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This will put pressure on the nickel price to the upside as well.

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LME data week from July, 15 to 19.
Live Warrants started the week at 103.266 and ended at 100.722, Cancelled Warrants started the week at 47.574 and ended at 47.220 .
Opening Stocks drop 2.898



“New battery tech faces a long road to mass adoption”

Its a bit of a misleading title since it appears to refer to solid state and a variety of other “different” types of battery. The below extract, however, is interesting since it implies that nickel rich lithium ion batteries will be responsible for the mass adoption of EVs.

" Research from the University of California and TU Munich in Germany predicts the cost of lithium-ion batteries could fall from $10,000 per kWh in the early 1990s to just $100 per kWh by next year. The US Department of Energy calculates that once battery costs fall below $125 per kWh, owning and operating an electric car will be cheaper than a petrol-powered car in most parts of the world."

Battery costs, according to BNEF, currently stand at $139/kWh. If prices continue to fall at the same average rate they’ve been falling since 2010 (21% per year) then costs will hit $110/kWh next year and $87/kWh by 2021. With the current trend of moving to nickel rich cathodes at the same time it looks to me like a win/win for nickel.

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The drop in live warrants is encouraging. We need to see this trend continue and for the live warrants total to fall below 100k to keep the upward pressure on price.

Next week is going to be very interesting. I have a feeling the nickel price is going to trade sideways but stocks in the LME are going to continue their journey down. We shall see soon enough.

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Everything I’m reading right now merely confirms that the whole EV thing has still to fully take off. What we are seeing at the moment is a bit of a “phoney war”. Come 2020 and into 2021 we are going to see the emergence of a veritable tsunami. The price of nickel may experience a few peaks and troughs in the process but the long term trend is only going one way.

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“Chronique du nickel : “parenthèse enchantée” pour un métal très demandé -…”

The opening sentence of the above article, translated into English, states:-

“The foolish speculation that pushed nickel prices up to a high of 15,400 dollars per ton in Thursday, fell slightly on Friday.”

The article then goes on to talk down the rise more or less stating that the rise was unjustified and the price, next week, will fall. I’m not so sure about that.

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The new about “Exclusive: China’s Tsingshan roils nickel market with buying spree”, is very good for nickel bulls.

But the market sometimes does not work rationally, we will see, as you say interesting times for nickel.


“Buy the rumor sell on news” is the old market mantra. If the rumor was Tsingshan buying up stock then news confirming that it was them suggests a sell off would inevitably follow. Well we saw a pull back on Friday but the pull back relative to the rise we’ve seen this past couple of weeks has been relatively modest. It seems to me that the market is not just looking at Tsingshan buying but its asking itself why it found it necessary to buy in the first place.

Tsingshan second guessed the market by the looks of things. They correctly bet on demand for nickel not dropping. Is that going to change in the immediate term?

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Worth a listen.

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This is a long read but it sums things up quite well.

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