Long at 7189.50



Long 7189.50. After a retrace, there are grounds that rising bullishness over extending Article 50 later today may take this back over 7200+. Shorter-term intended trade. No stop as usual. Really don’t mind holding longer if I’m wrong.


Closed 7220.80. Settled for another 31+ pts.

Reasons: as with other UKX trades, immaterial in the circumstances as we may see more volatility before PM’s key vote on 20th March. Also busy day out.


‪I’ve set up a new forum for old iii red


Can anyone join ?


Yes but if no one uses it then it will die. We might be better off resuming here but I’m loath to give iii my time


I’m up for it anyway. Hope it goes well. Changing old habits in many is difficult. But a bit of time and quality eventually brings them in