertainty.



Quite wide ranging predictions for Q3 and Q4! Somewhere in the middle veering towards the up side would be fine, anything less than $12,500/tonne by the end of the year would be disappointing. It’s really the Trump inspired trade war that holds the key to where this is all going to go in the near term. It really all boils down to when he’s going to cut and run in an attempt to bolster his re-election chances.

2H 2019 is going to be interesting, 2020 even more so.

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This seems a bit pessimistic"

“China produced 480,000 NEVs in January-May, up by 46pc from a year earlier, while sales rose by 41.5pc to 464,000 units. China is on track to produce and sell 1.5mn NEVs this year, according to forecasts from the country’s ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT).”

In June China sold 137,000 NEV’s. That makes a total for 1H 2019 of 601,000. Approximately two thirds of the total number of NEVs sold in China in any one year happens in the second half of the year. That would seem to imply that China will sell closer to 1.8m NEVs in 2019 than the 1.5m as quoted.

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A glimpse of the future?

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