Market Maker tree shake , news due ....... hey



Lucky enough to have picked up 2 tranches of 100k shares each . One at 1.227p /share the other at 1.2268p/share . Looks like usual Market Maker ( MM ) tree shake before news and since Xtract Resources is due news on many fronts one could say that’s a fairly obvious statement … lol …

Just love XTR for the trading element let alone my long term hold position . With Q3 2019 alluvial production well underway by Sino2 along with Omnia hard rock processing from Guy Fawkes area there’s more than a slim chance of Q3 being a high revenue producing quarter . Then there’s the cherry on the cake … fair brides progressing towards production . Yep , tree shake to me … :slight_smile:


Ironic how the large 6,176,666 share sale reported as a " Delayed Publication " , note the date 12th Sept . Happened after the two , 2 million share purchase tranches yesterday before the SP took a dive . Then this morning some further largish buys appeared along with more that though showing as sells were in fact buys covered the sale of the " Delayed Publication " trade of 6,176,666 shares . Pointing in my mind to a short position closing that was linked to the placement of 83,333,333 new Ordinary Shares of 0.02p each (“Ordinary Shares”) at 1.20p on 25 August 2019 .

So going back to my original post , Market Maker tree shake , news due … hey … sounds even more plausible now than it did 8 hours ago . Just wish I’d thrown caution to the wind and bought a few more shares in my trading tranches but from experience I’m hopeful Monday will present an opportunity for a few more buy’s below 1.20p /share …

In my dreams so far since Market Makers manufactured trading conditions to appear all trades were sells later on today when in fact many were buys . They did that for a reason like everything else . Yep , to create a market and who’s short ( if it was a short ) was closed … now bonus for guessing who .


Quiet day for Xtract Resources with POG rising back above US$1,500 /oz along with an unsurprising drop in share price ( SP ) by Market Makers ( MM’s ) of -2.04% on 182,373 shares bought against 30,229 shares sold . I say unsurprising since the ( SP ) is following similar patterns seen by long term investors many times before . With ( MM’s ) fishing for stop losses before news arrives I’m hopeful of getting a few around the 1.10p /share mark . That could easily be blown away by news or another intervention by Mr.Colin Bird buying more shares at 1.108p /share as he did last time MM’s went fishing on 2nd August 2019 .

I’ve plenty of patience though since I bought two trading tranches of 100k shares each at approx 1.23p/share on Friday . Not a lot compared to some but the amount of times I’ve rinsed and repeated my first two trading tranches is beyond count It’s the follow up trading tranches I buy that make most profit .

News related to Omnia progress at Guy Fawkes ( GF ) hard rock area within the Manica prospect is most likely to arrive soon . Whether it be stock piling near the Omnia hard rock processing plant or an announcement stating processing has commenced doesn’t really matter . Since Mr.Colin Bird agreed with Omnia they could cherry pick areas of high grade material at ( GF ) to make a healthy revenue stream to help fund their venture .

I may be wrong with regards to next news since Zambia progress is moving at breakneck speed compared to fair brides with copper processing not far away .

Just worth trading the ebbs and flows as the ( MM’s ) do what they’re supposed to do , create a market even when volumes total less than 225,000 shares traded in one day …