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Nickel spreads tighten: Nickel’s forward curve has seen a dramatic change over the last couple of days. The frontend of the curve is flipping into backwardation. On Monday, the cash-3-month spread was $30 contango while by Thursday evening it was trading at $40 backwardation. The Dec19-Dec20 spread was valued at $240 contango on Tuesday, tightened to $150 contango on Wednesday and further squeezed to $70 contango on Thursday. This implies massive spread borrowing along the curve. Currently, LME nickel inventory levels are at their lowest level since mid-2015- consistently edging lower. The tightening of the front end of the curve with low stocks does not bode well for those shorts in the nearby prompt dates, with the potential for a further squeeze.

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This is an interesting description.

“On the nickel side, the overall supply of nickel ore is in a state of tight balance, coupled with the possible ban on mining in Indonesia, a big exporter of nickel ore, resulting in continued strong prices. At present, the nickel plate inventory is low, stainless steel production schedule is also high, the follow-up trend depends on the offensive willingness of the bulls.”

There’s nothing quite like an offensive bull.

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LME data week from August 12 to August 16
Live Warrants started the week at 104.694 and ended at 106.830, Cancelled Warrants started the week at 39.462 and ended at 38.304 .
Opening Stocks + 978



Samsung is developing graphene batteries for its smartphones — and we could see the first ones arrive as soon as next year.

A graphene ball battery is a hierarchical three- dimensional structure with the silicon oxide nanoparticle center allows even 1 wt% graphene ball to be uniformly coated onto a nickel-rich layered cathode via scalable Nobilta milling. The graphene-ball coating improves cycle life and fast charging capability by suppressing detri- mental side reactions and providing efficient conductive pathways. The graphene ball itself also serves as an anode material with a high specific capacity of 716.2 mAh g−1. A full-cell incorporating graphene balls increases the volumetric energy density by 27.6% compared to a control cell without graphene balls, showing the possibility of achieving 800 Wh L−1 in a commercial cell setting, along with a high cyclability of 78.6% capacity retention after 500 cycles at 5C and 60 °C



“graphene ball to be uniformly coated onto a nickel-rich layered cathode …”

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“According to SMM research, the total amount of nickel stocks in Shanghai, including the previous warehouse receipt stocks, rose 215 tons, or 0.3 per cent, from last week to 81900 tons. The specific changes are as follows: stocks in East China increased by 100 tons to 31100 tons compared with last week, while stocks in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (including Shanghai Tianwei, Capital Management Hall, Lingang, Jiekai and Henry Bath) refined nickel stocks were 21800 tons over the same period, unchanged from the previous week.”

Source SMM News Metal