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Analysis of Nickel substitution effect in vs electrolysis of High Nickel Pig Iron and the main concern of judging Nickel Price in the Future[smm-depth-analysis]-analysis-of-nickel-substitution-effect-in-vs-electrolysis-of-high-nickel-pig-iron-and-the-main-concern-of-judging-nickel-price-in-the-future/




A Wide Range of Testing Results on an Excellent Lithium-Ion Cell
Chemistry to be used as Benchmarks for New Battery Technologies




I’m in Shanghai at the moment. I’ve been here for 6 days now travelling extensively. So far I’ve seen one Tesla and one charging station.

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LME data week from September 9 to September 13
Live Warrants started the week at 85.602 and ended at 83.178, Cancelled Warrants started the week at 69.354 and ended at 83.502 .
Opening Stocks are now at 166.680 + 11.724


LME stocks have shown some really odd movements recently but the thing to keep in mind is the trend for live warrants is still, generally, down. At the end of August the live warrants total was 109,500 tonnes, the cancelled warrants total 42,984 tonnes. The respective totals today indicate that demand for class 1 nickel still appears to be healthy.

Its difficult to know just how much of recent movements in the LME are down to supply/demand and how much is pure speculation with short/long positions being covered. I’m inclnded towards the latter. As long as the live warrants continues to head south does it matter?

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Chinese Industrial Production (Annual) (Aug) 4.4%









“In terms of cathode, full deployment to market of nickel-rich chemistries such as NCM 811 could take a long time as end-users remain wary of warranty issues and thermal runaway events.”