Manufactured shambolic offer


Happy New Year to you all.

What a mess this is turning out to be. You hear the words 'Shareholders Value ' used by the BoD every time they open their mouths. Beginning to wonder which shareholders they are talking about. The most recent offer from Medco at 48.5p, I am not paying much attention to that. Hope it gets shot down in flames very quickly even though it is not a firm offer.

What rattles my cage is the total lack of info offered to shareholders. Whether or not it is a legal requirement the offers on the 22nd Oct and the 20th Dec should have been forwarded to shareholders as an indication that they had been made. Some may have been aware of this, maybe not but it would have been nice to know somebody was interested in us.

The Fortuna shambles. Just read the response from Ophir about the most recent offer.
‘granting access to due diligence to discuss how Ophir’s shareholders could receive appropriate value for the EG asset.’ I’m just asking a question here, was the decision on Fortuna known well In advance of the end Dec deadline. Sounds like it was and who knew. It was something we (pi’s) were waiting for and was a big step in us going forward. I’m sure there is no legal obligation to let us know but keeping us in the loop keeps shareholders happy. Just irritated by the lack of info.

Next update on the 15th should show progress going into the next couple of years and may bolster the sp for a firm and proper bid. 58p, 53.8p and 48.5p… cheeky to say the least.

Just airing some of my frustrations… be they correct or not.