Lost upward SP momentum



Since end of June SP been going mostly down or sideways apart from a brief peak at start of Dec. I had set a tight stop-loss of -7.5% on high since purchased (531p so stop 491p) based on moderate volatility of SP. This has been breached so think it may be time to take profits. House Builder’s shares have in general not been performing so well lately so I suppose common cause. Not really sure why as builders reporting good demand and rising profits. Maybe tightening money supply.


Tend to agree somewhat but for myself as a long termer I’m content to ride the current oerfect storm!

…back to being happy in my old age!


Last week my limit order first at 485 then dropped to 475 not met and Charles Stanley Direct expire limit orders at market close. Did not renew and am now pleased as SP +4.4% this morning back to around 480. Think I will hold on a bit longer but feel I should have a target price, perhaps 525p.


Decided to reduce my holding by selling around 27% of my HWDN shares at just over 789p. Feel more comfortable being a bit over weight HWDN instead of appreciably overweight. Made about 16% on average gross share cost but 6% loss based on last purchase.


HWDN sp. Missed the spike to 789p…when was that???


HWDN sp. Missed that spike to 789p…when was that???


Sorry fat finger typo, hit key above 4 on number pad, meant 489p.

Glad SP continuing to rise for my remaining 73% of HWDN


Yes rising nicely Rhigos!


“Yes rising nicely Rhigos!”

Usually the way when I sell some shares :-/

Several big FTSE 100 companies ex-div today such as GSK (ord + special div total 43p) so FTSE 100 doing well considering this. Some fund managers have suggested we are passed market low. A lot depending on oil price not sliding down any more.